Khloe Kardashian & Lamar Odom agree on a pre-nup

October 19th, 2009 // 79 Comments

Khloe Kardashian and Lamar Odom have reached an agreement on a pre-nup and will make their marriage official this week, according to TMZ:

We know Lamar and Khloe have orally agreed, but the deal is not yet inked. It’s basically the same structure as we first reported when they began negotiating. Lamar’s $33 million — which he stands to make during his 4-year contract with the Lakers — is out of bounds for Khloe. But Lamar will fund the joint account, and Khloe can do considerable damage with that.
Again, as we reported, Khloe will get an annual lump sum, which will not go up or down throughout the marriage.
We also know during the negotiations Khloe (with the help of her mom, Kris) got Lamar to agree to buy a nice, expensive house for both of them that will probably cost $5 million minimum.

RadarOnline has details on some of the demands Khloe was making and naturally it reads like a gold-digger’s shopping list:

A flat sum of about $500,000 for every year they were married, $25,000 a month in general support, their new house, a new luxury vehicle at the end of every lease cycle, $5,000 a month for shopping, $1,000 for beauty care, AND courtside Lakers tickets for everyone in her family.

For those of you questioning the $1,000/month in beauty care, it’s actually pretty expensive to wax an entire Wookiee every week. Factor in the occasional mauling and it adds up, so I’m going to let Khloe slide on this one because let it never be said I’m not a kind and understanding individual.

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  1. andy

    yay now stop posting about her

  2. first

    FIRST! wooot

  3. Quatchy

    She was opposed to all the sasquatch and mugwamp references.

    I also heard that he was not going for her ‘proactive’ approach for their wedded bliss: she wanted ‘sex three times per week’ written in there. Smartly, he opposed.

  4. Max Planck


    He is a lot smarter than he looks.

  5. Jace

    That’s not a marriage…it’s a contract negotiation, like she’s signing up for a new TV show or something. What a gold-digging bitch. I mean if she was hot, I might be able to understand why a guy would even entertain such an absurdity. That said, evidently Chewbacca’s daughter must give one helluva BJ…

  6. Bob Smith


  7. obvinot

    It’s nice to see what a worthless whore’s “time” is worth. Seriously, how fucked is it that a marriage contract is like signing with a pro team. Way to set a good example for young “pre-whores”. Don’t bother working hard and studying for a good education, simply whore yourself to some man who actually made something of himself. I mean, why earn when you can whore? Am I right or am I right? Sorry mom & sis, seems like you ALL may actually be whores.

  8. Bob Smith

    correction – IT is Khloe Kardashian… “Khloe” just sounds like some sort of bear/large animal

  9. Steve

    Congratulations to the happy couple!

    It looks like they found true love at last!


  10. TS

    Lamar- What the fuck are you doing? You are bringing this entire family of nimrods front row for every Lakers home game? Nothing good can come from that and if the Lakers choke this year I am holding you personally responsible. Why would you ever marry this chick anyways? You’re no stunner but you could certainly do way better.

  11. Inmate #2648927

    That’s a awful lot of cash for a hump and dump.

  12. Randal(l)

    I hope Lamar was smart enough to include a “Pulls your arms out of your sockets when she loses” annulment clause for the inevitable arm yanking that ends his career.


  13. Jesus Juice

    If that’s what $1000 a month gets you for beauty care…

    You need to shop that around I think.

  14. sin

    What a way to prove you are a skank. Show up in public in a n outfit that shows you are not wearing any underwear. Total trash.

  15. Sport

    What a joke.
    Over under is 14 months – and I will take the UNDER.

  16. sin

    Black men just have to get the white women. Well, if you consider it a woman and not a sasquatch.

