Kid Rock rips Scott Stapp

*kid_rock_thumb1.jpgKid Rock blames Scott Stapp for losing a sex video showing them with several strippers. Rock defended his backstage antics, saying, “It’s not any big revelation that this goes on in rock ‘n’ roll, especially with who I am. He’s the idiot because it’s out. I’m holding him responsible.” Rock said he invited Stapp to join him and four strippers after Stapp entered his motor home with a video camera and asked to “get in” on the action. “I don’t want to be in that company with all these idiots (who have) sex tapes,” Rock said, “which is why I’ve never had a video camera. I agree I knew the tape was going on at the time – I must have. Although, I’ll guarantee you, I wasn’t sober.”

Look, if you find yourself being videotaped naked in a motor home, there’s really only a few people you can blame: 1) the guidance counselor who told you high school was for pussies, 2) that creepy and vaguely homo-erotic midget, hereafter known as “the greatest strip-poker player who ever lived” 3) yourself. Get over it.