Kid Rock Yells ‘Fuck Colin Kaepernick’ Before Playing ‘Born Free’

“It’s like, the American flag is sacred, you know? You can’t just wear it around your neck like some sort of Redneck Johnny Depp.”
“Psst, Kid! Kid, your scarf. Aw goddammit…”

Kid Rock flies the Confederate flag at his concerts, and is Kid Rock, so of course the irony was lost on him when he yelled “Fuck Colin Kaepernick!” Saturday night before performing a song called “Born Free” in Boston, the goddamn heart of the Revolutionary War in which we fought Britain for the right to freely protest our soon-to-be-formed government. You either get how fucking stupid that is or you’re someone who hears words come out of Kid Rock’s mouth and goes, “Hmm, I should base a life decision on that.” In which case, please use of all the birth control. Just shove it all in there.

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