Kid Rock calls out PETA

December 9th, 2008 // 172 Comments

Kid Rock is daring PETA to throw red paint on his fur coats. He’s ready to throw down with the animal rights group and ba widda ba da bang a dang google wookie all over their asses. Britain’s Sunday Mail reports:

“I want to go to war with PETA. My biggest extravagance is fur coats — I’ve got every kind of animal in my wardrobe.”
The rocker also slams PETA’s activism tactics — which have included throwing red paint on fur-wearing stars — and urges the group to try the same protest with him.
He adds: “I’m just willing the animal rights protesters to chuck some red paint on me.
"I understand people's problems with it but to throw paint on someone is just wrong. They do it to little Hollywood actresses who can't defend themselves."

So, reading between the lines, Kid Rock basically just admitted he wants to slap around some insane hippie chicks. The man hates armpit hair, folks, and frankly, I’m glad someone’s taking a stand. Also, maybe tell these crazies that inviting me to your apartment and then just smoking pot is not what I had in mind. (You said you had a Wii.)

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  1. dev

    @ 148.

    That’s kind of retarded. You’re saying that “media interviews, demonstrations, educational materials, and misc advertisements in print and other media” isn’t beneficial to the cause? Of course it is. It’s the same with global warming, money is being spent in order to educate and change their lifestyle habits, which in turn has a profound effect on reducing CO2 production. Likewise, educating people on where their products come from and the suffering caused by them can in turn make a huge difference in the market for these products.

    You buying these products just to spite PETA is pathetic. You fail as a human. Congrats.

  2. While I dislike PETA, and I find their tactics to be extreme and infantile, it’s sad that animals are used for fur when there are good substitutes available.

  3. Yeah

    So long as they don’t get Vinnie Jones to throw their paint, I think your PETA guerrillas will be just fine. Kid Rock is a talentless fucking ponce.

  4. LOismyBFF

    I wonder how little miss Pam Anderson (P.I.T.A. activist) felt about his closet of many furs. Or did she lower her own standards more than just marrying Kid Rock! Irony is such a bitch!

  5. Alexandra

    151, Too bad high CO2 levels have no correlation to “global warming.” Unlike “global warming,” meat-industry lobbyists go out of their way to infiltrate schools and teach kids things like milk being the best source of Calcium and that complete proteins cannot come from non-animal sources. Anyways, you know the ice in the Antarctic cap is actually growing? Look at some charts.

  6. Alexandra

    148, I’m willing to bet my life on the fact that you just made all that info up.

  7. Joe D

    Are people really this stupid???
    # 8 ur an idiot. Animals were not put on earth to be beaten to death or close enough to death, just to be skinned alive..just so some moron can feel like he’s somethin showin off his wealth. Somethin that dumb asses like you look up to. Its “cool”. Maybe you and the stupid ass wearing it should watch one of those videos or watch in person how this “fashionable luxurious” fur is obtained. No, I’m not in favour of your whole idea of giving food stamps to cows, which I do understand, you was just trying to make a point..but somehow didn’t…cause all you really did..was show how ridiculously moronic you are…but anyways..animals do deserve rights protecting them from cruelty. Also, for the rest of you fucks we’re not talking about hunting here..nor are we talking about eating meat. It’s about fur. Which only you ignorant fucks can’t tell the BIG DIFFERENCE between animals killed for food and animals killed for fashion. These animals being killed for their fur are brutally killed and tortured by these barbaric monsters they beat them nearly dead against the ground or stomp on their bodies or anally/vaginally electrocute them until they can’t fend for themselves then they skin them while they’re still alive. They throw their bloody skinnless bodies in a pile and video tape them while they suffer till they die. Try looking at the camera when that animal looks you in the eye and tell yourself that they dont feel you peices of shit.
    ok now correct me on my grammer. dumb fucks.

  8. SIN

    We won the evolution race. The animals lost.
    When a cow gets slaughtered, do you want the hide to go to waste? Same with any other animal. Be like the Indians, use every bit of the animal.
    Eat it and wear the skins and fur. They are just animals. People devlop too strong a bond with them. They are to be either used or eaten. Thats all they are good for. Maybe thats what they were made for.
    Why would the PETA moron ruin a fur coat? That means the person will just go out and buy ANOTHER one.
    Remember, these are just animals.
    Look at the word inhumane. Thats where they belong ,in human. Tasty.
    You idiots think Kid Rock is nothing. How much money does he have? He owns a huge place in Michigan. Travels the world in 1st class and parties with some of the most beutiful women in the world. Just because you are jealous you trash him. He has it all.
    If PETA want people to change, come up with a solid plan for change instead of being retards and just screaming at peple. Oh, wait. That takes common sense and PETA followers don’t have any. Thats why they are called FOLLOWERS.

  9. Juan

    I don’t like Kid Rock, but I give props to anyone who makes a public spectacle out of calling PETA out on their bullshit, even if it is an a southern hick drawl. In other news, the left shift button on my laptop just broke off. FUCK!!!

  10. Ellen

    Right, killing and wearing animals is so macho! Women love men that dress like old city hags. What a loser.

  11. Mmmmm.... Meat


    So you’re saying you see a homeless guy on the side of the street beaten up by a gang and naked. He’s bleeding out of the side of his head. You would choose to call the media. Stage a protest. Do an interview and hope someone would please stop the violence? Who’s the retard?

    Hunt save more animals and wildlife lands every year than PETA has saved in the entire existence as a money making scam.

