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Somebody snapped this picture of Britney at her Staples Center concert, but I would’ve just have easily believed this was taken three months into the future when her dad ends her conservatorship. It’s like she’s in the movie The Warriors except substitute McNuggets for the fate of New York City. “Sweet & Sour sauce, come out and plaaaaaaay!”

(Apologies to anyone who hasn’t seen The Warriors. Your life is without meaning.)

Photos: Mavrix

  1. Miko


  2. I, Beastwoman, I break out of jail, to feed on your soul. Ha ha ha ha.

  3. patchwkgrl


  4. melissa

    um…. what… the… fuck? fashion police!

  5. Cisco

    Is that David Lee Roth?

  6. Rach

    What is she wearing – urghh.

  7. tricia

    Her fly is open.

  8. obama bin laden

    i think her pussy is

    |< --------------------------------------------------------------------------------->|

    that wide.

  9. blame it on ROUGH daddy

    Don’t laugh a lot superficial dwellers are going to her show. Therefore, contributing to k-feds obesity…

  10. Eva

    Shame on me. Over a decade ago, I used to be like… jealous… of how hot and cute she was. Man oh man. Not anymore!

  11. fearsarewishes

    Words and phrases that should not be used by those 15 and older:

    Epic fail.
    Like totally.
    Kill it. Kill it with fire.

  12. Amy

    Haha, that has to be the funniest picture I have ever seen (#1). What is up with her face? Anyway, her body looks pretty great…I wish I had her flat stomach…not so much the thick legs.

  13. D4P

    Attention, peoples of the earth:

    Stop giving Britney your money.

  14. Alpha Pablo

    Yeah…okay I get it now!

    She isn’t a coal-burnin’ Kardashian nor does she have a square jaw, manly features and the body of a teenage boy… So KILL IT WITH FIRE?

    She’s had kids and still looks damn good to me.

  15. Samela

    I can’t tell if this is Brooke Hogan or Linda Hogan.

  16. bot

    Heidi Klum has also had kids and she looks fucking perfect. The kids excuse doesn’t work if you have all the money and resources that these rich people have. It comes down to how badly you want it. She’s chunky.

  17. The Gorgeous One

    @5. Agreed. This looks like a bad outtake of “Hot for teacher” . Gross.

  18. Aunt Jemima

    I think that chicken wing she shoved down her spandex has burst the zipper. Best to eat it right away Brit.

  19. D4P

    Quick: somebody lock that cage before it gets out…!

  20. Yeah, #7. Exactly. Bitch is worth $120 million and she can’t get her zipper fixed?

    The three fattest parts of her body in order:
    1. Head
    2. Neck
    3. Legs

    She should’ve been a linebacker.

  21. minty

    all sorts of issues happening here.

    firstly, her fly is open. secondly, the crotch of her pants is extremely low, thus making her stumpy legs look even stumpier. and then we have the leotards making an appearance above the pants. ridiculous.

  22. kris

    HAHAHA She does have her zipper down!! She is GROSS!!!

  23. Anon

    Why are her flies never done up?

    At mcdonalds, starbucks, on stage my god have some shame and do them up.

    And wear a bra.

    And underwear.

  24. marie

    Madonna’s ass looks so much better…………….

  25. kiki

    Minty, you overlooked the welding googles, pantyhose taller than the pants and the brown headband/ black top/ red pants combo. Are you blind?

  26. Randal

    Britney puts on an amazing show and these pictures capture the high energy she brings to the stage for all of her millions of fans around the world. Mix that in with a great voice and original dance moves, you’ve got yourself a cracker jack box of exploding musical talent!


  27. Give me a break

    So, this is what passes for “entertainment” nowadays. A methead coked out drunk unable to care for herself idiot, dressing up like a 70′s era dayshift disco dolly in the stupidest outfit imaginable (and unable to zip up her pants due to being a fatty), pretending to sing onstage. I think I’ll pass on this, thanks. There’s a crazy lady down the street (kinda like the Simpsons cat lady) who’s more entertaining than this mental retard and, unlike shitney, I won’t have to give money to her to watch her make a complete & total ass of herself…

  28. illy

    hahahh! she looks AWESOME!! i love the outfit and the glasses :D

  29. Amy


  30. TJS

    You got me all excited… I thought you were posting old Van Halen concert pics…

  31. Fartz

    Randal, if i wanted to here an asshole emote, I would have farted. You are an exploding jackass.

  32. Fartz

    Randal, if i wanted to hear an asshole emote, I would have farted. You are an exploding jackass.

  33. Crabby Old Guy

    First Pamela Anderson – now this? Why? What have any of us ever done to you?

    What’s next, recently discovered Polaroids of Tammy Fay Baker? Really, what more can you do to us today?

    Please, no Madonna to finish the un Holy Trinity!

  34. Bob Johnson

    Cisco nailed it exactly.

    I swear this is David Lee Roth

  35. cc

    So, let me get this straight. People pay to see her perform?

    PS Randal, don’t worry, some of us do get that you are being tongue-in-cheek.

  36. Coochie

    The dry cleaners shrunk her pants. Bitches!

  37. The Gorgeous One

    @ Randal
    I have to say that for the most part, I kinda ignored you until the other day. However, after the post on a dapper Hugh Jackman, I have to say that I am now a fan.

    Thanks for not disappointing today.

  38. abby

    I thought it was Brook Hogan wrestling.

  39. Randal is a gas bag

    Don’t pump up Randal’s ego, it just makes him fruitier in his mouth farts.

  40. Crapzilla

    @ 38 Abby. I know, right? When is Brooke going to start that gig? I can’t wait to see her costumes.

  41. Yaaaahhhhhhhhhh

    Damn she looks good.

  42. ghost

    #5 that is exactly what I thought.

  43. Snopes nopes

    Randal’s gonna try this look this weekend at the club. Let us know how it goes big R!

  44. Fatney Rears

    Fatney really looks like a man with those huge tree trunk linebacker legs.

  45. mawaad

    whatever,shes still hot :P
    dont tell me you wont do er!

  46. heff

    She is too fat for that outfit, her body is so masculine and manly.

  47. KIKI

    @44 Fatney Rears! Ahhhahhahhha!

  48. Max Planck

    Mrs. Federline, please don’t forget to mail your spousal support check.

  49. Posh Spice

    Shitney has reverse anorexia, she thinks she’s thin. It is a common occurance in the south.

  50. Jonny

    I thought pic no 7 was one of her male dancers at first, until I clicked it and realized it was infact britney. lol

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