UPDATE: Khloe Kardashian turns going to jail into fun for the whole family

July 18th, 2008 // 109 Comments

Khloe Kardashian reported to the Van Nuys Courthouse to begin serving her jail sentence for violating a probation agreement from her 2007 DUI. And, aww, look, she brought the whole family. Because getting O.J. off the hook wasn’t a big enough mockery of the legal system for the Kardashians.

At any rate, let’s start taking bids on when she gets out. Nicole Richie and Lindsay Lohan both served just north of 80 minutes, but Khloe’s not exactly that caliber of celebrity. However, she does require those giant space cuffs used on Chewbacca in Star Wars, so it’s anyone’s guess really.

EDIT: Added Kim on Jimmy Kimmel last night talking about Khloe’s legal predicament after the jump. Thanks to JMack. You’re a freakin’ knight.

UPDATE: Khloe’s out! Time served: 173 minutes, according to TMZ, which means she’s almost exactly 50% less popular than Nicole Richie and Lindsay Lohan while still 50% taller than most women, Sasquatches and NBA guards.

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  1. retards

    Hey, all you George Bush retard cowboys (Americans): karma is a complex concept that is not synonymous with “comeuppance”. I’d try to make you understand its true meaning but I’m not a cruel man.

  2. rough daddy

    ofcourse she turn it into fun…she doesnt have to work a day in her life,,,so having a jail record wont make a difference,,,besides shell spend couple of hours and release…

  3. fattuesdays

    Great booty !!!!! That ass must look amazing on all fours !!!!! Someday you will come to my conclusion !!! No pun intended !!!!

  4. Ed

    It was the guards’ fault. Tomorrow they’re having their annual guard-prisoner football game and they didn’t want to get crippled.

  5. Jimmy Norton

    I’ll still tap that Ass no questions asked.

  6. fish sucks

    She dresses like a trailer park tramp and Kim is looking good

  7. Cindy

    Ok, I’m getting bummed out. We’ve got our perfect capper for the fat/nonfat endless debate, to carry over the entire weekend. Here’s Uma in a bikini looking like she’s about to recreate the classic scene in “Alien”:


  8. dirk dizzler

    She’s out already?!? I’m not even done jacking to these pictures yet…

  9. dirk dizzler

    Gah, I tried to salvage it but it’s gone. Half the fun was knowing she was doing cold hard time while I whipped up a storm. I shouldn’t have deleted those Jim Carrey pics.

  10. Rodeogirl

    See’s lovely..I’d play “Rodeo” with her..Id tell her i slept with her sister last night right as we get into a rhythm via doggie style ….then have her try to buck me off. She might be mad for a bit but we’d have fun that night.

  11. Is it me, or is that whole family just ugly?

  12. I hate Placer Co.

    I was treated like a celebrity when I had to turn myself into jail after my DUI… Less than an hour. I was expecting to stay longer but our jails and court systems suck in CA so I got off easy.

  13. Cali-man

    Wow! She’s either popular or the there’s really a two tier system in California.

  14. Roxy

    Well, Khloe’s not fat. But that outfit and those camera angles aren’t doing her any favors.

  15. Insatiable Peter

    She’s not worthy of wearing Chuck T’s.

  16. Oso Polar


  17. mindy

    Khole isnt fat…dont really know the bitch but she isnt fat..90 percent of America’s population (it seems) is fatter then this bitch i mean yeah shes taller and maybe a little broader in the shoulders more then her sister Kim..(and has a smaller ass) .but fat? come on people

  18. Racer X


  19. kitty

    just because “90 percent of America’s population” is bigger than her does not mean she’s not fat ( i use the term fat to mean overweight). Most of Americans are overweight and I bet her BMI is over 25. Not saying she’s disgusting but fat, overweight, yes.

  20. Dave

    I think she’s pretty and regular-sized. If she lost just a teeny bit of weight, she’d be the hottest of the the trio. Her eyes are gorgeous!

  21. Anda

    in the 8th photo u can see kim’s tummy…she’s gotten so fat :|

  22. Dave

    She isn’t fat nor overweight. You have to qualify. Jesus Christ, “fat” isn’t a matter of perspective. It’s of health and height.

  23. BigJim

    Khloe isn’t fat.

    Now Mary Kate Olsen – that bitch is fat.

  24. Why does everyone say ‘she’ with this dude? What, is he like a tranny and demands to be referred to as a ‘she’? What a loser…

  25. isitin

    What a friggin ugly family………………YUCK.

  26. I agree she’s not fat.

    She’s just plain old fashioned ugly.

  27. blink

    I personally feel for her… anyone who has been through the system knows that the nuances are hell, no matter how hard you try to adhere to them. I’m just saying (not at all to brag—- b/c (I never have and never would) as an ivy league grad (summa, no less), addiction strikes the best of us and we all make asinine decisions…. my problem today is not making a completely asinine decision that will result in me waking up in a bed that is not mine wondering who i had sex with (I usually don’t ask names– too embassed) and whether or not it was safe (I usually just scan the floor for condom rappers, or else get a $40 plan B pill, if available)…. which hates me hate both myself and men.

