Khloe Kardashian is a braless Yeti

September 17th, 2009 // 64 Comments

Nipple Morning takes a stop in mediocre town with Khloe Kardashian and her new boyfriend Lamar Odom of the Lakers who were out in West Hollywood last night. You can kind of see Khloe’s nips in these shots, but what I’ find most disappointing is I expected her breasts to look like two hairy Ewoks swinging from her chest. So much for that fantasy which, yes, involved speeder bikes. I know how sex works, people.

NOTE: Pics link to LSFW versions if your boss is a Level 8 Squinter.

Photos: Splash News

  1. freekity geek

    I think she looks good. Maybe not beautiful, but ok. Much better than she did previously. Kim is very pretty and it would be hard for most women to match her looks. I think her sisters are average looking, and look pretty with a little makeup– are they pinups? no, but they are hardly deserving of being bashed.

  2. bill

    They like black meat because you white bois have small dingalings. Why is this so hard to figure out. This also why u peckerwoods hate whitechicks so much after they been with a “brotha”. There is nothing u can do to her that hasn’t been done.

  3. falsemove

    Damn you to hell, bill

    Anyway, Khloe looks small compared to these dudes. I thought she was 6’9″ or something like that. I may have hope yet!

  4. Pete

    What a no talent lame, fat, ugly bitch! She’s uglier than Giuliana Rancid! Personally I don’t understand the popularity of fat assed armenian chicks!!! I’ll bet all threee of them have intensely hairy you know what’s!!!

  5. Cheese Smith

    This makes me vomit. First of all, Khloe Kardashian is a fat tub of sh** whore, as ugly as Leann Rimes (and boy, is that UGLY!), and has had more dark meat in her than Heida Klum! Did Robert Kardashian make his daughters watch “Jungle Fever” every night of their lives while growing up?!? And those idiot “K” girls just can’t figure out why their relationships don’t last…nigger lovin’ tramps!

  6. IKE

    @49 & 50….(same tard)…actually, why limit it to just you, there are a HOST of other racial derelicts on this post.

    Odom a rich athlete….That makes him more “attractive” than you. Why shouldn’t she be with him? Physically, there’s probably not a guy on this post whose ass Odom couldn’t kick…mine included. Soooo, she should have chosen YOU over him (it’s not about whether you find HER attractive or not, that’s not your complaint….it’s that she chose HIM)? Is that how you feel?

    I think a lot of your issues come from the fact that so many “quality” chicks are choosing black guys. Yes, I said quality. Don’t agree? Well, Kim K looks better than Lindsay Lohan (big ass and all). Sasquatch, sorry Khloe K looks better than Tara Reid. Heidi Klum looks better than….Pink (just saw her up there…nothing against Pink). Admit it, it wouldn’t be as bad if the UGLY fuckers were running off to black dicks, right? But noooooo they’re staying put.
    Why couldn’t Rosie O’Donnell prefer black dick?? Why wasn’t Amy Winehouse’s Blake a black? Sandra Bernhard, Tyrone’s calling, please pick up the phone. Whoopi Goldberg!!! WTF!!! We’ve got enough bad choices over here, stay on YOUR side of the fence!!!
    Point being: regardless of race, women like guys with power and money (yeah, I’m confused by Jordan Bratman, too). At times this causes the racial lines being crossed.
    Anyway…thank God for good Republican girls like Heidi Montag, huh?

  7. C.B.

    There are some really hateful racist people on this blog…..

  8. Aa Dd

    Fuggin jig lover, just like her jig lovin, skank sister. And I dont care if its UGLY white chicks banging jigs, NO MISCEGENATION!

  9. Da Truth

    Big Pockets
    Big Dicks

    Yeah, I dont understand why they mess with black stars either!!!


  10. vincent

    you guys need to stop khole kardashian is gorgeous ,you have bad taste if you think otherwise

  11. Johhny no fat chicks

    Sick, gross. Planet Khloe needs to go the way of Anna Nicole. Ugh, I just threw up again thinking of her. Bleck!

  12. Autumn

    Khloe isn’t a bad person because of the way she looks. She loves to stir up shit WAY too much, for no reason other than to draw attention to herself. Her favorite target is Scott, probably because she’s jealous that she couldn’t get a white guy that would touch her.

  13. Melinda

    Leave Khloe alone, she is beautiful and has an amazing personality! You are all just jealous!

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