Khloe Kardashian’s wedding scripted to the last detail

September 30th, 2009 // 62 Comments

While Khloe Kardashian’s hawking the OK! Magazine wedding issue on her blog, TMZ has audio that proves pretty much every single detail of her still-not-legally-binding marriage to Lamar Odom was entirely scripted by the producers of Keeping Up with the Kardashians:

Forget bridesmaids … Khloe Kardashian needed TV producers for her faux wedding. Listen to the walkie-talkie chatter behind the scenes, choreographing Khloe’s every move.
Everything was planned … even the moment when Khloe told Bruce Jenner she considered him her “real dad.”
The production was staged right down to the number of steps Khloe would backpedal before taking the plunge — about 10.

Of course, when using Sasquatch actors it’s best to be fully prepared so you can avoid such unfortunate instances as “Holy shit, it’s eating that baby!” And “Can someone bring me a new plate of chicken? This one has a Sasquatch on it.”


  1. Love, Kumdumpster style.

  2. haha two desperate jack asses, he for wanting a white chick on his arm and will do anything and her for wanting what a blk man earns, but u know what, she should take him for every penny he has and quickly pushes out a kid which will guarantee her ALL that she wants, HIS MONEY. Dumb asses

  3. ADRIANA***

    lol haters

  4. I heard that the wedding had to happen Sunday because of the show. That they went into it without a pre-nup. I’d side with the show wedding theory, and a real thing with a judge after they hammer out the paperwork.

  5. Imagine the smell and total tonnage of the alter from all those Fatdashians !

  6. Damn, what does she do, crab walk around? Where is the butt shot?

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  11. Friendly Note

    Why is everyone on here so mean? Im not a lover or hater of the show but have watched it and was wondering if the show was scripted and came to research on here and im surprised and disgusted to see how all of you can hate them without knowing them or any celebrity for that matter. So what if they’re doing it for attention, or the show’s fake, or Khloe got married to Lamar for whatever reason? Why does it matter so badly as to everyone wanting to cuss them out like this?

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