  17. alex

    #10 just perfectly summed up this whole shennanigan

  18. Robert Acquafresca

    Wny merry the Yeti when you can have the piss taking poo eating white trailer trash girl at home for free. I mean this has to be the dumbest decision ever made by a black man. I mean he was gifted with height and talent to be used to play ball for millions. Despite this ability its a shame that absent a payoff, no woman would marry you because you are butt ugly. Therefore you have to pay a trashy white girl who already likes black dick to marry you. Its like having to pay an Italian to eat pizza.

    I guess Lamar must have sold the rights to the pictures of the first born to Alien Weekly for more then the entire deal. Cant make money without spending it right Lamar?

  19. SqwermanBerman

    As smart as she seems, she’d be better off getting knocked up, popping out a little Lamar and would be set for life… Somewhat similar to the premise of that tv show Accidently on Purpose

  20. I’m surprised anyone married Khloe let alone a Laker. Then the biatch has to act like money is more important than love. He obviously wasn’t worried about sharing his wealth, but for a good reason was concerned about what she would try to take if they split.

  21. timbo

    This contract just proves that she has no talent or income coming in. Everything that I have read is about Lamar giving her things. Why would she need an allowance if she had money?

    He should have hooked up with someone with their own coin.

  22. She's a gold digger

    She’s to receive HALF A MILLION lump sump payment for every year they are married, PLUS $300,000 a year in spousal support? You gotta be fucking kidding. She better give the best head on the planet, plus give in to EVERY one of his perverted fantasies for that amount of money. No pussy is worth $300,000 per year + HALF A FUCKING MILLION for each year they’re married.

    Lamar, run for your life. You can get a bride from the orient who will love you for real, and you won’t have to put up with her demands like this gold digging twat…

  23. Dude of Dudes

    #7 – Im starting to see the attraction to Islam here. Well played.

    #15 – Id like some of that action.

    #18 – Awesome analogy. Really, superb. “Like paying an Italian to eat pizza”. This is pure comedy gold.

    #19 – My eyeballs and brain have filed suit against you for the mental image you imposed on them through your horrible narrative involving copulation and birth between the wookie and Lamar. I’ll be her snatch looks like the most awesomest black forest outside of Germany. Damnit, I did it to myself..

  24. Puke

    She is a BEAST. She will need to spend every bit of the 500/K a year on beauty.

  25. Anon

    Wow….their prenup reads like a lease agreement. Odom just leased himself a white girl…NICE!

    I wonder if he gets to piss on her occasionally like Ray J did to Kim.

  26. Gerry

    Finally, our long national nightmare is over!

  27. F*ckRandal

    I don’t understand how this is not prostitution…If a crack-ho asks for $20 to blow you she gets jailed and you get The Herps. Khloe asks for millions in exchange for what we can all hope will be amazing full body wookie rubs and everything is cool?

    How is this legal and not prostitution? I am curious to hear what women think on this…the way I see it, shit like this does for women what the Gay Pride parade does for The Gays and the Puerto Rican pride parade does for those sharpie lovers…it sets em back decades.

    And in the hopes that Khloe is reading this, I am gonna put it in words she can understand best:

    “Aaaaaarrrrr rhhhnnn gggggrrrrr”

  28. gotmilk?

    this is as absurd as it gets. and it sounds more like a business transaction. these two should be really embarrassed that this is all out in the open. but again, they want it that way.

  29. kerri

    who exactly does she think she is????? i am embarrassed for them both – wow.

  30. havoc

    #27 does make a good point. Their mom IS a pimp and been selling their asses for a few years now…..

  31. Jose Canseco

    Pre-nup or not – that is HIS money. What happens if Lamar has a career-ending injury!?!?!? It is a bad deal all around. The Kardasins are cashing in on all the dumb rich people

  32. you sad silly Americans actually give shit about this stuff?
    hahaha you say you dont and “who cares?” but you taking the time to post “who cares?” lol you Americans crack me up.
    more of your G.I.’s die everyday, financial system is BROKE, dollar is dropping in worth and your President is a celebrity and this is what you looking at all day.
    sad. pathetic. keep pretending everythings ok go to your malls soon you are nothing

    ps: she doesnt look that bad in these

  33. F*ckRandal

    @32 “ps: she doesnt look that bad in these”

    See that right there automatically discounts whatever it is you said. After all, we Americans are a lot of things, but at least we are protective of the retards and just ignore them and nod…or execute them if its Alabama.

