Khloe Kardashian sentenced to jail, not too worried about it

July 14th, 2008 // 71 Comments

Khloe Kardashian (Swamp Thing above who should avoid being photographed next to Kourtney) apparently was picked up for DUI last year but managed to keep it out of the press. That is until she decided not to do any of her community service or enroll in alcohol education classes. Wow, that plan had everything. Khloe’s stupidity has landed her three days in jail starting no later than Friday and, not surprisingly, she couldn’t care less. People reports:

Over the weekend, Kardashian showed no obvious signs of worry about her upcoming jail term, as she attended a party at the Project Beach House in Malibu with her mother and sister Kourtney.
“Khloe actually looked great, really relaxed and having a good time,” says a partygoer at Sunday’s Lia Sophia Clambake. “[She] didn’t look like she had a care in the world and even got a massage.”

All Khloe had to do was pick up some trash along the highway and watch a video about the dangers of drunk driving. Of course, that’d probably be harder than the five minutes she’ll spend in jail. Provided she even makes it that far. Khloe’s sentence was already reduced from 30 days to three days within a matter of hours, so I imagine by tomorrow she’ll get a Bath & Body Works gift basket from the sheriff’s department with a note reading: “You be a good girl now.” If I actually paid my taxes, this is the sort of thing that would cause me to drink – then inevitably drive because, shit, they’re giving out hand soap!


  1. Hez

    Nice feet. Gypsies are dirty.

  2. Spongebob Gangsta

    Well if it isn’t Hank “Kim” Henshaw and Bizarro-Kim!!

  3. blp

    Is that all you get for drink driving? That’s a disgrace!

  4. veggi

    The toilets in their house take a lot of punishment.

  5. randimae

    She looks like she has severe acromegaly.

  6. asfd

    please lock away all of the Kardashian’s and throw away the key…. especially Kim… they’re all sad excuses for human beings.

  7. Alicia

    Hey… how many pairs of sunglasses does Kourtney need – she has a pair on her head and a pair in hands – the sun must always be shining if you are a Kardashian! :)

  8. Bed Bath & Beyonce

    Let me get in before all of you fools tear her apart. This woman is thick, voluptuous and hot. I’d hit it 7 days a week (and twice on Sunday!

  9. Holy Shit! That thing is scary!

  10. kardashittian

    Stupid, corpulent, cottage-cheesy, lazy-ass ugly bitch – YOU SUCK ASS, TANK!

  11. Rachel

    It wasn’t exactly ‘out of the press’ considering her arrest aired on an episode of Keeping up with the Kardashians.

  12. veggi

    @5- hi! I’m here today, so maybe you could troll someone else, mmmk??

    What’s the show about? Stuffing yourself with donuts and pole dance lessons? How on earth do you “keep up” with them??

  13. AJ

    They are all a bunch of spoiled rich kids that feel the law does not apply to them. Kim and her sisters deserve to be fat and addicted to food. The body does not lie and their fat bodies say, “I’m addicted to food!” Both their hair is long and stringy thin looking.

  14. freshlife

    # 5 – LOL

  15. dork

    5 is 15

  16. Crisphy Nanos

    Wow, I’m surprised that swingset could take that kind of abuse from that gargantuan yeti. It definitely had to be reinforced to endure the torture of that two ton sand trollip, Gossimer, and her beastly half-dog, half Arab swine sidekick Kuato.

    I hope that Gossimer is forced to wash that sand pit she call a vag, when she gets thrown in the klink.

    Stupid filthy Armenian trash. Go read your Koran with a carrot up your tank ass.

  17. havoc

    I feel sorry for her.

    Christ, even the mom is better looking.


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  19. veggi

    7 is 5 is 12 is 43 is 64. I am ALL. I am EVERYWHERE! I AM veggis favorite troll!

  20. ECE

    #17, why not take a hint from your own message and look things up before posting?

    “The dominant religion in Armenia is Christianity, with 94.7% of the population following the Armenian Apostolic Church.”

