UPDATE: Khloe Kardashian turns going to jail into fun for the whole family

July 18th, 2008 // 109 Comments

Khloe Kardashian reported to the Van Nuys Courthouse to begin serving her jail sentence for violating a probation agreement from her 2007 DUI. And, aww, look, she brought the whole family. Because getting O.J. off the hook wasn’t a big enough mockery of the legal system for the Kardashians.

At any rate, let’s start taking bids on when she gets out. Nicole Richie and Lindsay Lohan both served just north of 80 minutes, but Khloe’s not exactly that caliber of celebrity. However, she does require those giant space cuffs used on Chewbacca in Star Wars, so it’s anyone’s guess really.

EDIT: Added Kim on Jimmy Kimmel last night talking about Khloe’s legal predicament after the jump. Thanks to JMack. You’re a freakin’ knight.

UPDATE: Khloe’s out! Time served: 173 minutes, according to TMZ, which means she’s almost exactly 50% less popular than Nicole Richie and Lindsay Lohan while still 50% taller than most women, Sasquatches and NBA guards.

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  1. mike

    So sick of these so called celebrities getting off because they have money. They set a poor example and idiots actually look up to them.

    The whole family should go on a healthy food kick and shed off the excess weight!

  2. Mister T

    She’s fat, disgusting AND ugly. Runs in the family, apparently.

  3. Jeniffer

    She looks cute….Someone saw her profile with sexy photos on R I C H L O V I N G.C O M, a hot hook-up club for millionaires and celebrities. It seems the profile looks sincere and attractive. Is it real!? Lots of beautiful girls and lady are said to be there.

  4. mytwocents

    oh yes that is exactly what I would wear dropping my kid sister in JAIL


  5. Ter

    Khloe could be a hot model if she quit over eating like her fat mom and fat sisters. Khloe would also have to exercise regularly too too look hot. Too bad the fat ass family are all addicted to food and will never ever loose their excess fat.

  6. ButTheyAreFat

    These women are fugging fat. If having a big butt cuz the rest of you is huge is a cause for celebrity we must be in America. Where are her bikini pictures. I need some motivation to help me upchuck my lunch.

  7. kk

    Ohhh 5’10 not that tall i guess. Well why the hell is everyone else in Hwood a midget then!?!!?

  8. gugugu

    khloe makes kim look skinny!!!!!!!!

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