Khloe Kardashian hasn’t met Lamar’s kids

October 23rd, 2009 // 58 Comments

Despite being married to the guy, Khloe Kardashian apparently hasn’t even met Lamar Odom’s kids yet, according to PopEater. Then again what’s more important: meeting the man you’re going to spend the rest of your life with’s children or immediately hawking your marriage on a reality show so you can rub it in Kim’s face even though you’re essentially riding on her vagina’s coattails from being in that sex tape? Honestly, that’s a tough call.

Photos: Flynet

  1. That’s okay. He hasn’t seen her penis yet.

  2. Emile

    Daddy, is that the monster from under my bed? Help Daddy! He’s got you!

  3. Mike

    Depending on the lighting I wouldnt mind meeting her vagina. You know, if no others were around.

  4. Mike

    Any by vagina I mean anus, seeing as how we are reasonably certain she has that at least.

  5. Vanquish

    It’s hard for me to describe how much I hate this worthless waste of oxygen. Attention grabbing, money sucking little giant whore. A complete nobody trying to be somebody even though she has done NOTHING. Flat picture. No persona. All the Kardashians are worthless.

    Anyway, wanted to let all this hate out.

  6. Kiaya

    God, those poor children! I hope they can hide for a little while longer before she finds them…

  7. Amy

    I bet she’s met his refrigerator.

  8. D4P

    Has Lamar met his kids…?

  9. jules

    “…meeting the man you’re going to spend the REST OF YOUR LIFE with’s children…”

    HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!! That’s so precious…

  10. Richard McBeef

    I know a couple girls that have vaginas with coat tails.

  11. DKNY

    The whole family is just gross. They’re famous for being famous, I’ve never heard of anyone watching their show, and the only time you ever hear anything about them is if you visit this site.

  12. Lindsey

    That is the most correct interpretation, of this insanely quick wedding, that I have read. Nicely put.

  13. Killer Kowolski

    You know what, Lamar Odom seemed like a pretty cool cat for a while. Good basketball player, not in the news too much for doing stupid (or illegal stuff) like so many other athletes, loves candy. But then he went and did this. sigh…it’s just sad is all….

  14. Nuke em

    ALL the kartrashian women are BEASTS with no morals.

  15. ohhhh the yeti!!
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  16. ohhhh the yeti!!
    check out my blog too!


  17. BringbackBabalu

    What is the fucking point of this? Lamar probably hasn’t seen his own kids, he probably doesn’t even know the names of em. /end post

  18. @#8 Good one, Amy.

  19. Pete O'file

    Pick of the litter Lamar. Personally I’d have gone with the one who likes making sex tapes, and doesn’t look like the Rock Biter from Neverending story.

  20. He has kids? And she has never met them? Huh. I find this funny.


  21. bribios

    Okay how come no one else has noticed that Odom is wearing a friggin wolf shirt? Yeah, it’s no three wolf howling at the moon and apparently the wolf is growing out of a womans head but CMON! If the man is wise enough to wear a wolf shirt, then I fully support him in his sasquatch banging endeavors.

  22. richardg

    He has shorties!?!?! I wouldnt be shocked if they are not from the same mom.

  23. @ 9 D4P – You beat me to it. He’s probably met some of them though.

    Is the new show called “Marriage: Kumdumpster Style”?

  24. ding a ling

    She is not that bad looking. She has a nice smile. She is not fat by any means. For some reason everyone calls her fat? She is tall and has a Kardashian butt.. That’s about it.
    He’s ugly.. but that’s her choice.

  25. Jamie Lynn's Uterus

    This isn’t surprising at all. The Sasquatch is not known for loving children. They usually eat them.

  26. I don’t think the chic is ugly either. I think she looks good.

  27. Rich

    Who gives a rats ass about the K females. Outside of their dad being one of scumbag OJ’s attorneys, why are they popular? Oh yeah, they are all black dick lovers, Wonder if their 2 younger sisters are being tutored by them to be the same way?

  28. Jesse

    That’s ok, Lamar hasn’t met them yet either.

  29. Pete O'file


  30. shankyouverymuch

    why does this filthy nigger always seem to have that “I just took a giant dump in my pants”, “shit grin” on its face in every picture its in?

    honestly I don’t know which one of these things is grosser, the big black smelly gorilla or big beige smelly Armenian?

  31. gigi

    well, I’m not venturing in shankyouverymuch’s territory, since I’m getting a vibe his/her racist ‘doth-protest-too-much’ diatribe might stem from jealousy or some kind of latent homosexual urge…. but I was thinking along similar lines — does anybody know if Lamar’s ever had nerve damage by his mouth? The expression never changes… poor dude, it that’s the case…. then again, if it’s some kind of ill-conceived sexy Elvis thing… it’s not working– at all– just looks like he’s smelling something awful

  32. Do FreeBird

    The bigger question is:
    Has Lamar met all of Lamar’s kids?

  33. furballs

    Why don’t these two just mate already and get the baby wookies to play with Lamar’s other kids. Hell, of course she hasn’t met his kids. They’re in all the road cities on the Lakers NBA season schedule.

  34. Well that makes perfect sense, marry the woman BEFORE you see her with your children. Of Course!

  35. A NBA player with kids from a previous woman? You don’t say.

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  37. You have got to be kidding me. She hasn’t met his kids yet? Shows how important the kids are in his life.

    Khloe: Oh Lamar. I love you. I love that your gonna give me a mansion on the hill, half a million a year. More or less unlimited spending account. And the best thing is I can steal the attention from my bitch sisters! Imagine they always laughed at me because I was the big fat funny one! Kourtney thought she would one up me with the pregnancy. Kim thought she would one up me by shrinking her ass a bit. But no baby, I am on top of it now! And the best thing is about all of this Lamar is you act like your kids don’t exist. God knows I don’t wanna be no babysitter!

  38. @ 31, 32 – “Thank you very much…I jus took a giant dump in ma pants…thank you very much…”

  39. abby

    1. the really short skirts aren’t flattering
    2. Smart move not exposing children to a wedding or a relationship that will most likely be brief; still insignificant even if you are married.

  40. wtf

    wtf is up with this hamsters smile being always crooked?

  41. wtf

    wtf is up with this hamsters smile being always crooked?

  42. really, who cares about lame as lamar, the big laker lesbian. Oh yall didnt know he’s gay. but when he dresses in drag , And be with other drags they say they lesbians. Now, who cares about the funny bunny looking manley women who stars in the beef jerky commercianls as sasquatch. that they be teasing, I dont get it, have anyone ever saw Kevin i mean Klohe naked. Well, Let me tell you something. I know a man when i see a man. Klohe is a man with a big penis. Just look at them big broad shoulders. and she 6ft tall. and that is the rest of the story.

  43. Rhialto

    Maybe it’s better for the innocent kids not to meet her.It’s an evil world out there.

  44. Pazuzu


  45. Darth

    This is the girl who’s gonna waste your college money kids.Say hi to her.

  46. robert

    Seeing the pictures of Khloe Kardashian and Lamar Odom together, Khloe actually looks normal-shaped instead of looking like a gigantic lumbering beast when photographed alongside a normal-size person. They need to get a hugely fat mastiff or a tall great dane and the pix would be complete.

  47. I'm Obama and I approve...

    She actually looks good standing next to that baboon…

    If this doesn’t work out, she should stick to men 6’8″ or above.

  48. Lou


    You said: “honestly I don’t know which one of these things is grosser, the big black smelly gorilla or big beige smelly Armenian?”

    The answer is your mom. She’s the grossest.

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