Kid Rock claims Pamela Anderson lied about miscarriage

October 3rd, 2007 // 48 Comments

Kid Rock says his ex-wife Pamela Anderson lied about a miscarriage last year. People reports:

Anderson got mad when Rock delayed a visit to her on the set of her movie in Canada so he could attend a Los Angeles Lakers game, the 36-year-old singer tells Rolling Stone magazine.

“I’m like, ‘Baby, I got these tickets. I’ll see you on the weekend there,’ and that leads into her saying, ‘You don’t care about me, blah blah blah,’ ” Rock says. “She finally comes up with this: ‘I just had a miscarriage’ … and hangs the phone up.”

In November 2006, Anderson’s then-publicist issued a statement confirming reports she had a miscarriage and asked that “everyone respect her privacy during this difficult time.”

However Kid Rock claims when he got to Vancouver, things weren’t what they seemed:

“She’s partying at this restaurant, drinking champagne, jumping on the tables. I’m thinking, ‘That’s a quick recovery from a miscarriage.’ ”

Rock filed for divorce from Anderson a month later, ending their four-month marriage.

Uhh… Hmm. Wow, where should I even start? Well, what if – no that’s not right. Maybe Kid Rock – nah, can’t say that either. Oh thank God, just in time: Hey, Britney Spears and Kevin Federline are going back to court today! (Start the car. Don’t ask questions. I’ll jump through the passenger window in a second.) I wonder what new developments will happen in their zany custody, uh, thing and perhaps they’ll – GUN IT! Go, go, go!


  1. Juan

    ZOMG FIRST?!?! haha

  2. cate


  3. Eugthehuge

    THIRD! Is more difficult

  4. Newman

    Typical celebrity “grieving”.

  5. ssdd

    Why is it that these days Every-Single-Picture of her looks like she just rolled out of bed from a 3day drunk, unbathed and haggered?!…

    Seriously though, does she have AIDS or what?

  6. Thank god those two did not have a kid together. You could not put both of their jeans together to make on good kid let alone spilt them in half

  7. @5 ssdd she is a ho bag. What do you expect her to look like? This is what Britney is going to look like in 20 years

  8. Zing!

    ‘course she miscarried. Bitch is so loose from the various prick invasions that the embryo probably just slipped right out. Either that, or kid scraped it out with his huge man tool.

  9. BunnyButt

    Jimbo, Britney won’t have to wait 20 years to look like this. She’ll be there in 10.

    At least that’s what my ovaries think, and they’re always right.

  10. freakwad

    maybe she had an abortion.

  11. The Clap

    Trash. She should have been aborted.

  12. hbunny

    i live in vancouver and was actually there the night he is talking about. the lounge is called glowbal… we were sitting in the vip section and she was dancing on the banquets and drinking a lot…

    then a few days later they were talking about the miscarriage. i thought it was bizarre.

  13. TS

    I am pretty sure none of us could care less about this fulth cum receptacle. 19 years ago maybe. Sucks to be washed up.

  14. TS

    worst typist ever or what? Jesus.

  15. Who TS, Jimbo?

  16. I was at the hospital all day. What did I miss?

  17. LL

    I don’t know what Kid Rock is talking about. I had a miscarriage just this morning and here I am, up and at ‘em! Just took a couple of Motrin. Don’t question the mysterious ways of the vagina, Kid. Just because you’ve been inside 5,000 of them doesn’t mean you know everything about them. Just their general location.

  18. Is he implying that he did NOT know she was pregnant?????????????????????//

  19. adeliza

    how civic minded of ole Pammy. She’s carrying her school crossing gaurd vest. I guess she just got finished preventing cars from hitting kids walking to school.
    I wonder if she had to get a special made vest?

  20. VMA

    Could this have been what Tommy Lee and Kid Rock were fighting about? TL+PA= 2, KR+PA = 0.

  21. eastcoastgirl

    It would be highly unusual for a woman her age that parties as much as she does and is in her unhealthy state to get pregnant. I doubt she really was.

  22. TS

    no, me. I am the wrst typst of al tme

  23. TS

    I hope you work there.

  24. jacknasty

    Well, you can take the trash out of the trailer…but..

  25. Isn’t her pussy too old and worn-out to spit out babies?

  26. Big Mama

    I’d be parting all night if that happened to me with Kid Rock’s kid-to-be. She must have been ecstatic to not be having his fugly baby.

  27. cookie monsta

    hmmmm, methinks this old busted up old hag might be losing her shit (yeah that’s right – Britnay style). Hep c, carrying a baby? surely there aren’t any other himbos on 90210 to name them after?

  28. zuzuspetals

    He’s a disgusting piece of shit. He should have had to pay her, like, $1000 a day for the rest of her life for having had sex with him even one time.

