Kid Rock and Tommy Lee are super mature

Kid Rock and Tommy Lee (who have both been married to Pamela Anderson) got into a fight during the 2007 MTV Video Music Awards last night. Rap producer Rich Nice witnessed the incident and told the AP:

“It looked like Tommy Lee initiated it because Kid Rock was ignoring him. And Tommy Lee kind of antagonized him. And then when Tommy Lee stood up, it looked a little weird, like ‘Yo, what?’ When Tommy stands up is when Kid hit him the first time with a backhand and then Tommy Lee looked like he was trying to get at him to aggressively retaliate and then Kid Rock hits Tommy Lee again — bong.”

Tommy Lee told The Insider his version of the story:

“I was minding myself and then he goes and punches me on the cheek,” claims Tommy. “I was trying to be the bigger man, but he was acting childish.” He added that after Kid came up and punched him, he “was ready to go in the alley and kick his ass. “I was about to put Kid in the emergency room when security grabbed me,” says Tommy. “They said, ‘If you move, we will break your arms.'”

Can this thing even be called a fight? Kid Rock has a cigar in his mouth the entire time. I’ve seen tougher fights at the petting zoo. And not even a real petting zoo. Just a bunch of stuffed animals I threw on the ground to entertain some babies. And how exactly was Tommy Lee planning on putting Kid Rock in the emergency room? Was it with the yelling or the walking away in shame? I usually just use punches, but maybe I’ll give his method a try.