Kid Rock and Tommy Lee are super mature

September 10th, 2007 // 104 Comments

Kid Rock and Tommy Lee (who have both been married to Pamela Anderson) got into a fight during the 2007 MTV Video Music Awards last night. Rap producer Rich Nice witnessed the incident and told the AP:

“It looked like Tommy Lee initiated it because Kid Rock was ignoring him. And Tommy Lee kind of antagonized him. And then when Tommy Lee stood up, it looked a little weird, like ‘Yo, what?’ When Tommy stands up is when Kid hit him the first time with a backhand and then Tommy Lee looked like he was trying to get at him to aggressively retaliate and then Kid Rock hits Tommy Lee again — bong.”

Tommy Lee told The Insider his version of the story:

“I was minding myself and then he goes and punches me on the cheek,” claims Tommy. “I was trying to be the bigger man, but he was acting childish.” He added that after Kid came up and punched him, he “was ready to go in the alley and kick his ass. “I was about to put Kid in the emergency room when security grabbed me,” says Tommy. “They said, ‘If you move, we will break your arms.’”

Can this thing even be called a fight? Kid Rock has a cigar in his mouth the entire time. I’ve seen tougher fights at the petting zoo. And not even a real petting zoo. Just a bunch of stuffed animals I threw on the ground to entertain some babies. And how exactly was Tommy Lee planning on putting Kid Rock in the emergency room? Was it with the yelling or the walking away in shame? I usually just use punches, but maybe I’ll give his method a try.


  1. Fifth Stooge

    That is just to absurd to be believed.

  2. xml

    First biatches

  3. I hate the ass clowns. They ruined my Pammy
    Daily hot chicks and retro-video-games

  4. that guy

    ha, youre not first you loser bitch!

  5. More proof that fame and money doesn’t automatically make you NOT a scumbag.


  6. UglyPeopleSafaris

    Theyre just fighting over the title of “w orst excuse of a muscian ever” give them a break…

  7. TS

    If Tommy had hit Kid in the head with his huge cock, kid would be in a hospital right now in coma….but no one would visit know..cause he would smell like Tommy Lee’s cock…..

  8. Noah

    Both are such has beens and white trash. I wish Pam would find a decent and normal guy.

  9. UglyPeopleSafaris

    That space in ‘worst’ was not an accident. I never make mistakes like that.

  10. Pam is a crack hoe. She used to be pretty. But these mothafuckaz are a joke.

  11. I could take either of these two….and I have severe palsey.

  12. Ashness

    Pam find a decent, normal guy? Nice pedestal you’re putting her on. She keeps dating/marrying white trash people because she’s white trash herself. As it will continue to be.

  13. p0nk

    the Special Olympics has boxing now?

  14. If in fact the Security Guards said that: They should be fired!

    That is about as unprofessional as you can get – imagine the lawsuit their company would be facing???????????

  15. Ted from LA

    I wish this would have gone on a bit longer, for example, until they beat each other to death. I heard Brittany sat on both of them until the police arrived.

  16. @13 p0nk they were trying out for the RInger II

  17. lola

    #15—-f*ckin hilarious!

  18. p0nk

    jimbo, i think you’re on target there. those two act like retards a lot better than they act like musicians.

  19. Not Surprised!!!

    Two Words..


    Grow-Up already.

  20. cocaKelli

    Tommy might have got the beatdown, but that fucker Kid Rock owes me $5 for his last album. Yeah, I bought it– at a pawnshop.

  21. jrzmommy

    i’ve always liked kid rock. i think he seems pretty nice. i feel soooo bad for pam. she deserves the world–a real gentleman. i always try to make myself look like pam. she’s a bit of an idol of mine.

  22. FightB4TheKiss

    Tommy Lee just wanted a kiss from the Kid. After all Navarro and Tommy touch tongues just to pass time. It not like Tommy was trying to kiss his dick. He was gonna wait till the 2nd date.

  23. jrzmommy


    What a sight this must have been…..two ugly, scabby white boys throwin’ down. Guh-rooo-some!


  24. BNN

    Video doesn’t come up for me.

  25. Radar

    They fight like liberals. The saps.

  26. AEB

    Goddamn it’s annoying that the videos aren’t accesible in Canada!

  27. big

    Shit like this really gets my blood boiling. i just want to reach out and punch all of you in the nose. Who wants to go frist?

  28. JaneaneTheAcerbicGoblin

    Kid Rock and Tommy Lee should be friends. They’ve both divorced Pam, so they can bond over that. I guess. I don’t know why Pam picks such assholes….

  29. AllThreeAreJerks

    …or why such assholes pick such a skank…

  30. tragic tweener

    Heard Brit was depressed about the outcome of her performance. Could a tragic suicide be next? That would make for one hell of a week. I love it when my week starts out super like this!

    By the way. Pam’s daddy wrecked her by the time she hit 9.

  31. Mike

    Or why why suck assholes and skanks pick each other. I would like for Pam to pick me though, so I could fuck her tits. Then let me get in between those long thick legs.

  32. Mike

    Let me try that again. Or why such assholes pick such skanks, and why such skanks pick such assholes. I would like for Pam to pick me though, so I could fuck her tits. Then let me get in between those long thick legs.

    Spelled correctly now.

  33. @31 What’s up Mike? You don’t want to drink her douche water?

  34. Mike

    Nah, not her. Might catch some of Tommy’s dick hair in my mouth. Or might get some cottage cheese in my mouth on accident.

  35. What happened to Veggi?

  36. Mike

    Hell if I know, she doesn’t talk to me anymore, must of thought I was super ugly. Oh well. What happened to FRIST?

  37. Not sure where the chickie is today. I talked to her on Friday

  38. Sounds like an easy way to get the media’s attention at the biggest show of the year

  39. lambman

    maybe there is a shortage of hepatitis medication….because we all know they both got it from Pam

  40. veggi

    I’m right here, you fuckin beer bellied limp micro-dicked losers.

  41. PrettyBaby

    Alright…. Give me some shots to prevent Hep C and various and sundry venereal diseases and I will go in and break the boys up!!!

    Remember– it’s all of our duties to make the peace.

    Sincerely, Sister Flower.

  42. PrettyBaby

    #4o psssst veggi, you can call them beer bellied, BUT as is proven by film and anecdotal evidence– these boys have themselves some large guns.

  43. p0nk

    40 & 42 who are you two talking about?
    veggi, i lost your email. still looking for a troll-free home.

  44. PrettyBaby

    Well I was talking about Tommy and Kid….. as for Mike and Jimbo and whomever else, their penis size is a mystery to me!
    Hi p0nk…

  45. Italian Stallion

    Suge Knight should have them both killed like Tu Pac and Biggie. The only problem is the shooters will get caught this time because they’re both white…………

  46. LadyJane


  47. PrettyBaby


  48. LadyJane

    hey there pretty baby, wanna smoosh boobs together?

  49. T

    And not even a real petting zoo. Just a bunch of stuffed animals I threw on the ground to entertain some babies. <——LOL

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