Kiefer Sutherland starts his jail sentence

Kiefer Sutherland was officially booked this evening at the Glendale City Jail. He is to serve a 48-day sentence stemming from a September arrest for DUI. He petitioned the judge to allow him to serve in city jail instead of the infamous Twin Towers county facility where “jailers can’t guarantee the safety of high-profile inmates.” Kiefer was scheduled to start his sentence on his birthday December 21 which is when 24 begins its Christmas hiatus. Due to the writers strike, Kiefer decided to surrender early. TMZ reports:

TMZ spoke with Glendale Police Chief Randy Adams, who said Kiefer will be treated “just like anyone else,” adding, “The fact that he’s a celebrity — he checked that at the door when he checked in.” Chief Adams said Sutherland will perform laundry and kitchen duties and will serve the entire 48 days consecutively. The Chief said Kiefer will not share a cell, but that is S.O.P. in Glendeezy because all “long term inmates” get their own digs.

Hold on a minute. They’re going to make Kiefer Sutherland do laundry and kitchen duties? Maybe he should’ve gone with county prison. I know if I had a choice between doing the thankless chores God wants my wife to do or taking a shiv to the gut during a prison riot, I’d choose the shiv. A man should only do the dishes and laundry in college which is why I used paper plates and wore trash bags for shirts. I made those Hefty’s look hot.