  28. HOAX

    Please all of this is such an act. Really did they have to call up the media and their personal paparazzi just so they can have some attention? I guess so since they are Attention Whores. And besides this is all a set up for Keeping Up With The Kardashians season 3….these folks need a life. They are so imbecel and disgusting. It makes me wonder the real reason in why Reggie Bush is really with Kim Kardashian. And I swear the Kardashian look up to the Hiltons…because everything the Hiltons do the Kardashian goes right behind them and do the exact same thing. smh

  29. really?

    Really? An Ivy League grad (“summa, no less”) who doesn’t check over a simple post? ‘Rappers’ are LL Cool J and Ludacris. ‘Wrappers’ are the little covers in which condoms are packaged.

  30. Somehow those fugly pants look even more horrifically repugnant on her than they do on pretty much every other woman that wears them. I think her mugshot came out okay.

    Is that a Tranny Elvis tagging along back there?

  31. Omnibacon

    Don’t they realize if the lock chewbacca up Han Solo is just gonna come bust him out…

  32. tasteless flash

    It’s so obvious that this is a complete publicity stunt, although it’s funny how people don’t really give a rat’s ass about the news like they did when Paris went to jail. Maybe she should of had a sex tape surface out of the blue like her unsavory sister did instead.Those 3 empty shells of a human being are poster children for what is fundamentally wrong with people today. They are repulsive publicity whores that built their reputation by acting like complete trash; hoever, they move through life thinking that they are good or respectable. No amount of fake hair, fake eye lashes, and designer garb can mask their inner ugliness and average looks. I can’t believe Bruce Jenner can honestly be proud of either one of them after achieving the goal he did with good old fashion hard work.

    As far as the fat debate going on about Chloe is pretty pointless. You can clearly see that she is carrying extra weight. So is her vacant soul sister Kim and dead stare sister Kourtney. Anyone that says otherwise is fat themselves and is trying to validate their own unhealthy appearance. Humans were designed to move but too many Americans are so fucking lazy and slovenly that it’s becoming the norm to call someone overweight the ideal size.

  33. cici

    I just found some of her photos on another rich men seeking fun site ?W e a l t h y L o v e s.com?, but my question is what she is doing with such a service. She wanna a rich men ? terrible.. ………………

    ……..for how long?

  35. joho777

    What an immensely ugly family!

  36. jaffo

    I mean seriously, when even Reggie Bush tells you to lose weight, it’s time to push the dessert tray away once in a while. What this pic doesn’t show is the cracks forming in the sidewalk as a thundering herd of Kardashian ass waddles accross the poor city street…

  37. jaffo

    Of course, on the positive side, donuts in the LA area were safe from Kardashian harm for a grand total of 173 minutes…

  38. Thomas

    You people post true and funny stuff!

    It’s the fat ass thunder thighs family!

  39. AJ


    Britt got chubby and Kim and her sisters are basically fat. We hate worthless attention media whores and also ones that do porn like fat 40 plus inches hips Kim. Some fat chicks stick up for Kim because they can relate to Kim’s fatness. Some guys with fat fetishes also post their love for Kim’s fatness. You will notice people here give praise to talented celebrities as well as put downs for worthless celebrities like fat ass Kim.

  40. Winston


    Her hips are bigger than Kim’s hips which means her ass is going to be bigger as well. You probably have a similar body type as Miss DUI. They are all fat bitches.

  41. Kat

    She’s totally making up for her overly pear big thighed figure. She’s got all that extra weight., cause she’s flat on top. Kim and her sister got the hourglass shape and natural big tits that she has to overcompensate for!!!

  42. TJ

    That bitch makes me so mad I want to grab an anchor baby by its ankles and fling it back over the border to Mexico where it belongs. grrrrrr

  43. dfsdfd

    6, Not that tall considering Kimberly is like 5’3 (probably shorter) and her other sister is supposedly 5’1 or 5’2.

  44. K

    It looks as if they were happy. I heard frome my friend she is hookde on caffein,it is reported by the site named”"Millionaire4me.com”"Is it true?I’ll go and see on the site.

  45. Jerry Stem

    Khloe’s about fat and disgusting. Thats why shes the only single one in the family. The whole family is pretty much a joke I don’t know why Jenner would associate himself with these d-bags. And for all thier kids, Congrats on being successful for doing NOTHING and just mooching off your parents.

  46. Jerry Stem

    Khloe’s about fat and disgusting. Thats why shes the only single one in the family. The whole family is pretty much a joke I don’t know why Jenner would associate himself with these d-bags. And for all thier kids, Congrats on being successful for doing NOTHING and just mooching off your parents.

  47. Jerry Stem

    Khloe’s about fat and disgusting. Thats why shes the only single one in the family. The whole family is pretty much a joke I don’t know why Jenner would associate himself with these d-bags. And for all thier kids, Congrats on being successful for doing NOTHING and just mooching off your parents.

  48. Goliano

    Khloe is 5’10, idiots!

  49. Stephanie

    Kim looks great in the white pantsuit. Generally white pants don’t look good on most people especially ones with wide hips like Kip.
    She’s got a great sense of style.

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