Kiefer Sutherland gets lots of fan mail

Kiefer Sutherland is being bombarded with fan mail while serving his sentence in Glendale City Jail, according to People:

“The guy’s been getting a ton of fan mail,” says Officer John Balian, spokesman for the Glendale City Jail. “Easily more than 100 letters a day.”

Damn, 100 letters a day! I hope he gets mine. Just in case, I better post it here:

Dear Jack Bauer,

Upon completing your undercover mission doing laundry in prison, I feel it’s time for us to combine forces and really battle terrorism. I’ve already set up a base of operations. It may just be my parent’s carport stuffed full of Nerf guns, but I feel that with enough whiskey (AKA Jack Baeur’s terror-fighting juice.) we can effectively take down Al Qaeda. Or at least shoot my dad in the forehead with a dart. That son of a bitch made me mow the yard.

Go America!

The Superficial Writer