Kid Rock calls out PETA

December 9th, 2008 // 172 Comments

Kid Rock is daring PETA to throw red paint on his fur coats. He’s ready to throw down with the animal rights group and ba widda ba da bang a dang google wookie all over their asses. Britain’s Sunday Mail reports:

“I want to go to war with PETA. My biggest extravagance is fur coats — I’ve got every kind of animal in my wardrobe.”
The rocker also slams PETA’s activism tactics — which have included throwing red paint on fur-wearing stars — and urges the group to try the same protest with him.
He adds: “I’m just willing the animal rights protesters to chuck some red paint on me.
"I understand people's problems with it but to throw paint on someone is just wrong. They do it to little Hollywood actresses who can't defend themselves."

So, reading between the lines, Kid Rock basically just admitted he wants to slap around some insane hippie chicks. The man hates armpit hair, folks, and frankly, I’m glad someone’s taking a stand. Also, maybe tell these crazies that inviting me to your apartment and then just smoking pot is not what I had in mind. (You said you had a Wii.)

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  1. havoc

    Animals don’t have any rights. They don’t have feelings either which is why its not important what method you use to kill them.

    PETA know this.


  2. Nugaloopagus

    Kid just might be the last real man alive. If God did not want us to eat animals, he would not of made them out of meat!

    Go Kid, Go Kid!

  3. Rob

    There’s a lot of brave internet heroes on here today. Kid Rock would probably kick most of your asses if you were even brave enough to walk away from the internet for a moment.

    Also saying “and I mean it” after your comments makes you either retarded or a douche, you decide..

    PETA is an organization run by “kids” that have nothing better to do. I’ll be roasting up some meat tonight in your honor.

  4. Jrz

    No wonder it didn’t last between him and Pam.

  5. yoohoo

    When will people evolve? People like Kid Rock, Massa’, Jade and Deacon Jones are living proof that we are still in the dark ages.

  6. langdon

    I hope PETA does throw paint on his fur, and then on the way home he gets in a car crash.

  7. Rob

    @55 when will people learn to not make animals equal to men?

    Also when will people realize if you throw things at people to protest you will probably get your ass kicked. Don’t believe me? go up to the biggest person you can find and assault them (that’s what throwing paint is), do they have that right?

  8. havoc

    I wonder what PETA’s views on cannibalism are?



  9. Sport

    PETA is a fucking joke. So is Kid Rock, but PETA is far worse.

  10. Deacon Jones

    I didnt say anything bad about animals, you dumb hippy.

  11. When will all people have compassion for animals? People do not realize or care about the torture animals go through for their fur and are basically skinned alive. People don’t care or realize that factory farms are cruel to animals and the government allows the factory farms to inject chemicals into the animals to fatten them up artificially and the animals live among their own feces in cramped cages. Factory farms are also allowed to feed the animals fillers like cement, newspapers, and feces.

  12. havoc

    I heard that Ed Gein was the founder of PETA.

    Any truth to this?


  13. Waaaaaaah! You people like steak! Waaaaaaaaaaaah! Chickens are our friends! Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah…

  14. WTFMAN

    What a Dumb fuck fag…. His music sucks and he is a big ass… Get a life you fruit.

  15. Jrz

    Elliot! How are you?

  16. Rob

    @61 who gives a shit. Skin em then eat em and play with the bones.

  17. Fernanado Narcos

    9-How many fucking times are you going to put quote marks around the word popular,you winger fuck slop trailer park whore?


    Meat is murder. Tasty Tasty murder….

    I feel like some KFC!!!!!

    Hate PETA, bunch of hypocrite idiots trying to force their insane beliefs on other people against their will. Intolerant zealots who’s only agenda is self promotion.

  19. Ananana

    i dont like fur, and i hate kid rock, but one thing’s for sure: it’s not civilized to throw paint on someone else’s 20k coat.

    i hope he throws cow blood all over those ugly bitches.

  20. PETA Supporter

    The violence and brutality toward animals is senseless and horrible. Wake up you meat-eating monsters!!! Animals are people, too! Wait…….Animals are…….people…..ish…….Whatever.

  21. asdf

    Kid rock is disgusting and so are all of you other IGNORANT “god put animals on this earth for us bullshit”, and i guess we all stemmed from adams rib too.
    the way animals in the fur trade are treated is disgusting and inhumane, skinnng them alive etc.
    before you preach your “god gave me the right” crap why don’t you do your research.
    Kid rock is a zero talent ignorant piece of white trash garbage who would deserve every ounce of red paint on his precious carcasses.

  22. #68

    Enjoy your dangerous chemical laced meat because the government does not care and the factory farms do not care because all they care about are profits. I hope they find a cure for the cancer you will probably get from eating contaminated meat. It should be no surprise there were many cases of Mad Cow disease. I am only 12 years old and I get it already. I am using the school library computer right now.

  23. Carl

    Can PETA please get back to bodypainting hot naked models with tiger stripes and locking them up in cages in public squares? Or maybe throwing said models at me? Now that’s what I call protesting!

