Kid Rock arrested for Waffle House brawl

October 22nd, 2007 // 57 Comments

Kid Rock was arrested yesterday after getting into a scuffle at an Atlanta Waffle House. DeKalb County police arrested Kid Rock and five of his entourage after an argument with a customer turned physical. Reuters reports:

“Rock along with five members of his entourage were charged with one count of battery, which is a misdemeanor. The victim … was treated and released at a local hospital for his injuries,” Mekka Parish, spokeswoman for DeKalb police, said.

The Waffle House pressed charges against the man involved in the fight with Rock’s entourage after a window was punched out during the fight, which started inside but ended in the parking lot, Parish said.

First off, real men don’t get into fights at the Waffle House. That’s what IHOP is for. Second, if this post was about a giant, walking waffle that demolished a diner Kid Rock was in, would you maybe consider reading it then? Didn’t think so. Moving on…


  1. Frick

    Man does he look like crap in that photo

  2. LOL, the fucking Waffle House, what a redneck.

  3. mrs.t

    Yes, this photo is such a contrast to the clean, classy, non-grit appearance that we’ve come to expect from Mr. Rock.

  4. Frick

    What, no Britney posts yet? Oh thats right, she doesn’t get up before the crack of noon. Then she’s off to do her usual photo ops, I mean errands, so she can get paid by x17.

  5. Vince Lombardi

    What a pussy move. The guy gets arrested for breaking the window, so he decides “If I gotta go to jail, y’all gotta go to jail, too.” So he presses charges against Bob. What a puke.

    Besides, didn’t this guy see what an ass-kicking Tommy Lee got? What was he thinking? Sounds like he put on his beer goggles, picked a fight, got his ass handed to him, and then pussied out by complaining it was 5-on-1. I’m betting Bob was the only one who hit him. He looks like a guy who could get his eye poked completely out and still stand there smiling at you like that photo.

    No wonder he got his ass kicked. Makes me want to go to Atlanta and dance on him myself.

  6. That’s pail, man, that’s really bucket.

  7. Auntie Kryst

    @2 TT, you’re right. What more is there to say? I couldn’t even get to reading the story. The headline is still making me laugh.

  8. Frick

    God am I slow…all this time I’ve been reading the poster’s name Auntie Kryst as if it were pronounced “Auntie Krist”…I just got it today…Bing!

  9. I love Kid Rock! First he punches Tommy and now he punches this waffle eater. He had it coming I am sure.

  10. Frack

    “Crap” is putting it nicely although you’ve got to hand it to him – sometimes you gotta handle some shit yourself at the Waffle House.

  11. Isaac

    Ask any trucker. The Waffle House is always a reliable spot to find crack whores. Kid’s just trying to spread the love…and hepatitis.

  12. ah-ah

    you can fry some chips on that hair..

  13. Narcissist

    I’m surprised to learn he’s apparently back on the charts, and not by riding someones coat tail there, either. I thought fights at Waffle House and STDs were pretty much all he had to look forward to now.

    Here’s some high school pics of Kid Ice.

    I didn’t get the Auntie Kryst thing, either.

  14. wow you totally got your ‘So Freaking Hot’ box working! was wondering how long that was going to take you. i mean looking at winehouse in that green bikini everyday was just getting way toooooo much

  15. Narcissist

    What’s this nonsense about being able to create links?

    Kid Ice EXPOSED!

    More Waffling

  16. Danklin24

    I didnt read this because well, it’s about Kid Rock, but what in the hell happened to him? He looks like a bloated hippie. Lay off the damn waffles, Rob. Maybe the customer was trying to tell him to go eat some fruit instead. You should listen to the public, Kid.

  17. D. Richards

    Look at Kid and that stupid fucking smile: “I’m rich. You can’t do shit to me.” It’d be fantastic if the cops could just lead Kid-Penis around back of the police station, and gouge his goddamn eyes out. Rocker for middle America. Did you know that Kids started entertainment life as a white-wannabe rapper? It’s true. Hey, if at first you don’t succeed as a white-trash rapper, work the born-again country music rednecks. They’re easy. All you gotta do is mention Christ a few times; Bam, platinum album.

  18. Meagan

    Doesn’t he look like Otis from The Devil’s Rejects?

  19. T Mac

    woo hoo! ATL!

  20. deddog

    d. richards, you jealous prick, haha, i mean Kid is a goofy bitch but what does that have to do with him being rich? or police gouging out his eyes? you’re a fucking loser

  21. Sausage Mahoney

    Holy shit, that’s white trash! USA! USA! USA!

  22. D. Richards (deddog's father)

    #20? You must be a fan of “Rock”. You wouldn’t say that the look on Kid’s face is that of a smug-rich prick? Would you be smiling like that if you were arrested? Of-course not, son, because it would cost you so much of the money you earned working at wendy’s, that you’d have to start sucking cock in order to make your ends meet. No shit.

