Kiefer Sutherland is done signing autographs


Kiefer Sutherland never used to mind signing autographs and was a favorite among collectors. But after his arrest for DUI in September he’s not feeling the love, according to Page Six:

“He would always stand and sign for a half hour, but since his arrest, he’s been telling collectors, ‘I don’t do that anymore. You guys screwed me.’ ” Photos taken before the arrest, showing Sutherland looking tired and emotional, were quickly posted on the Internet. The shots could have been introduced as evidence in court.

Kiefer Sutherland truly was the best autograph signer. I remember one time he signed 50 autographs in under a minute. Yeah, he was blitzed on Jager, and he wasn’t really signing anything as much as punching people in the face. He even threw up on one guy’s shoe after yelling “Jack Bauer is a pickle!” But you just don’t see very many stars connect with their fans like that anymore. He really was one of the greats. We’re gonna miss him.