Kiefer Sutherland is a ‘model prisoner’

Kiefer Sutherland is serving a 48-day sentence for DUI at Glendale City Jail. A spokesperson for the jail says Kiefer is a “model prisoner,” according to People:

“He’s not happy to be here,” Officer John Balian says, “but you can tell from his demeanor that he’s sorry and takes responsibility for what’s he’s done.”

Kiefer also serves meals to other inmates including a man recently arrested for attempting to murder four people:

“But we don’t put murderers or rapists who are awaiting trial in the same area as a guy convicted of a DUI,” Balian explains, adding that Sutherland, as an inmate worker, has access alone to one of three common rooms, each with a television.
The only interaction Sutherland will have with other inmates is when he slides a tray of food through slots in their cell doors.

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