Khloe Kardashian ready to use her uterus as an ATM

January 7th, 2010 // 51 Comments

Because it’s important to start a retirement fund early, Khloe Kardashian has stopped taking birth control, according to Us Magazine:

When asked about becoming a mother on a Wednesday radio interview for 104.3 MY FM’s Valentine in the Morning, Khloe says, “I want to so badly! That’s a goal for me.” She then qualifies: “I’m 25. I’m not rushing it.”
But Khloe, recently married to Lamar Odom, quickly adds, “I’m also not doing anything to prevent it…I want to, we both want to, we’re in an ideal situation.”

Considering Lamar Odom’s smart enough to realize who he’s married to and made sure the house stays with him in a divorce, let’s assume he secretly got a vasectomy on the road. In fact, he probably just sat there listening to the interview quietly chuckling to himself until Khloe snatched him up in her Sasquatch paws and beat him into the wall for not letting her use his debit card.

Photos: Splash News

  1. JiggaJay


  2. hex

    lets hope for her sake her kid doesnt have her head…

  3. Tim

    Gee, she looks EXACTLY the same in these pictures as in the QuickTrim promo. Except, you know, swollen. And uglier.

  4. The Sabre Tooth Tiger

    I wouldn’t use her womb as a sarcophagus let alone let a human grow in it. She’s vile, Vile, Vile Vile Vile Vile
    Nasty . ..

  5. girl

    so much for PETA huh?!

  6. Luke Walton

    I dunno, Lamar’s been around Kobe for awhile, and Kobe’s favorite “happy ending” doesn’t produce children:

  7. Clem

    Not using birth control? Her face is birth control!

  8. gotmilk?

    jesus, that vest isn’t helping her to shed her wookie status.

  9. LB

    what do wookies use for birth controls?

  10. naturallinguist

    Does anyone else think that in pic 3 she looks a lot like a makeup-covered Rosie O’Donnell? Yeesh.

  11. Liz

    uh…nice fur vest. Loser.

  12. missywissy

    good call #11

  13. Noel Luria

    I can hear the pussy farts in NY

  14. Vinnie the Chin

    I thought Odom lost his balls when he played for the Heat.

  15. deeeenutttttt

    i mean what was Lamar thinking… She at best a Chuck Chick that got a sucker to want her…

  16. Please don’t let her reproduce… pretty please!!!

  17. DRENK

    she’s gonna use her uterus as an Ass To Mouth….?

  18. Sport

    Han Solo is sad to lose his sidekick.

  19. She like a cute chunky monkey… wait are monkeys cute.?

  20. Z-Jay

    I wonder if Lamar has shot a video of himself peeing on her. Kardashian’s seem to like that sort of stuff.

  21. yuki

    is that a fur vest or are those just her boobs hangin out?

  22. the brilliant lips attract me

  23. sharon H

    Is that a sasquatch hide she is wearing?????

  24. Burt

    Prime example of someone who’s famous because we are told she is.

  25. Khloe Kardashian, looks really gorgeous and beautiful, She looks natural, very well done lips and lovely dimples.

  26. Tanzarian

    Uterus an an ATM. I like that. Good!

  27. farty mcshitface

    she is a two bagger.

  28. medium rare

    Cross breading Kardashian w/ nigger…. God help us all.

  29. Grazie mille! Questo articolo, me lo faccia sapere un sacco di cose che prima non ho capito!

  30. how long do you think until the khloe kardashian sex tape comes out?

  31. chumlee

    gooney googoo

  32. Bleach @ 32 LMAO

    gooney googoo – perfect!! :D Hahahahahaha

  33. Nameless

    HAHAHAHA…that stupid vest is doing nothing to make her look LESS Wookie-like.

  34. Look! She’s dressed as the CAVE WOMAN she is!

  35. jiz

    Good-looking, sexy, shapely and I’ll bet she smells nice as hell, too. All the Kardashian women are hot, from Kris to Kendall.

  36. dude

    I rarely comment on these vapid chicks….however this thing is just ugly. I would never ever ever ever…………

  37. Brian0523

    This fat cow must hate having to live in her sisters shadow. Always being the ugly girl in the family.

    Bitch needs to get her fat face fixed. She’s one ugly pig.

  38. Duke Steele

    Holy Shit! She went from Girlzilla to a fucking Yeti.

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  40. john b

    She’s like the Stooge no one can remember, but she thinks she’s Moe. BTW, vaginal discharges of air are officially known as ‘queefs’.

  41. Which one is Beauty and which is the Beast?

  42. AmeriCanadian

    Scientists should take a sample of her DNA, I bet she has at least 50% Neanderthal DNA…then again, why am I insulting Neanderthals?

  43. RobininSC

    excuse me, Khloe using her uterus as an ATM machine? How sick..and hurtful..she’s wanting to have a baby for $ or to get more $? This girl is not desperate for MONEY! come on.. Why do you think Khloe is poor, broke, and destitute? she has her OWN money…No maybe not as much as Lamar Odom..But Hollywood, this site and other’s seem to forget Khloe didn’t have to marry a man for money…or to better herself..she cae from a fine family and her father, Robert made certain all of his children were provided for in his death. I don’t get all of the jealousy going on with the Kardashian sister’s. get over yourself..They are the HOTTEST girls on the scene and it’s eating everyone up! They do get paid..they work very, very , HARD and let me tell you, not 1 of them had to ever lift a finger if they didn’t want to. But they run 3 sucessful stores and manage a wealth of businesses
    lamar odom didn’t out Khloe on the MAP people she was HOT long before he came along..Her mother Kris married BRUCE JENNER..they are still married..Khloe found a man, feel in love can u not see it on her FACE???
    stop HATING and get your facts together–PLEASE

  44. Lamar Odom is probably overdrawn at the sperm bank already.

  45. Mel

    Why doesn’t she let her husband see his kids he has now???? I doubt she’s even met his kids, Kardashian trash!!

  46. celebritiesarefunnay

    If you take a glance you can see how her yeti fur is poking out of the sides of her shirt

  47. I love khloe. she z prettie.n hey in africa skiny z sickness!God bless khloe 4 me n al of u haters may u get a terrible skin disease.seriazly!

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  49. Agreed. It’s funny to me that the 2 of them can look so much alike, and yet Colin Farrell is still so much better looking.

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