Kid Rock, Tommy Lee given chance to be douchebags again

September 13th, 2007 // 109 Comments

Las Vegas showman Jeff Beacher wants Kid Rock and Tommy Lee to box each other at the Hard Rock Hotel & Casino. The winner will receive $1 million. They’ll also lose their dignity, but, hey, that was never there to begin with. E! Online’s Mark Malkin reports:

“I have already spoken to a couple of the oddsmakers here in Vegas, and Kid Rock would be the favorite,” Beacher just told me. “They are saying that Z-list Tommy Lee is just too old and beat up.”

In case you were worried, this spectacle is going to be super-classy:

And in the true spirit of re-creating Sunday’s VMAs, Beacher said, “I’ll even have Mini Britney open the show!”
If you’re not familiar with Mini Brit, she’s a 26-year-old little person named Terra Jole.

Okay, the Mini Brit, here’s her website. Go nuts. Now, who in the hell wants to see two white-trash rockers recreate their pansy fight? Besides the entire South. And that trailer park by the expressway. Other than that, nobody. Well, maybe the mentally handicapped. And the illiterate which also includes the NASCAR crowd. Wait, I already mentioned the South, didn’t I?


  1. They’re both broke, they’ll go for it.
    For Brangelina haters

  2. griffmills

    Will Pamela strip during it?

  3. jesus christ porno star

    If they are going to fight with ninja swords, I want to see it.

  4. lambman

    Mini Britney rocks!

    and currently she’s hotter than regular Britney, or should we say BIG Britney?

  5. As long as I can her naked boobies bounce, I’m there!

  6. Lexoka

    Oh I for one would love to see that! Especially since they’re not boxers, so they’ll probably end up pretty bad… well at least one of them will.

  7. wedgeone

    I’ll skip the live event and wait until it comes out on the next volume of “Bum Fights.”

  8. Giantballz

    My moneys on kid rock

  9. wedge1

    #8 – shut the flying fuck up troll! What you said was just barely a joke.

    Sounds like something straight out of TNA or WWE. I wonder who’ll make the run-in save just before one of them draws blood.

  10. Fuphdog

    Mini-Britney is F-I-N-E !!

    I want one.

  11. I’m from the South, I resent that.

    Not all Southerners are trailer rednecks. With that said, I hope they both lose to a flaming meteor with Bruce Willis at the helm.

  12. BINKY!

    Pamela Anderson scares me. :( Her muscular clawed arm looks like something from Jurassic Park. Like a mutated raptor.

  13. Did someone tell FRIST there is a new post?

  14. Angie

    HAHA, look at Tommy’s vacuous expression in that pic.

  15. Chauncey Gardner

    My friend’s brother had to put Tommy Lee in the sleeper hold TWICE at the VMAs before Lee’s security detail got him under control. It would be infinitely more entertaining to watch him take these two on single-handedly and show what a couple of snatches they are.

  16. wedgeone

    They’re both heirheads.

  17. LIsaN

    Yeah, uh..Tommy Lee is from Greece, Kid Rock is from Michigan and Pamela Anderson is from Canada. So yeah it’s all about the South, right on the money. Plus, fuck you.

  18. wedge1

    Check out those red marks on Pam’s shoulder. I’ve got ones just like ‘em on my scrotum. I wonder what it is?

  19. thrllme

    Hey, #19, go shut the fuck up and go back to fucking your brother and concentrate on raising your six inbred kids in your one bedroom trailer. Be sure to cash in your food stamps to go buy some more meth.

  20. jrzmommy

    There’s a Pam as Punching Bag joke in here somewhere……I just can’t get to it.

  21. ssdd

    I don’t think it would be over Pam….. Kid Rock dogs her in the audio clip at TMZ..pertaining to the Divorce— was the BEST thing he had ever done~ he said.

  22. howsabout

    Tommy Lee wanted to begin training but he says he lost his 2 favorite speedbags.

  23. SouthernGrl

    I think this site is hysterical and check it out every day (MULTIPLE TIMES), but enough with the South bashing. I’m proud to be from the South and hope to never live anywhere else, but just because you like NASCAR doesn’t make you a redneck, illiterate or backward. It’s the fastest growing sport in the country and their fans have the highest median income of any other professional sport fanbase.

