Khloe Kardashian & Lamar Odom agree on a pre-nup

October 19th, 2009 // 79 Comments

Khloe Kardashian and Lamar Odom have reached an agreement on a pre-nup and will make their marriage official this week, according to TMZ:

We know Lamar and Khloe have orally agreed, but the deal is not yet inked. It’s basically the same structure as we first reported when they began negotiating. Lamar’s $33 million — which he stands to make during his 4-year contract with the Lakers — is out of bounds for Khloe. But Lamar will fund the joint account, and Khloe can do considerable damage with that.
Again, as we reported, Khloe will get an annual lump sum, which will not go up or down throughout the marriage.
We also know during the negotiations Khloe (with the help of her mom, Kris) got Lamar to agree to buy a nice, expensive house for both of them that will probably cost $5 million minimum.

RadarOnline has details on some of the demands Khloe was making and naturally it reads like a gold-digger’s shopping list:

A flat sum of about $500,000 for every year they were married, $25,000 a month in general support, their new house, a new luxury vehicle at the end of every lease cycle, $5,000 a month for shopping, $1,000 for beauty care, AND courtside Lakers tickets for everyone in her family.

For those of you questioning the $1,000/month in beauty care, it’s actually pretty expensive to wax an entire Wookiee every week. Factor in the occasional mauling and it adds up, so I’m going to let Khloe slide on this one because let it never be said I’m not a kind and understanding individual.

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  1. Scooter

    You’ve gotta be shitting me. Those terms are insane. For the $500k a year, dude could have a veritable heirem of high class prostitutes at his disposal. None of whom I remind you would necessarily have to be there to annoy you in the morning, or in any other capacity other than why you employ them.

    Simply put, rather than renting, Lamar decided to buy. Seems crazy enough wnen I read those terms, but then when I consider that what he bought was actually a some spoiled sasquach lookin bitch with no talent whatsoever….well, it just boggles the mind.

  2. When he and Reggie Bush greet each other do they say their full names and what college they went to ?

  3. Prattle

    I cannot stand his wonky smile.

    Crooked face is not sexy.

  4. I do not understand why so many people on here think she is fat and ugly.. She’s clearly in good shape and she’s not ugly, she’s at least average and not so unattractive that she warrants being called a sasquatch. She’s 5’9 so of course she looks bigger than her short sisters.

  5. Andrea Cossu

    1000 wouldnt even be a down payment toward the week;y bikini wax. Khloe needs more money for the beauty care especially since it would be the most easily justifiable.

  6. Elle

    Compared to her sisters who are like 5’3″ she looks huge, but she is like 5’9″. It seems her mother was very much involved in this negotiation, hey they are two consenting adults and know what they are getting into. Good luck to them both. The Laker tickets for the whole family made me laugh though.

  7. kingofbeer

    He’s getting ripped off….

  8. IMHO

    I cannot believe the sense of entitlement she has. They both have more than enough money. The last I heard, getting paid to maintain a house is a job called maid, not wife. Getting paid for sex is prostitution. Etc… You marry someone to enhance your life, not your bank account. She should, in reality, claim her true title as ‘personal assistant w/ benefits’. O.K. I’m done :-) I just hope the guy snaps out of it before she decides a baby = big bucks…

  9. Good thing he signed a prenup, but 500k per year and then some? The guy will only make 33 million for 5 years, when that’s up I don’t think he’ll be able to sign another contract worth that much since he’ll be past his prime, he’s 34 now not sure when the contract ends. Way too much spending for getting the crap Kardashian of the bunch.

  10. Bosco

    Brother’s paying money to sleep with the white devil……nigga please…..

  11. Not going to write a witty comment… too busy still laughing at “for every year they are married”….

  12. uncle scrooge

    Khloe will fund the ‘joint account’? How the fuch does that work? What the hell income does a street whore have after her pimp takes his cut?

    Lamar: “Khloe, dear, I deposited my check and also put in my quarter million into the shared account. Did you put in your $50 for the month?”

    What a moron. When the divorce happens, what if it’s his decision? What did Khloe sign off on? 200 lbs. of wookie fur?

  13. She shouldn’t get anything because it not hers to begin with!! Prenup should be protecting all that is his! She works and has a job!

  14. $1,000 a year on beauty upkeep is NOTHING! That can’t even cover hair maintenance, let alone waxing, nails, skin care, and in a few years, Botox.

    She got ripped off on that one.

  15. what-the-fuck-apolooza


    So she gets over $72,000 per month… just for being married? What the fuck kind of “marriage” is that?

    Pretty sure you can arrange weekly orgies on a rocket ship on that kind of budget… just sayin’.

  16. obvinot

    Exhibit 45,315,545 that all women are money grubbing whores. What a nice lesson for all the little pre-whores out there… no need to study/work hard, just fuck a man who has & you become entitled to his shit…. whores.

  17. AmericanWhiteTrash

    What else do you people expect? This is normal. Most people from the land of fruits and nuts are just that. Fruits and nuts. A marriage is not about life long commitment or love there. It’s about publicity for attention whores. 2-5 years is probably the average life span of marriage of these so called “celebs” people like to worship. The world’s concentration of flakes are in California.

  18. his shit…. whores.

  19. MUM

    What a whore! That’s it…she’s paid for…a whore.

  20. lol…i actually like them as a couple

  21. Hitesh

    I find it intriguing as to how many people have actually commented on this article. It just goes to show how useless so many of us (me included) have become in society. No time to work, but plenty of time to read and comment on another Hollywood couple agreeing to a pre-nup.

  22. ahhahahha

    wow , she sounds like a gold digger. Seriously, I thought this was true love ? She shouldnt even ask for that much. Come on, 500k a fucking year ? and 25,000 a month ? doesn’t she make her own money. I feel sorry for lamar. I think they just got married for the pubilicity. Lamar must be stupid to agree on that. shoot. He’s gonna be a broke ass brother when they get divorce.

  23. Summer

    Lamar, you could do better and why would agree to pay her so much money?

    This marraige is a joke and it will last for a short time and she ends up with a screaming deal. $$$$$$$$$$

  24. Summer

    Lamar, you could do better and why would agree to pay her so much money?

    This marraige is a joke and it will last for a short time and she ends up with a screaming deal. $$$$$$$$$$

  25. Lamar Lamar Lamar wake up before it is too late!! Why the ugliest bitch of all!! Plz run before it’s too late you can have any babe u want and u choose a beast!! I see no good coming out of any of this!!

  26. #53- u call it a crooked face i call it a smashed in face all the same still comes out to ugly bitch!!!!!!!!!!!

  27. dash #1 fan
    Commented on this photo:

    Love, Love, Love!!! Absolutely stunning.omg!!! Wow,it’s so blinged out, yet it’s not over the top. Totally love it, you’re a legend!

  28. KimD.
    Commented on this photo:

    I love you Kim I love your name well my names Kimberly too.Love your show I hope to meet you some day :).

  29. Bonbon
    Commented on this photo:

    Hi doll, I am so impressed by your business savvy…n ur desire to achieve your dreams… Remember: the sky isn’t the limit…coz there r footsteps on the moon. Mwah

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