  29. KamUK

    She has Hepatitis C give her a break for Fucks Sake. She parties? Whats weird cos I have not seen many pics on here of her partying and drinking – sunbathing and other stuff thats bad for your skin perhaps, but partying and drinking I have not.

  30. L.Linus

    This is pond scum and Hep C infected, fake titty, burnedup mug for a face and tired attention seeking liar!!!

  31. Doomhammer

    My respect for Kid Rock just grew x100. I mean if some skank lied to me and kept me from going to the game, Id divorce her psycho ass too!! Mad props to you Kid. Dont let no whore keep you down bro!! Rock on and keep to the code BRO’S BEFORE HO’S !!!

  32. havoc

    What’s sad is when Kid Rock divorces you……



  33. JP

    How you know you are a hardcore partyer? When Kid Rock divorces you because you party too much. She is hardcore. But I still love her.

  34. What can you expect from someone like Pamela Anderson, I am sure this is not the miscarriage she has made up and it wont be the last.

  35. Awww, Not This Crap Again!

    Maybe no one told Pammy that getting your period does not equate to a miscarriage. D’oh!

    P.S. Britney’s ALREADY there….no need to wait 5, 10, or 20 years.

  36. amle

    So why is kid saying this now? Does he have a cd coming out or something? I think he is lying. He is known for not telling the truth. His panties are just in a wad because pam is with someone else.

  37. Sara Lee

    Son: Daddy what do you do at work?
    Paparazzi: I hang out with a bunch of men and follow Pamela Anderson all day long to take pictures of her.
    Son: Where do you go?
    Paparazzi: Pamela’s House, Malibu, and Restaurants.
    Son: You don’t really do much at work daddy?
    Paparazzi: Go to sleep son.

  38. Another couple of years and she won’t be hot enough to have my knucle babies

  39. It's Like This & That

    The reason The Kid is talking is because he does not give a flying F about Pam. He’s done with her old kitty.

  40. soy

    Take kindly the counsel of the years,
    gracefully surrendering the things of youth…..

    she looks so sad :(
    it’s tough realizing your not 20

  41. AdamK.

    Can someone please tell Pamela Anderson it’s not 1995 anymore?
    Baywatch was axed,your 40 & your not famous anymore.
    Firstly she marries Tommy Lee,a has been rocker,the mind of a 12 year old & ugly as sin,then marries her ex boyfriend Kid Rock,also a talentless,bogan, wanker,also ugly as sin,because she thought,i’m middle aged,dog ugly without my makeup,the only reason i used 2b famous is because of my youth & looks,don’t even have them anymore,i still act like a 16 year old,even though, i’m 40,i’m desperate & lonely,i know i’ll marry someone who used to fuck me.

  42. AdamK.

    Now she’s marrying Rick Soloman????
    The biggest losier in L.A.
    If anyone has seen him commentating on the Pais Hilton sex tape,you’ll know what i mean.
    He used to fuck duck face Paris Hilton,then sells the dvd around the world,
    married Shannen Doherty (what did she see in him)
    Now he’s marrying that ugly,has been,barbie doll.
    Well,he himself is stupid,ugly,creepy looking & desperate for fame,so she might be third time lucky.

  43. jimmy

    Pamela Anderson latest nude video here:

  44. FV

    This chick is a Psycho, A Skank and on top of all that…. She’s a Poison. LITTERALLY. He’s got Hep C and and is infectious as hell…
    Why would ANY man come within 20 feet of her….. She may be attractive in a cheap tramp sort of way…. but how can you even LOOK at her without thinking about the slow death she’ll bring you from having your liver desolve.
    She may as well have AIDS.

  45. JM

    Wow. Pretty harsh stuff. I would chill about the Hep C comments because it is obvious you know nothing about it. Very few people die from it. and it’s very rare for it to be contracted by sex. I should know. I have had it for 15 years… I have two children who are both negative, and both my boyfriend currently and my husband prior to him are negative.

  46. Lisa

    I used to like Pam, but the woman needs to figure life out. Tommy Lee who I met years ago when he was with Locklear, is a nice guy – really he is, but he’s just not ‘real bright’. Pam married him . She’s not real bright either. This is the same woman who also dated Scott Baio…Pammy what were ya thinkin! Now she’s with Rick Salomon who made a sex tape with Paris Hilton and showed it to millions…Pam, you were pissed when your sex tape with Tommy Lee went public and now you’re dating a guy who did that to someone else. Pam makes no fucking sense. Which makes me believe Kid Rock and like him more. Sad.

  47. Then Anderson's publicist issued a statement confirming reports that had a miscarriage and asked that "everyone respect her privacy during this difficult period."

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