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Somebody snapped this picture of Britney at her Staples Center concert, but I would’ve just have easily believed this was taken three months into the future when her dad ends her conservatorship. It’s like she’s in the movie The Warriors except substitute McNuggets for the fate of New York City. “Sweet & Sour sauce, come out and plaaaaaaay!”

(Apologies to anyone who hasn’t seen The Warriors. Your life is without meaning.)

Photos: Mavrix

  1. Randal(l)

    Britney puts on an amazing show (you know, when you can see her filthy pussy) and these pictures capture the high energy she brings to the stage (thanks to a mixture of Frappacinos, milkduds, and fried chicken skins) for all of her millions of fans around the world. Mix that in with a great voice (thank You Auto Tune and Pre Recording technology) and original dance moves(Thank you gelatinous ass), you’ve got yourself a cracker jack box of exploding musical talent!(because she’s Fat and eats cracker jacks and other assorted candy the whole concert)


  2. kimberly

    Wtf is this? “Sexy” control-top panties or some shit?

  3. Hannah

    @ 50, Cracking up there! Didn’t you see the tit high fish nets?

  4. Snot funny!

    @ 51 Randal(l) Your best work to date. I don’t know if I am just still drunk from yesterday or what……..Now I have little pixalated spit bombs all over my screen. Thanks Randal(l)

  5. M.O.D.O.K.

    #32, instead – you double posted.

  6. As your attorney...

    cc, Randal doesn’t care if you know or not.

  7. See Alice

    Are we not men ? We are DEVO ……. DEVO

  8. Clamhammer


  9. Good God that’s embarrassing.

  10. Jime

    She looks great! I mean she is not perfect, and we are not perfect, I wanna see all your fucking asses I’m sure Brit looks so much better than all of you suckers!
    Britney I love you!

  11. Clamhammer

    I hate David Lee Roth

  12. Danklin24

    Pic 7 is fucking terrifying!

  13. That’s one fucking beefy thigh (see link in my signature)

  14. aury

    her fly is (on the verge of being) down.

  15. Val Gal

    Shit, I thought it was a picture of David Lee Roth.

  16. mawaad

    nice doable body though! :P


  17. sarah

    Best headline ever, Fish.


  18. Ace


    Your balls are showing

    Bumblebee Tuna

  19. Rasputins Liver


    I repeat….



    No doubt about it.


    Twatney’s one fuckin’ ugly, country-ghetto, neanderbilly pile of YUCK!


    Her cankles, her…well, goddamit! The bitch is just plain gross!


    And you can see the cunt has a bad case of bad attitude. Man, if that bitch was mine I’d beat that snotty ‘tude right the fuck out of her! Then I’d rent her out for $50 a fuck and let them beat hell out of her.


    There a few celebrities grosser than fuckin’ Cuntney Sperms!


    From her stink feet, her stink cooze and ass, to her stink ciggie breath. That fuckin’ skank’s one stinkin’ pile of Suthuhn neanderbilly shit!!!!



  20. Jonny

    @53 no i just saw a big butch pair of steroid legs and thought it was a dude. lol

  21. Well said, Rasputins Liver…

  22. That last pic looks hot… can’t deny that.

  23. yallhatin'

    how about she has to do a lot of costume changes and then dancing it moved the zipper down??

    shit happens… it’s not because she’s fat.. because she is definitely NOT fat!!

  24. Melrose

    She dresses like an Oregon stripper.

  25. supersex

    i would still like to fuck her as hard as possible…..

  26. Good God…Britney you’re getting old…you’re no longer a teenager…you’re not fooling anyone.

  27. VS

    How possibly could a woman medically intoxicated, psychologically abuse, mentally ill and retard child know how to dress, makeup or even perform? The CA court provide leeway to legally bullied and extorted from a child using kids that she bore with jerk who goes round raping women to live off them by crying he is the victim. A 30-yr old man after making a child pregnant, cried victim, imagine that, and after getting childcare support, dump those kids to a child and her conservator, with paid visitation – what a great legal scam in the history of America! These scam was even created, legally claiming “for the welfare of those kids”. Do kids need to live lavishly and grow up as a menace to society, steal and extort? You read a sick man raping his own daughter who bore his kids, at least he was responsible and take care of them. Now who is sicker – this sick man or Mr Kfat?

