Khloe Kardashian & Lamar Odom just doomed their fake marriage

October 27th, 2009 // 47 Comments

As if the nearly month-long pre-nup negotiations weren’t enough of a bad omen, Khloe Kardashian and Lamar Odom decided to piss in the face of fate and get their initials tattooed on each other because that’s not bad luck or anything. In the meantime, I’m assuming Khloe posted the pics on her blog because she has friends in the divorce pool for this train wreck and wanted to protect her cut. Clever wildebeest girl…

NOTE: Kudos to commenter saralee for pointing out the pack of Hostess Cakes next to Khloe’s hand in case anyone needed “proof of life” these were legit.


  1. saralee

    i like how there’s a package of hostess cake behind khloe’s hand

  2. me

    haha, his tat says KO

    guess, that’s playing it safe, he can always say it stands for Knock Out…

    and she can always add another L


  3. Ricor


  4. beth

    lucky for her she can convert it into love

  5. Photoshop Police

    Don’t you think it odd that any african american would tattoo any number of K’s on any part of his body?

    • dawn

      shut up racist, why don’t you people tattoo some damn color in your skin, I mean I’m so sick of your pale white skin its disgusting you people look like the chicken you know before you cook it…lol you punks always have something racist to type, and stop burning your white skin in the sun just inject some color and it will last forever and the world will be a better, prettier place…kkk your’e a special case

  6. Inmate #2648927

    Just add S-E-R and it’s perfect.

  7. havoc



  8. aMY hULBURT


  9. They can now be known as LoKo (crazy)

  10. LO KO (ie LOCO) LOL

  11. Saralee's awesome

    OMG saralee I didn’t notice the Hostess Cakes until your comment. That is awesome.

    Also, I wonder what Khloe will have the tattoo turned into once they get divorced. Any guesses?

  12. Kenneth


    I recommend they both go to college.

    Their money would be better spent on an education rather than these stupid tatoos.

  13. I dunno – they seem like the real deal. I hope they make it. Hostess Cakes – perfect.

  14. Isn’t her full name Khloe Kimberly Kardashian? If so, shouldn’t Lamar have gotten KKK tattooed on his hand??

  15. lolllll @ the Hostess in the background.. great catch ;))) adding this to my site now

  16. JADE

    Don’t they know the first rule of tatoos ” NO NAMES OR INITIALS” idiots.

  17. timbo

    Lamar eats a ton of candy during the season and trainers are worried about his diet. Thats all fine because I’m sure he burns off the calories.

    Since couples usually eat similar meals, I’m looking forward to KO double fisting some Milky Way bars while sitting courtside. How huge is she going to look while attending a Lakers/San Antonio game and sitting near Eva Longoria?

  18. Aunt Jemima

    #2 His tatoo was supposed to be koon but they ran out of time and had to cut it short.

  19. Otto

    It’s Khloe Alexandra Kardashian apparently.
    What I would do for it to be KKK though. That would make my day. At least today.

  20. stfu

    why do so many people misspell the word “tattoo”?

    you can’t make fun of someone if you don’t spell things properly, learn how to internet you noobs.

  21. Beepbeep.

    Could you imagine the conversation leading up to this?

    Lamar: Hunny, let’s get tattoos.
    Khloe: And then get some Big Macs!
    Lamar: Focus, Khleo, focus. I was thinking… instead of our full names, we could just put initials down. That way, if we ever get a divoce (Khleo nods excitedly) then we can just add a few letters and have whole new words to forget about the dumbfuck idea for tattoos on a relationship we were too stupid to realize would end anyway!
    Khloe: Okay Lay-lay, =) Now let’s get some Big Macs!

  22. kim k

    Yeah, when they get a deeevorce (next month maybe) she can change her LO to LOVE PIE!

  23. @ 11 – “I wonder what Khloe will have the tattoo turned into once they get divorced. Any guesses?”

    A 64 oz. cup holder?

    @ 21 BB – “Khleo”, yeah, he forgot her name already.

  24. Randal(l)

    those arent the finished tattoos. Lamar was going to get each others pet names



  25. myohmy

    My first thought was TKO and LONELY…

  26. natalie

    Lamar should make his into Kobe for Bryant or Beef, but the beef would probably remind him too much of Khloe…

  27. johnny

    she’s an assclown who wants to famous like her sister, won’t happen, she not pretty enough.

  28. dipshit

    Yes, they are idiots and I know none of this matters…

    Just a semi-serious social comment though. Do ya’ll realize that as little as 20 years ago, when tattooing was just gaining mainstream popularity, no western artist would apply a tattoo below a clients wrist or above the collar? Not even sailors wore tats in those areas. Only criminals did such things.

    There are really no standards left today. We are doomed.

  29. JackSpratling

    Oh please, all you need is access to Wikipedia and you’ll see what this is all about:

    There is also a widespread practice among many pimps of tattooing prostitutes as a mark of “ownership.”[5] The tattoo will often be the pimp’s street or even his likeness. The mark might be as discreet as ankle tattoo, or blatant as a neck tattoo, or large scale font across the prostitute’s lower back, thigh, chest, or buttocks.[6] The tattoos act doubly as a mark of ownership to other men and as a means to humiliate and dehumanize their prostitutes. If a prostitute comes under the domain of another pimp, the previous pimp’s tattoo might either be removed or simply crossed out and replaced with her new pimp’s name

  30. Jamie Lynn's Uterus

    Disgusting on so many levels.

  31. KMC

    “Proof of life”


  32. Palmtree

    Cheesiest thing I’ve seen ever.

  33. If they get a divorce lamar could always just add “BE” since that’s who his real lover is especially in the shower with Zen master Phil Jackson giving pointers.

  34. Deb

    Hostess cakes! Ahahahahahaha…

  35. Dre'

    Seriously, there is a reason when you get a black and white cookie the colors do not mix…..Prime example…..sickening.

    Yet you light skined women keep falling for it…..and I do mean falling….I am black.

  36. “piss in the face of fate”


  37. Dre'

    here is my pic:

    me and L.O. could pass for Cuz’s…..

  38. Really awesome tattoos.. I like the concept. Tattoos are really looking cool . Thanks for sharing.

  39. Darth

    These lil tattoos are removable in minutes.Since it’s really,really real love how about a really big tattoo?!

  40. Pazuzu


  41. Galtacticus

    Her tattoo looks fake!

  42. Nero

    That tattoo is like the signature on a bank card.He’s like an ATM to her.

  43. Yes, they are stupid and I do not know any of this matter …

    Although only semi serious social commentary. Do ya’ll realize that as little as 20 years ago when tattooing was the only mainstream, gaining popularity, some artists collar up or down a western customers will apply a wrist tattoo? Tats not the sailors wore in those areas. Only criminals have such things.

    There really are no standards left today. We are doomed.

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