    With that being said, maybe fans of “wrasslin” or “ultimate fighting” may get a kick out of seeing these two numbnuts go at it…

  24. Cannot Wait! I will go to Vegas for this one!!! LMAO

  25. Bah, Fish just has penis envy…well, that and he was raped in Mississippi once, at a rest stop, in the morning, with donut sticks.

  26. mike sloan

    why are you knocking on the south so bad bra? I’m from the south and visit your site all the time. Not all southerners are rednecks……although a lot of them are.
    Nevertheless, you have to admit, it would be amusing to see these two douchebags beat the shit out of each other.

  27. Italian Stallion

    It will never happen. Nobody can be that stupid to want to be the cut man for these two. Unless of course they want to get Hep C………

  28. Proud Southernar...Southrner...South Guy

    I spent a month of profits from oxy dealing to buy this here porn machine, and I didn’t expect to be insulted. And why isn’t that attractive man’s sister naked? He has a nice hat.

  29. havoc

    No, No…this is a great idea.

    Get them both in the ring. Then when the referee is explaining the rules, their trainers can put a bullet behind both their ears!

    I’d pay to see that!!!!!


  30. Clem

    @1 – Tommy Lee Broke? Hardly. 45m albums = uber cash.
    The recent Carnival of Sins tour made him $10m+ and he does tons of private DJ work.

  31. Kristen

    I am from the South. Not everyone from the south is a redneck who watches NASCAR and lives in a trailer. The city I am from has a higher per capita income than anyone in the south and more PhD’s per capita than any other city. That is what is wrong with this country. We care too much about what Hollyweird is doing. They would all do anything for money. Have some dignity. Spend more time helping others and help make this world to be a better place.

  32. BillySue

    My brother TimBobAnn agrees with Kristen.

  33. Jason

    “Besides the entire South. And that trailer park by the expressway. Other than that, nobody. Well, maybe the mentally handicapped. And the illiterate which also includes the NASCAR crowd. Wait, I already mentioned the South, didn’t I?”


  34. IED done blowed off my legs

    I agree with the others – don’t criticize the South! After all, where exactly would we be without the Southern support for our President? Not in Iraq, that’s for sure. Any time you’re getting ready to bash the South, think about that.

  35. YeeHaw

    Hey Kristen, look, it’s one of your PhDs! (#35)

  36. Jason

    (#37) ?

  37. GWB

    Don’t mess with Texas.

  38. kellygirl57

    Holy Crap midgets are creepy. That Mini Britney is icky!

  39. Redneck

    Stop bashing the South. We are a great people with noble and admirable traditions. Maybe I am a Dale Jr. fan, but that does not mean I lack intelligence or sophistication. You know nothing about the great South.

    Later, when my brother is done ass fucking me while fingering the goat, I will sit down and write more about my wonderful home. That is, if Dad’s not feeling too frisky.

  40. FuckTheFamous

    I’d pay to see it on one condition: that they both be given guns for a shoot out rather than a boxing match. Loser dies. Hopefully they both lose. But if one is too drunk to aim at the other one and we have a winner, the winner is handed a million dollar check, then shot at point blank range for being a worthless piece of shit.

    Yeah, that I would pay to see.

  41. ApacheRose

    The only people I’ve ever known who lived in a trailer park were from New England. But hey, stereotypes: the domain of the stupid. Congrats.

  42. google

    It’s so difficult to make sense of things when your own personal experience clashes with what other people describe. If only there were some way to represent information in a medium where people could access it easily and expand their viewpoints beyond their own inherently limited store of knowledge based on personal experience…

  43. Sherman

    I should have headed west after reaching Atlanta and burned the whole fucking place.

  44. brandon

    it sucks that kid rock would be the favorite…. considering he is straight up trailer trash, not to say that ugh…. tommy lee isnt…

  45. mafme

    41 – That was some funny fucking shit.

  46. boooored

    Mini Britney is like some sort of cross between Jon Benet Ramsay and the Devil.

    Where can I buy one?

  47. West Coaster

    I have to go get my nails done..and oh wait, don’t let me forget my frap from Starbucks.

    Maybe later I’ll go by some cool vegetarian grocery store.

    That’s right. I’m a faggot from California.

    ..oh wait we’re all faggots here in California.

  48. Jason

    (#49) Thanks for being honest.

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