  21. whynot

    seriously, i would still hit that….on my way to hitting all the sisters..and the mom. Although I dont know if that is a real accomplishment. See you can pee on them, they are easy.

  22. boo

    Why is one sister so tiny and the other so massive? Do they have the same parents?

    Nevermind, I don’t really care.

  23. nipolian

    No way is only one basket of fries going to satisfy a woman with that physique…….she needs two.

  24. carrie

    uh, managed to keep it out of the press? wasn’t it broadcasted on the kardashian show?

  25. She looks like an Armenian Kelly Clarkson.

  26. grobpilot

    Maybe she’ll start to give a shit about being incarcerated (assuming she makes it that far) after Trixie, the 350 pound bull-dyke, shoves a half-dozen broomsticks up her ass.

  27. adeliza

    I’m diggin those dirty feet. Yech. Keep your flip flops on when swinging on swing set!

  28. adeliza

    Actually, as much as they are total fucktards, they aren’t muslim.

  29. levi

    she’s the hottest of the sisters…

  30. Fugyoself

    I bet the reason nobody knew is because nobody fuckin cares, it’s not like SHE has a video of herself doin it with some famous murderous jigs little brother…

  31. Khirschy Squirts

    I’m sure that big girl will be able to hold her own in jail. I also think the swings at the Country Mart were made for kids not drag queens.
    Amanda what what!

  32. Karen

    “Managed to keep it out of the press” — not really. It was on the Keeping up w/ the Karadsh’s SHOW. They talked about it DIRECTLY on the show. The press just didnt care, other things like Lindsay Lohan or Britney Spears were more important.

  33. Tom Piltoff

    They seriously spell their names Khloe and Kourtney? Gag.

  34. sicasso

    When will these fat-ass unibrows hop off the planet and die in a terrible space-crash in the Van Allen Belt?

  35. I have a $100 bill in my wallet. It’s yours if you can make these people disappear from the internets forever.

  36. Karma

    Their dad defended OJ Simpson. Nuff said. But it’s funny because when the not guilty verdict was read you shoulda seen Mr Kardashians face, it looked like he was thinking “what the fuck?!?”

  37. kenny

    Since Kim likes da brothers I’m sure OJ got some of that huge ass.

  38. Jenny

    Incidentialy if you watched the show you’d know it wasn’t under the radar. It was televised on the show.

  39. Anonymous

    Of course she’s not worried, she’ll probably do a whole eight minutes in jail.

  40. Racer X

    Khloe is so friggin’ HOT!!!

    /I’d hit that like a single up the middle

  41. Spookssuck

    These dirtbag gypsies are a couple of mudshark blue gum loving pudding chasers, just like their nagger loving sister who loves to get pissed on by low down jiggaboos. I’m just about every brother in South Central has had a piece of these mules sand soaked behinds. I hope these two get hit by a bus, although it would be unfortunate for the bus after impacting that fuckin’ sasquatch stank holed, nugga cock-smoking whore.

  42. Kate

    Disgusting. Really, she does look like a gigantic yeti she-man, especially compared to her sister. I think she’s more manish then Brooke Hogan. Anyway, she hasn’t learned shit from her DUI charge, and when she does it again and kills someone, she won’t be so “happy” about it because bitch will be serving hard time then.

  43. A

    What in the world is on this things feet?

  44. rough daddy

    worried? this chic is like herman munster in heals!

  45. whynot

    now we know where Kim gets her ass from.

  46. Not That Guy

    Big girls need love too. All of your Barbie Doll fans can fuck off – gimme a comfortbly sized lady anytime.

    I would hit that shit all night long.

  47. Not That Guy

    Big girls need love too. All of your Barbie Doll fans can fuck off – gimme a comfortably sized lady anytime.

    I would hit that shit all night long.

  48. @42 – tell us how you really feel bud!

    I think Kims BF is really hot. Shes not so bad, but hes hotter. Wasnt he a baseball player or something? Anyone see how big his cock looks in the older pics of him?

    YUMM, Id let him pee on me!

  49. FCS

    That’s a man baby

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