    @156, simple answer, you don’t believe me? Look it up. I did, it’s not too hard to do.

  12. Mmmmm.... Meat


    So you’re saying you see a homeless guy on the side of the street beaten up by a gang and naked. He’s bleeding out of the side of his head. You would choose to call the media. Stage a protest. Do an interview and hope someone would please stop the violence? Who’s the retard?

    Hunters save more animals and wildlife lands every year than PETA has saved in the entire existence as a money making scam.

    @156, simple answer, you don’t believe me? Look it up. I did, it’s not too hard to do.

  13. Impy

    Yeah, animals were put on earth to CONSUME! Not to be worn by people who have another option! If these animals were used to the ultimate means(food, bones used as other things, etc.,) then that would be fine. This isn’t the case. These animals are skinned alive and where does that meat go? Fucking nowhere. Kid Rock needs to go back to not saying anything except he’s a hick ass rapper.

  14. susanist

    This is just an urgent cry for an ass-whipping. He knows he deserves an asswhipping but wants to take a chance that PETA will be mild in comparison to the real thumping he know he should get.

  15. susanist

    I am not in PETA, eat meat but seriously will take Ritchie up on his invitation. America has too many Dumbasses who equate quality life with how much money they have like the twit above talking about how animals lost. Hdid we bred so many Dumbasses? OK, so the crack dealer and other criminals with a roll of dollars should be honored because they have money?

    Kid Rock is another tough talking Punk too afraid to put his angst on the line in Afghanistan or Iraq. Hey! Its not like the USA does not have wars where all these beliigerent Hummer driving hunters of bunnies and deer can’t satisfy their blood lust.

    Oh please lets have a Draft if only for to rid ourselves of Chickenhawk fake cowboys and cold-blooded turkey killers.

  16. susanist

    Now lets examine how stupid Havoc is. He says that ‘animals don’t have any rights or feelings.’ Lets deal with the feelings part because there’s millions of humans who don’t have any rights either.

    When a dog hurts his or herself they make a high pitched sound that’s very similar to ‘Ouch.’ Which is one of the reasons so many humans love dogs.

    Here’s another thing about feelings in case Havoc means something more profound than a pain reflect. When dogs have done something ‘wrong’ their body language shows ‘embarrassment.’

    Embarrassment is a complex emotion requiring a sense of Right and Wrong. The dog may have done something wrong but the fact remains there is recognition of either the act being wrong or that the humans would not approve of it.

    Also, dogs being social and having hierarchies also show signs of dominance and submission.

    Tell a dog to ‘Get out!’ and the body language again assumes something very close to embarrassment, guilt and shame.

    Now I would think that zoologists have made a more indepth study to show how other animals express their feelings. My problem is that there seems to be too many dumb humans in America who have gone to school, have jobs, vote and assume they are quite intelligent but who in truth are little removed
    from being Trolls of German myth.

  17. Claire

    he must have hid the coats but from Pam Anderson, as she is a spokesperson for PETA. Used to like him, but now he’s just your average dumb ass celeb, desperate for attention. LOSER!

  18. PETA should hire John Cena or someone like that to throw the red paint. That wouldn’t be like taking on Twiggy Lee.

  19. @39 – I like that too. Wop Bomma Loo Bop Ba Bippitty Boppity Boo.

    @47 – And GORE-TEX! Maybe we should go back to living in caves and eating bugs out of each others butts in the tradition of our glorious ancestors.

  20. Watcher

    While I agree that animal cruelty is wrong, PETA and Greenpeace have taken tactics and propaganda too far with taking to destruction to ‘solve’ the ‘problem’ Kind of like the ‘Truth’ group and their anti-smoking campaign. Smoking is bad yes but they are also taking it too far. What people need to do is tell these hippies to grow the hell up and use productive means to deal with things, not just act childish by throwing paint or blowing up SUV s (which only adds to the pollution not solving it Greenpeace retards). I applaud Kid Rock for taking a refreshing stand against these politically correct activists like PETA. I like fur too, fake fur that feels real but even so if any of those bastards ever threw red paint because they didn’t check to see.. I’d be wearing their skin as a new leather coat..

  21. smartypants

    Well, I’m not Kid Rock fan really; he’s alright, but his music is just a little to banal for me. I do agree with his message though. The media has given PETA far too much attention and power. This group should be treated a little more like the radical one that it is. Instead, the media trumpets their message and gives them credibility. Whenever some celebrity is pictured wearing fur, you can bet media types in the press (and online) will mention something about PETA getting after them, as if PETA is the end all source of what people can and cannot wear. As we used to say when I was a kid, “Who died and left them boss?”

    Too much of the semantics being brushed about is wrong. Sure, we’re all against animal cruelty; that’s not the point. The point is the defintion of what constitutes animal cruelty is different for different people, and there is no universal standard for what is and is not “cruel”. Some cultures eat their food alive, just as happens in the wild every day. Is this cruel? Some people choose to wear fur from animals, whether or not they were used for food. Is this necessarily cruel? People get pets and then keep them locked up all day at home while they work. Is this cruel? PETA is not the end all resource for determining what is right and wrong. Most of the individuals that belong to this group probably have a very lopsided view of reality in the first place. We should not be taking our cues from PETA as to what is morally correct.

  22. Harry Hole

    thanks for ruining 2 good songs by Lynyrd Skynyrd and Warren Zevon for you drunken no talent twat!

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