Khloe Kardashian on fur: ‘I’m not a hypocrite’

After posing nude for a recent PETA campaign,pictures have been surfacing online of Khloe Kardashian’s prior love of fur. On her blog, she’s taken umbrage with such accounts and wants all of her five fans to know she’s been reformed:

The reason PETA approached me initially is because in my past I did wear fur and they wanted to educate me on the brutal ways in which animals are skinned for their pelts. After watching their video once, I was so horrified that I immediately swore off fur. The cruel treatment I saw had a great impact on me and I am deeply hurt that people are trying to criticize me for uneducated choices I made in my past that I now regret terribly.
I do know there are tons of photos where I am wearing fur pieces so this is to be expected, but I just wanted to let you know the real story behind my conscious decision and compassionate change of heart.
I have changed my ways and I hope that many other people will as well.

Khloe then added:

In the meantime, should I be seen wearing fur in the future, I hope you’ll understand that this is just me not having time for a full-body shave that day. I’m sure you ladies know where I’m coming from. Hey, we’re all human – except for me because my father banged a Yeti.

Kim’s sister.
(You know, that girl in that sex tape who get peed on? Yeah, her.)

I swear, she writes with the elegance of a modern-day Maya Angelou.

Photos: Khloe, WENN