Kid Rock: ‘I Love Black People’

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Kid Rock received The Great Expectations Award on Sunday from the NAACP. I’ll pause here to let that sit for a moment. Continuing, I went to NAACP’s website to find out what this award is for and I couldn’t find any info on it. Maybe its because they’re not really interested in publicizing the fact that they gave this idiot an award, or maybe its the fact that I spend about 15 seconds looking for it, but according to a Billboard story there has been some controversy voiced by civil rights activists over giving him this award due to his use of the Confederate flag, of which he has been unapologetic. At any rate, while accepting the award he triumphantly stated:

I love America, I love Detroit and I love black people!

Yeah! See Everybody? He even posed with Star Jones to prove that he not only loves black people, but he also loves people who other people can barely tolerate at all! I’ll be honest, I’ve never liked Kid Rock, but how can I deny this champion of diversity. Its almost like he’s washed away the shame and embarrassment of a couple hundred years of enslavement and discrimination with a throw-away crowd pleasing line and a photo-op. I can finally say goodbye to white guilt and start calling black people my nig— wait, nevermind.

*note* Kid Rock did donate $100,000 to charities that benefit Detroit organizations and victims of the recent tornado disasters, so that’s commendable, but it doesn’t make up for his continued use of those hats.

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