Khloe Kardashian on fur: ‘I’m not a hypocrite’

December 18th, 2008 // 47 Comments

After posing nude for a recent PETA campaign,pictures have been surfacing online of Khloe Kardashian’s prior love of fur. On her blog, she’s taken umbrage with such accounts and wants all of her five fans to know she’s been reformed:

The reason PETA approached me initially is because in my past I did wear fur and they wanted to educate me on the brutal ways in which animals are skinned for their pelts. After watching their video once, I was so horrified that I immediately swore off fur. The cruel treatment I saw had a great impact on me and I am deeply hurt that people are trying to criticize me for uneducated choices I made in my past that I now regret terribly.
I do know there are tons of photos where I am wearing fur pieces so this is to be expected, but I just wanted to let you know the real story behind my conscious decision and compassionate change of heart.
I have changed my ways and I hope that many other people will as well.

Khloe then added:

In the meantime, should I be seen wearing fur in the future, I hope you’ll understand that this is just me not having time for a full-body shave that day. I’m sure you ladies know where I’m coming from. Hey, we’re all human – except for me because my father banged a Yeti.

Kim’s sister.
(You know, that girl in that sex tape who get peed on? Yeah, her.)

I swear, she writes with the elegance of a modern-day Maya Angelou.

Photos: Khloe, WENN

  1. menotyou

    Or maybe second!!!!

  2. menotyou

    Or maybe second!!!!

  3. margaret


  4. Khloe


  5. havoc

    Another Sasquatch sighting in Hollyweird.

    I honestly blame her pimp mom for raising a herd of asshats.


  6. Leila

    “they wanted to educate me” LOL, I stopped reading after that.

  7. Why would anyone ever care about this chick? Or anything she has to say?

  8. Massa'

    The Kardashian’s parents are complete failures. They raised a herd of deviants that will ultimately burn in hell. As said in John 3:14 “Thou Shalt not lay with Apes as thou would lay with humans…”

  9. blp

    She has bigger problems than PETA. For the rest of her life she’ll be introducing herself as “Khloe Kardashian, Kim’s sister. You know, that girl in that sex tape who get peed on? Yeah, her.” Good stuff Fish.

  10. Beth

    I feel kinda bad for her, actually. Trying on fur coats was probably the only time she didn’t overhear a sales person say “if she buys this we’re gonna hafta let it out”.

  11. Bickus Dickus

    The spook loving Kardashian whores are obviously trying to get back at their father for some reason. Maybe he molested them, or maybe he simply didn’t let them have “thirds” on their nightly helpings of dairy queen. So their rebelling by taking the porch monkey cock and infesting their skank slots with sickle cell juice and ape grease. Although this probably does annoy the father, who has undoubtedly disowned all these darkie do’ers, it also ruins any chance for these wretches of ever having a family. Because once you go black, the white man won’t take you back, and also because all black men abandon the women they impregnate mere days after conception…it’s in their DNA, just like commiting felonies and dressing like blind retards.

  12. yawn

    #11 – dude, you need new material.

  13. #8 & 11 are the same person who literally spends the entire day writing racial slurs in the comments for shock value. Feel free to comment on how awesome their life is.

  14. FRIST!!!

    I actually agree with #11

  15. And obviously #14. Same person. All day, everyday. Whee!

  16. Max

    I feel bad for her since everybody that hooks up with peta seems to have there career vanish.

  17. mus

    Why don’t they ban people that on post to say stupid stuff like first ! 1st or like this douchebag

    Or maybe second!!!!”

  18. Rob

    Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha….

    I have now determined that this fat hairy beast of a bitch is the perfect reoresentative for PETA 1) she’s a hairy beast, 2)she’s ignorant and 3) she’s a hypocrite. These are the traits that PETA expouses.

    Now I don’t feel so guilty about that baby seal skin coat I have on….mmmmm seal.

  19. Eric

    What’s the big deal? Obviously she knows somebody who’s amazing at Photoshop. The person could photoshop a different coat on those older pictures, and do the incredible-shrinking-blimp thing at the same time.

  20. The bottom line is she realizes the cruelty to animals with the fur trade and is now an active PETA spokesperson. I hope she continues with this worthly cause.

  21. Mia

    When a celebrity does humanitarian/animal rights work; I can no longer make fun of them.

  22. Khloe

    “Thank you for inviting me to speak here today. I used to wear fur, but PETA educated me about the fur industry and nowBRRRRRRAAAAAAAPPPPPPP!!! Oh, goodness, please excuse me! I think that veal I had for lunch was undercooked…”

  23. niptuck

    Honestly, what the hell?

    You know I really don’t give a shit about the whole family. If she wants to wear fur, let her. I have seen the videos, they suck, poor animals. I would still wear fur and my steak is better eaten when still bloody.

    #7– Yup
    #11–Ha Ha Ha

  24. BoogieWoogieBugleBoyOfCompanyB

    She should not be naked, nor advertising anything. She is nobody.

  25. LargelyGay

    btw, that was ultra corny, #22.

  26. Not a hypocrite, just a hippo…

  27. sixpack

    I must see this pee tape so my eyeballs may burn out of my skull.
    And I’m very bored.



  29. Rob

    @21, because we all know that ALL celebrities (seriously, is she?..for what) are always exactly how we see them…I’ll make fun of this fat bitch for ya.

  30. Pap Smear

    Who gives a shit, who gives a fuck, who gives a shit

  31. Grant

    Fuck PETA.

  32. dragon43078

    How come when Peta shows these “brutal killing tapes”, there are only 3 different ones? Most of the animals used for fur coats are not killed that way but the PETA scum don’t and won’t tell you that. Like it has already been said, PETA is a usless group run by has beens that will say and do anything to get media attention.
    The only thing they sponsor for animals is the Death vans for unwanted dogs and cats. They kill more dogs and cats than bored rednecks.

  33. Rach

    Maya Angelou isn’t dead or retired, you twit. She could only be a modern day version if the original wasn’t around.

  34. drag queen

    she looks totally 90s

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  36. boo to fur

    I hate to say it, but I’m on Kardashian’s side on this issue. Lots of people change their views once they’ve learned about the other side of the argument. You can’t hold someone’s past practices against them if they don’t practice them anymore.

  37. Jamie's Uterus

    Has someone ever pissed on Khloe and filmed it? That should be her next career move.

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  40. NOT?

  41. Kahlee

    Well fair enough, but peta should have probably done some pre-emptive damage control and said Khloe is a reformed fur wearer, instead of not saying anything making, and makig Khloe look like a retard/hypocrite.

  42. Fernanado Narcos

    I’ve senn that video.

    It just made me hungry for weasel burgers.

  43. Damnation

    One thing I don’t get about the anti fur brigade is when they throw paint over rich folks fur! The animals have already died making that coat but now the rich folk have a ruined fur coat and will need to go buy ANOTHER ONE!!! Now it’s not rocket science to know that they’re gonna have to have a few more minks killed to replace their ruined coat!!!

  44. No amount of surgery could make this research disaster attractive.

  45. SWEET! Check it out, The Kardashian sisters are hosting an event at LAX Nightclub in Las Vegas for New Year’s Eve. I know I’ll be there.

  46. I do not get anti-fur brigade about rich people when they throw paint on fur! Animals have already died that coat, but now has a rich folk waste fur coat and will need to buy another one to go! Now this is rocket science to know that they do something more instead of wasting your coat is minks are killed is not

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