  28. WT

    Her mother dressed her up like a man, so she believes she is a man so macho, working to provide for the whole family including the ex-spouse she insanely marry to! The man cried victim as he was forced to marry her, leaving his other blackie wife with 2 worthless kids to seek fortune. What a pity for a 30-yr old man who claimed he could not find a job, seeking for compensation for 2 yrs of forced marriage, a story that a CA court choose to believe with tabloids/papz supporting document, sold to TMZ including court sealed documents? Wow, he was such a great mother to the kids during marriage but was never seen anywhere near those kids till after divorce, leaving the main provider of the kids having to work tagging kids along to the workplace, imagine that! Holding kids as hostage to demand for ransom legally? Which terrorist is better than that? Al Qaeda also cannot meet up to this standard!

  29. boo

    She is not as good looking as David Lee Roth was in his heyday. I was thinking Vince Neil.

  30. mamamiasweetpeaches

    I have to agree. I thought it was Vince Neil singing “Wild Side”!

    By the way, what worse? The Garth glasses or the half-down fly?

  31. I also thought it was Vince Neil of Motley Crue. Surprised it took 79 comments for someone to notice.

  32. Van Halen with David Lee Roth are back on tour!!! Awesome!

  33. 14yroldCOOCHIE

    @ # 11

    Dear Fears,

    Like, totally.



  34. She looks like David Lee Roth here.

  35. James Summers

    We all agree she looks like David Lee Roth. LOL

    It was ridiculous when David Lee Roth acted that way and now when Britney does it you’ve got to say it looks a hundred times MORE ridiculous.

  36. Galtacticus

    I had to look twice.Is this Bigfoot or is this Britney spears!?

  37. Darth

    Bigbum would be a better name.

  38. Nero

    Lol how about Flatfeet!?

  39. KindOfBlue

    She had obviously attempted some sort of Lady Gaga-look here, but failed miserably.

  40. McBiff

    Looks like Bret Micheals

  41. bewbiegirl

    Such a cuttie. Her photos were seen on persoanal’s site **Seek rich beauty. c o m ****last week(filled by Milllionaire&Celebrities). It is said he is a legally certified Millionaire, and Celeb there looking for young woman


    #90 u r old! Bret Micheals was my first thought too.

  43. Airkeeper

    Her costume designers should be shot.

    Now, I used hate britney as much as the next guy, but I kinda feel sorry for her now, what with the going crazy and everything.

    To me, hating on her too much because of what she once was is kinda the same sort of sad as loving her for what she once was. It seems to me the old britney has actually left the building, and this new…. thing has taken her place.

    Not sure where I’m going with this, but I guess the point is, don’t be too critical. And no, I’m not a britney lover.

  44. turd the third

    I printed the pict off and drew a penis on her, I think it was a definite improvement. I think she should add that to her wardrobe. Guess thats why here fly is always open a penis wannabee britney. I know all her girlfriends would have fun with her if she had one..

  45. me

    yet people still pay to see this blob stuffed into tight stockings and “sexy” outfits lypsynch her way through number after number. I think her fans are so shallow. This isn’t – nor ever was “talent”.

  46. boo

    OK, the point is that this chick was considered by many to be one of the hottest women in the world a few years ago. Now she is confused with washed up MALE rockers.

    And the worst part of the outfit is the pantyhose with the pants. Reminds me of a middle aged woman wearing granny panties with her daughters jeans.

  47. I just saw her in concert last night (I live in Vegas). Anyone that calls this girl fat…should see her in person. I had my doubts as well. Yes, she’s a bit stocky (she’s muscular…she was a gymnast for shit’s sakes). But seriously, she’s quite petite. There is no jiggle on this girl…even when she’s running around 3/4 naked on stage. She’s solid as a rock and has a pretty cute figure, minus her neck. lol.

  48. hotter than you. that is a fact

    eh, shes cute. what would anyone else look like wearing that out fit making that face. her body is really nicely shaped, she has a cute button nosed feminine face

  49. LilDi

    I also thought that was on old picture of David Lee Roth- no joke!

  50. Rosie

    Make fun all you want I love Britney y’all and shes getting paid.

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