  34. TheMuffinMan

    Talk about a fucking gold digger,
    She has her show, and her family reality show. She own a third of the store she works in. Her dad make a killing off OJ. Lamar should said, bitch you got your own money, you’re not getting any of mine.

    I wonder what the hell she is putting in the table for all that pampering and wallet milking.

    @16 on what planet are the KARDASHIAN’s white.

  35. LOLWUT

    @32 Go fuck yourself. Your commenting about Americans’ obsessing over celebrities ON A CELEBRITY GOSSIP SITE. You dumb fuck. I’m with #33 your “She dosent look that bad in these” comment discounts any of the shit you just said.

    Name me one country that dosent have a mired of problems of its own.

  36. big teeth

    It’s nice to see that even a shaved sasquatch can find love in Obama’s America..

  37. Christina

    On the one hand, it’s his money. On the other, what the fuck kind of idiot would agree to this kind of thing, regardless of the people? I mean, Odom sure as hell isn’t much to look at so I guess he’s settling a bit but DAMN. Half a million a year PLUS more? What the fuck? This just makes no sense at all. Plus, what kind of woman would WANT to be married to someone who agrees to such a stupid contract/pre-nup? It’s not like he’s even a hot NBA player…. he sure as hell is no Chris Paul or Dwight Howard.

  38. Hfire3

    “A flat sum of about $500,000 for every year they were married, $25,000 a month in general support, their new house, a new luxury vehicle at the end of every lease cycle, $5,000 a month for shopping, $1,000 for beauty care, AND courtside Lakers tickets for everyone in her family.” If I were Lamar’s lawyer, I would laugh so hard that I would piss myself. Then….just to be lawyerly….I would counter with, “How ’bout Lamar gets everything and you get this $10 gift certificate to Denny’s.”

  39. Do FreeBird

    two words cover Lamars’ smile

    Elvis Lives

    And the Kardasian chick is NASTY!

  40. Thats true love right there!

  41. Lloyd Johnson

    This is why they should let the players do drugs during the off season. Too much time on their hands.

  42. I wouldn’t waste my nut on her if she were on fire and that’s all I had to put it out..
    That shit sounds too ridiculous to be true.

  43. Darth

    He got his hunny and she got finally his money.

  44. Rhialto

    Due to her enormous size she probably has been teased a lot in the past by her sisters.But finally she’s now the most richest of them. . .

  45. Nero

    What a lill competition can do!

  46. Amy

    #27: You wanted a woman’s perspective and I am here to give it. Nothing in this world would make me feel cheaper than to sign a prenup. I understand signing one ONLY when it deals with land/inheritance from family (such as land that has been passed down the generations as in my situation). Even still, I did not make my husband sign a prenup (and I’m a lawyer) because…GASP…I GOT TO KNOW HIM. I know it’s insane, but it is possible to date for X number of years and then marry once you know the other person. I know that no matter what happens, he will never try to take something that is inherently mine and I would never take something given to him before the marriage.

    Anyway, yes, prenups are generally bad. Feels almost like a dowry or something…like you’re buying cattle. I think marriage has become more of a contract than it was originally supposed to be…and why I think people trust the institution less and less.

  47. Danklin24

    Does this tool always have the same expression on his face? That half crooked smile shit is bugging the hell outta me.

  48. Danklin24

    #45 that was the gayest thing ive ever heard.

  49. Superbiggerevil

    @ 22.

    He fucking married a Prada-wearing Sasquatch! You really think he’s smart enough to run away at this point?

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