Kid Rock, Tommy Lee given chance to be douchebags again


Las Vegas showman Jeff Beacher wants Kid Rock and Tommy Lee to box each other at the Hard Rock Hotel & Casino. The winner will receive $1 million. They’ll also lose their dignity, but, hey, that was never there to begin with. E! Online’s Mark Malkin reports:

“I have already spoken to a couple of the oddsmakers here in Vegas, and Kid Rock would be the favorite,” Beacher just told me. “They are saying that Z-list Tommy Lee is just too old and beat up.”

In case you were worried, this spectacle is going to be super-classy:

And in the true spirit of re-creating Sunday’s VMAs, Beacher said, “I’ll even have Mini Britney open the show!”
If you’re not familiar with Mini Brit, she’s a 26-year-old little person named Terra Jole.

Okay, the Mini Brit, here’s her website. Go nuts. Now, who in the hell wants to see two white-trash rockers recreate their pansy fight? Besides the entire South. And that trailer park by the expressway. Other than that, nobody. Well, maybe the mentally handicapped. And the illiterate which also includes the NASCAR crowd. Wait, I already mentioned the South, didn’t I?