  24. FRIST!!!

    Vegetarians are the biggest fucking pussies on the planet.

  25. Bob Loblaw

    I wonder if he had a coat made out of his pet midget? No talent goof.

  26. IKE

    Message to Kid: If anyone throws paint on your gear…..BEAT THAT ASS!!!! Man, woman, child, or even, Peta will hate me for this, DOG! That’s an assault, so whip the shit out of them. :)

    Peta sucks. Good defend the human life as vigorously as you defend the mink’s.

  27. Anemic Asshole

    I don’t eat anything with a face; hence my pallor, amenorrhea, thinning hair and flat bones.

  28. Bickus Dickus

    Peta doesn’t give a shit about anything but politcal clout. It’s a communist run organization with the sole intent of crippling American agricultural industry.

    Same with Greenpeace, their sole communist intent is to cripple American Industry.

  29. Clem

    This is just a lame dig at Pam Anderson.

  30. Ann

    Clem is right- he’s just attacking his ex, Pam Anderson. I was gonna say the same thing.

  31. Katie

    haha, i love how the racist is in favor of killing animals for vanity purposes.


    Fuck the red paint. Lets catch him put him in a cage cut his skin off throw his carcase into the sea and dance in the streets in his skin. Yee haw

  33. dirt chicken

    Robert James Ritchie is a pussy. I’d make his bitch ass throw red paint on HIMSELF. Maaaan … I’d whip that skinny ass all summer long.

  34. twat

    So…. Pamela Anderson is a member of Peta and she was married to a guy who likes fur coats? WTF?!?!?!?

  35. God

    80–you just did. I gave you a mind, too, you know…use it and come up with your own material, stop being such a yes-man flunky…sheesh.

  36. Jade

    Oh noes, I’m in the dark ages!

    I don’t think there is justice in physically assaulting someone to get a point across.

    I don’t think there’s justice in PETA bitching about how people kill animals for other uses, and then PETA taking a bunch of homeless animals and euthanizing them and dumping their dead bodies in dumpsters or off bridges into waterways and ravines.

    So continue to insult me for my beliefs, and I will continue to laugh at your absurdity.

  37. God

    86–”I don’t think there is justice in physically assaulting someone to get a point across.” Yes there is. I do it all the time; they’re called strokes.

  38. mother jones

    I agree with Kid that its totally awesome to anally electrocute animals to serve our misguided sense of fashion. Fur coats look great. Really classy. No, but seriously we should fucking scalp Kid Rock and make a wig for a not-so-picky cancer patient, and maybe give that goatee to a folically challenged nineties retro douchebag.

  39. grobpilot

    I’d like to see PETA try their bullshit over in China. Motherfuckers would disappear, never to be heard from again. They only perform their little monkey tricks here because they have an audience that will not stand up to them. I dislike Kid Rock but I really hope he beats the living shit out of one of those fuckers.

  40. nano_brontolo

    Is this really worth getting bent out of shape about? Do you know anyone that actively listens to Kid Rock that you’d be seen in public with?

    Just like Peta is playing to an audience, so is Kid Rock. The difference is that his audience would eat human flesh if it were advertised during NASCAR.

  41. Deacon Jones

    I work with this dyke, vegan BITCH, and she has these two bumper stickers on her shitty Subaru:

    “McDonalds – Billions Slaughtered” and
    “Murder King – Have it your bloddy way”

    We just laugh at them everytime we go out to lunch, getting ready to eat a nice tasty cheeseteak

  42. Ilovefur

    F.U.C.K. PETA!

  43. Alexandra

    Someone who disagrees with animals being exploited not for survival reasons, but for fashion is not an *insane hippie chick*.

  44. Kid Rock, kicks ass for this, and his patriotism.
    Now if we could only get him to shower and stop banging trashy looking bitches… oh well.

  45. BOA

    This dude is not gonna get redpaint..he is gonna get shot in the head.. and that is gonna be red all over him.

  46. God

    94–Yes. Very well put.

  47. Israel

    Who is Kid Rock? is a Artist or something?, i hate that kind of people, y me cago en los gringos que tienen mierda en la cabeza y que conste que solo en los que tienen mierda en la cabeza.

  48. God

    98–Silencio la cabeza de mierda! Repetición después de mí….No debo hablar más de largo…..No debo hablar más de largo…..No debo hablar más de largo

  49. Nor Cal

    I like kid rocks music. I used to think he was hot. I loved the biker show ‘Jesse James’ when him and kid rock rode all the way to copper canyon Mexico on their sexy ass choppers, but after I attended one of his concerts here in the Bay Area and was invited backstage to party (cuz I love the weed!) I was waaaay grossed out by the HUGE bowl of “syringes”. not the needle type, the ones for like enemas up your ass. anyhoo, here’s this bathtub sized bowl of ass syringes full of what ever drugs, X, coke, heroin I don’t even want to know, to shoot up your ass cuz I guess the effect is ‘stronger’? harder? or just that they like sticking stuff up their asses? The smell of ass and stupid were over powering and I just lost all affection for the dude. ick.

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