    And, before you start to comment on somebody else being a “loser”, you should check to see if you’re speeling and puctuation is anything close to correct. No, scratch that. I like your punctuation. It makes me feel good about myself. Now, spread your gaping asshole for Mr-Rock. He’s got a new album for you to succumb to.

  23. Dick Richards

    Ya’ know, “ded”, can I call you by your anus? Good. Anus, you’re such a twit. If it wasn’t for tykes-like yourself, I’d have no life. You’re one of the things I despise in our society; Borderline intelligence. You’re right, You can’t help it that you’re not very intelligent. What you can help, though, is to keep your fucking mouth, and brain shut-off from the rest of the world, You stupid-fucking prick. Why are you even allowed on the internet at your group-home? Shame on those fat care-giver women. Now, you should get back to your electro-shock therapy. You stupid goddamn imbecile.

  24. Yourfairytale

    I absolutely HATE Kid Rock. What a douchebag. Quit acting like an angry little teenage boy and grow the fuck up.

  25. Dick Richards

    Ded, my little ass-tulip? I just prayed to god. I said, I said to god in my prayer, “God, please paralyze ‘deddog’ from the neck down. Help him to crash his mo-ped and snap his goddamn neck.” I hope god grants my wish.

  26. fudgie

    He really IS the American Badass!

  27. fella show

    STOP THE HATE! Love one another for thou arst thine loving children of divine something or other. plus its pretty pussy to get riled up against another person whilst debating a Kid Rock waffle house beat down article on a hag rag internet site. If the vagina fits. : )

  28. Moobs

    This is exactly what i expect from Kid Rock. Late night drunken Waffle House brawl and arrest in Georgia. Check and Mate.

  29. D. Richards

    Hey, #27. Go fuck the holy-ghost, chump.

  30. OMG Frist!

    Pail, bucket?! Man, I haven’t heard that in years!!! My girlfriend and I used to kid around with that!

    What a trip down memory lane!

    OK, how about this:

    “Jane, you ignorant slut!”



    “you can fry some chips on that hair”.


  32. OMG Frist!

    I should have put “@ #6 Frist:” to start off with, sorry.

  33. spam lips

    re: #17

    so what if kid rock use to be something else in the music industry. who hasn’t changed their style for a more marketable one? nelly furtado, sheryl crow, bob marley (yes, bob use to do doo wop before he got all rasta), norah jones, pink, latifah, justin timberlake, the list goes on of people who switch their style. music is about money not integrity. it’s soooooooo obvious.

  34. yukadoozer

    Those Jo-Ja Rednecks don’t have nothin on Rednecks from Michigan-they’re the real deal.


    The Rock’s hot and by hot I mean hot not hot hot!!!


    Oops, my ID should be BABY ON ROCK – and yeah, he’s hot!

  37. fella show

    chump or CHAMP!

  38. whatever

    Kid Rock – the poster boy for white trash.

  39. Captain Sloppy

    All I can say is, Mister Rock is the embodiment of “debonnaire.” With his impeccable grooming and flawless manners he is probably frequently mistaken for an English lord.

  40. paris is myy idol

    IT’S JESUS!!!

  41. Spongebob Gangsta

    They finally made a WoolyWally out of Kid Rock!!!

    Call him “Kid WaffleWoolyWally”

    …either that or put a Holy luminous multicolored Aura behind him…Christ!

  42. Makemepuke

    I usually don’t waffle on things but I have to say I have mixed feelings (no not syrupy ones) about Kid Rock, on the one hand he is a typical spoiled, attention seeking, self centered celeb but on the other hand he is actually a seriously gifted musician who plays at least 4 different instruments. I’m not trying to butter anyone up but its batter to be honest and, you gotta admit, he’s got a couple of decent songs and the guy at Waffle house probably made some off color remark about Kid Rocks’s midget.

  43. #30, At least somebody remembers that…I’m trying to make it stick this time.

  44. Disgusting

    How any woman could let anyone looking like him fuck her is beyond me.

  45. Ryan

    haha yeeeeah… yay for kid rock being kid rock.

    this was all over the local news the night it happened. woo georgia, with nothing better to do than report kid rock’s asshole-ishness. :) haha

  46. cookie monsta

    can’t believe this greasy fuck is wasting his time following Herpes Hilton around, when Britney is quite clearly more his “type”

  47. Kill Yourself

    “First off, real men don’t get into fights at the Waffle House. That’s what IHOP is for.”

    That’s SOOOOOOOO funny because while I was passing by an IHOP the other day, there were two cracked out black guys fighting in the parking lot. I called the cops on them. You’re welcome.

  48. What? Why didn’t you just let them kill each other?

  49. I hate crackheads

  50. Even the white ones, dumbass

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