Khloe Kardashian wants to film herself masturbating

February 12th, 2010 // 67 Comments

Khloe Kardashian apparently understands the true meaning of Valentine’s Day. Via Amy Grindhouse:

Khloe said: “Like a solo sex tape, like masturbation.”
Her friend halted the idea of seeing Khloe diddle herself on camera, saying: “I am not going to video tape you, masturbating.”
Khloe responded: “It could be like this”, as she held out one hand like she was holding a camera and the other covering her eyes. She added, “You know, I kind of like the idea of a sexy little video. I could be naughty.”

Finally, documented evidence of the sasquatch masturbation process. Does it pick up an otter and go to town? Or simply position its hooch underneath a roaring waterfall and let gravity handle the rest? These are the questions that try men’s soul…

Photos: Splash News

  1. First!


  2. Second!


  3. Third?


  4. me

    If I’ve said it once, I’ve said it a thousand times…

    This country needs a good nuclear event.

  5. Fourth?


  6. HLM

    Ew. No. Really?!? Come on! Just…ick.

  7. LouR

    What is she going to do..fuck her face???

  8. Bill S

    These aren’t the questions that try men’s souls: watching Khloe diddle herself tries men’s EYES.

  9. FoxxyAaisha23

    the entire affair sounds unappetizing. potentially hilarious, but unappetizing just the same.

  10. Fuckaholic Whore

    Yes… yes… yes… As long as she doesn’t have the video plastered with black cocks. And not just itty-bitty peeks of her crotch- WIDE OPEN ASS and PUSSY w/lots of ass and pussy hair. Then, I might finally whack my WHOPPER.

    Again, not just milli-second peeks but long views of gaping bonghole and snatch.

  11. I live for masturbation and spend most of my waking hours either thinking about it, doing it or blogging about it. The thought of this beast going at it made my ever present chubby shrivel up and disappear like a frightened turtle back into it’s shell. I might have to refrain from jerking off this morning, unless I find a little gayness that restores my chubby.

    I am not gay by the way, I just like a little gayness when I jerk off.

  12. Hate

    yeah a giant whore that fucks huge black men. how sexy.

  13. Jen

    Jesus, do these girls have any shame? Not that I think any of us should be embarrased about masturbation, but to share your nasty amazon bits with the world, yuck! What would her parents think, or is it all for ratings for thier mindless, brain cell bursting, piece of shit show. Pathetic, these girls are horrible. She has now hit Heidi Montag level for me.

  14. Blank Man

    Please no… just no.

    And to the racists… kill yourself. Now.

  15. McNasty

    I just threw up in my mouth a little thinking about…….AAAACKK….spffftt…..hoooooooorrrrrrk……..

  16. stupidass

    well, she could give all the procedes to charity.

    “Khloe’s handjob for Haiti” video

  17. Does anybody really want to see this flappy roast beast labia-wich? Ook! Disgustamente!

    “Eat a bowl of fuck!” – John Belushi

  18. Brian0523

    Does anyone want to see this fatskank finger her fish with those sausage fingers? Bleeech!

  19. Rabbit

    Eeewwww! That would rate up there with seeing Monica Lewinsky masturbating!
    No Thanks!

  20. Sport

    Does she need Han Solo’s consent to take time away from the Millennium Falcon?

  21. ditavontease

    I would like to sit on her face and put my stinky twat on her nose and let loose a steaming pile of shit in her mouth.

  22. grobpilot

    “Pick up an otter”? That’s fucking funny.

  23. Ralphie

    After brushing the puke out of my mouth at the thought of this modern day Goliath double clicking her badger sized mouse, I threw up again.

  24. Mister Bored

    Great. Now even sasquatch wants a sex tape.

  25. Larry

    Quite clearly she is going to produce goony goo goos

  26. Nate

    No one wants to see a fatty masturbate. Give head sure, but shoving a 20 inch thick dildo up her bum? uh, no thanks.

  27. Dear 14

    It’s much more sporting to kill you! Moca Man. Man I bet you got one Hell of a weedy family tree, doncha?

  28. Is it possible for a masturbation vid to be a snuff film? If so, I’m all for it.

  29. joho777

    I’ve always thought that Lindsay Lohan and Tila Tequila were the maximum famewhores. With this, Khloe is suddenly gaining on Linds but Tila still leads by a dirty tongue tip.

    By the way, how is Lamar doing? How does he feel about his marriage now? And what is he getting Khloe for Valentine’s Day, a nuclear-powered dildo?

  30. cordell walker

    this whole family of attention whores will do anything to stay in the “news”.
    stop f-king posting about them! this fascination with irrelevant dbags is way worse than the paris hilton episode ever was, and should’ve died long ago.

  31. meee

    have any of you guys ever seen their show? khloe is constantly saying outlandish crap as a joke. i think it’s funny. people take her so seriously

  32. meee

    have any of you guys ever seen their show? khloe is constantly saying outlandish crap as a joke. i think it’s funny. people take her so seriously

  33. Stabby de Guard

    Thats an ugly bitch!

  34. chopper

    no thank you…..please.

  35. what is this ugly amazon even famous for? because her sister was in a sex tape? jesus fucking christ

  36. The Pope

    She looks like Chris Farley in drag in that first photo

  37. Boxy

    Can someone tell me where she got her boots? Those are fucking FIERCE!

  38. Han Solo

    CHEWIE!!! Where the fuck are you?! Why aren’t you manning the photon cannons!?! OH SHIT! Why are you masturbating mid-battle?!? I don’t want the last thing I ever see to be that larvae penis/vagina thing of yours squirting green oatmeal into your mouth! DAMN YOU CHEWIE!!!

  39. Jamie Lynn's Uterus

    Their father must be turning over in his grave. The 3 of them are just disgusting.

    Who would want to see this? I think her twat has teeth?

  40. slushi

    She’s going to get small pox from that indian blanket she stole. Maybe that’s a good thing.

  41. keith freeland

    I think a lot of people would buy a dvd of her masturbating.

  42. Andrew

    Call me dirty, but I’d watch that

  43. Diana

    Okay first of all yuck! Secondly I never knew there were so many racists all in one place. Wow… Must suck to be you

  44. I’ll take a peek.

  45. sam

    NO! Not the fat one! Anyone but the fat one!

  46. The Listener

    Probably wasn’t a good idea for her to mention that on camera. I saw a clip of her talking about doing that on her family’s reality show.

    Apparently she’s learned nothing after Kim’s sex tape was released. Or maybe she thinks she could have a video of herself “accidentally” released to the public and it would lead to bigger and better publicity.

  47. The Listener

    BTW I’d DEFINITELY watch a video of her masturbating herself. There’s nothing wrong with big girls as long as they’re pretty like Khloe.

  48. Perfect Double Tapered

    I’d rather watch Bruce.

  49. JonTx

    Wow, her Dad would be very proud of her I’m sure…… Is it possible for anyone to have less class????

    I’m not sure where the racists comments spring from, but Diane I don’t see what you’re talking about.. perhaps more of a fixation on racism on your part than anything else?!

    Anyway, she’s a total skank- hideous in every way. Why does her husband allow this? I thought he had more sense than this!!! But then again, he married the dysfunctional bitch…. he must have really high personal standards.

  50. TIKKA


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