Kiefer Sutherland victim: ‘Attack was unprovoked’

May 6th, 2009 // 37 Comments

It’s starting to look more and more like Kiefer Sutherland was simply in a headbutting mood Monday night thanks to his unbridled passion for Jack Daniels. Seen above in New York this morning, alleged victim Jack McCollough is claiming it was an unprovoked attack. People reports:

“Anyone who knows Jack McCollough knows that he would not hurt a fly,” a rep for McCollough, of the New York-based fashion empire Proenza Schouler, tells PEOPLE exclusively. “All we can say at this point is that he was the victim of a vicious, violent, unprovoked assault and that the matter is in the hands of the authorities.”

Brooke Shields already backed Jack’s story earlier today, and eyewitnesses are coming forward with similar stories:

But one guest at the event tells PEOPLE that the altercation came as a surprise to bystanders. “Jack walked into the party and tried to order a drink, and then the next thing he knew, he got headbutted for no identifiable reason,” the partygoer tells PEOPLE. “Jack did nothing other than walk into a party. He did not bump into Brooke. It’s just puzzling.”

Wait wait wait. He walked between Kiefer Sutherland and the bar and is surprised he got headbutted? Jesus. That’s like stealing a mother bear’s cub and blaming it for eating your face off. How about taking some responsibility, man? Seriously, find me a judge who will convict Kiefer Sutherland for this, and I’ll show you a terrorist.


  1. Mchuge

    I don’t blame Jack Bauer, I just saw his pic, and I want to smack him upside the head too…

  2. Ronan

    This just makes it twice as manly, he headbutt’s a guy for walking between him and the bar because he’s Jack Bauer and that guy’s a seamstress.
    Boom, that’s awesome.

  3. Ronan

    This just makes it twice as manly, he headbutt’s a guy for walking between him and the bar because he’s Jack Bauer and that guy’s a seamstress.
    Boom, that’s awesome.

  4. ed.

    “Anyone who knows Jack McCollough knows that he would not pass up an unzipped fly.”


  5. Erik

    Seems like John Travolta’s type.

  6. He does look somewhat headbuttable.

  7. Hell he should have cracked broke a bottle over his head that will teach him.

  8. Jim

    Big homo. Settle it like a man. Whaayyy! I got headbutted!!!! Waaayyyyyy!

  9. dirk

    ShripDick is on probation for drinking, right? Bet he violated his probation.

  10. E!

    They have already reached an out-of-court settlement in which, to compensate for the head butt, Keifer will allow Mary here to rub his head all over Kiefer’s naked butt.

  11. I seriously need to party with Queefer. He must be a riot!

  12. “He walk between Kiefer and the bar”… lol nice!

  13. Cash

    Wow, so the guys rep and a bunch of fashion people back up his story? Stop the presses!

    What are you trying to do Op, win a date with this loser by siding with him not once but twice? The first story was understandable, but this just screams “please let me suck on your douche bag, Mr. Rose tinted glasses!”


  14. chupacabra

    kiefer is my new hero.

  15. denise

    psst He’s on a conservative show, otherwise they’d be covering for him. They’re gonna show him a thing or two.

  16. I’d headbutt him; and most of the people who post on this site.

  17. Andrewe

    “Anyone who knows Jack McCollough knows that he would not hurt a fly,”

    Isn’t that what that they said about that med student in Massachusetts who killed a hooker/masseuse in a hotel room?

  18. Nugaloopagus

    So Jack (24), noggin-slammed Jack while having some Jack? Did I get that right?

  19. Rhialto

    I used to get headbutt a lot.But since the Superficial girl is keeping me grounded,i don’t get it anymore.I don’t miss it anyway.

  20. Darth

    What’s headbutting? It’s sounds disgusting to me.

  21. Nero

    @20 Head and butt,you get it? It has to do with haemorrhoids probably as well.

  22. Will

    a jean shirt? Really? I’d headbutt the guy for wearing that. As we all know, the next step down from Jean Shirt is Wolf Shirt.

  23. Fiz

    So Jack B. drank some Jack D. and headbutted Jack M…. That’s a lot of Jacking off!

  24. I give ‘em a headbutt, mate!

  25. Kiefer Sutherland is the right hand of God. If he headbutts you, you must have done something.

  26. Rasputins Liver



    Fuck Keifer!

    Keif’s lame. Lame as an actor and lame as a human being.

    His dad Donald was/is ten times better as an actor and is ten times nicer as a human being.

    Keif’s a douchebag.


  27. amanda

    of course he defended brooke, he still feels bad about that time she blew her head off because he wanted to do sex to reese witherspoons dead body…

  28. 1 MILF Hunter

    I wish Kiefer would’ve headbutted Brooke Shields.

  29. dudeman

    this guy is an idiot, Ive seen at the bar a few years ago stuffing his face with coke…absolute piece of garbage

  30. just one thing: DO NOT TRUST THE GUY!!

  31. #11 – Queefer? HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

  32. 1

    Unprovoked? Look at this douche ! I want to him him for no reason!!!!!

  33. 1 MILF Hunter

    #32 – may I ask what that might entail?

  34. LPB

    “I’m Kiefer Sutherland, Bitch!” Whack

    “Wait, I hit you? Bitches, have sex with Jack!”

    (Except the Rick James remedy doesn’t look like it would work).

  35. Matthew

    Can’t be true. If Jack Bauer had actually headbutted this guy, he wouldn’t be alive.

  36. That pinky ring and the scarf look gay as hell. He’s just a complete douche now

  37. It just makes twice as manly, and headbutt him again because he is Jack Bauer is the man running between a seamstress for a boy.
    Boom, that’s awesome.

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