Kid Rock is classiest man alive

August 27th, 2007 // 103 Comments

Kid Rock, seen here with his crack hanging out, spent the weekend partying with Paris Hilton. Had I been in town, I would’ve thrown a grenade at them. People might call that a bit drastic, but I’m not about to live in a world where the super-herpes these two would create ran free. Call me old-fashioned, but I like my penis how it is. You know, non-melted.

EDIT: I’m moving this back up because everybody deserves to see Kid Rock’s ass and Paris Hilton side by side. It’s your right as a human being. A now-blind human being.

Photos: Splash

  1. smullen

    She SO has something in her teeth! That’s hot.

  2. Man, Paris Hilton looks fucking horrible.

  3. HotDogger

    Who the hell is Kid Rock? Oh, wasn’t he the guy whose pet midget died?

  4. Bling

    What an ass!

  5. astella

    her hair looks like it was cut with a bowl on top

    she cant pull off the rihanna look

  6. you people are retarded kid rock is a fucking badass….

  7. Steve Robinson

    blah, blah, blah…………………………………..

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