Khloe Kardashian gets naked/airbrushed for PETA

December 11th, 2008 // 188 Comments

Finally! Now I know what Khloe Kardashian would look like if she stripped naked, was heavily altered to not look like Sasquatch and then jammed her finger in a light socket. Adios, sleepless nights…

Photos: PETA, Splash News

  1. all i can say is there is NO WAY this chick is vegetarian!

  2. sarah

    yeah. if she lost like thirty pounds she might be able to be photographed next to her sisters

  3. What the fuck?!!! Paris hilton became a house hold name for being wealthy and slutty everytime she went clubbing. Kim K became famous for going out with paris a couple times, now her ugly, dorky, ordianary sisters are famous for being her sisters? Since when did SIBLINGS of celebrities become famous? Or is it just the siblings of people that became famous by making pornos and retards of themselves. I see a correlation, Talentless famous people pull there siblings into the lime light. Cant think of any REAL talented celeb trying to get there sib into the limelight. Speaking of, thank goodness that ugly, talentless, old looking sister of lindsey lohan hasn’t been able to grab hold of the fame fare!!!

  4. hot

    Oh puke, why is she blowing a kiss in pic 5 like REAL talented and famous people that WORKED HARD to get where there at do? I mean it’s annoying enuf whey THEY do it but I cut them some slack for all the hard work and persiverence (FUK IT)

  5. Absolutely

    I hope she kicks Kid Rock’s ass while she’s at it.

  6. Fatty

    The ad makes no sense.

    How can animals who are “killed” be “skinned ALIVE” after being “electrocuted, drowned,” and “beaten?”

    PETA are a bunch of nazis. Nazis that aren’t familiar with rational logic.

  7. dude

    If you look closely, you can see harpoon scars.

  8. Sport

    The family that is famous for being famous. Yay.

  9. e-rock

    @ #56 Fatty Your an idiot. You don’t know the first thing about what your talking about. 50% of the worlds fur comes from China where there are no regulations on how the animals (mostly dogs and cats) are killed, so they club them till they stop moving, and are often not dead, while they skin them alive. Dumbass people need to stop hating on PETA which has done so much to help the plight of voiceless and helpless animals from people like you that just want a “fashion” trend, and don’t care about how they got it. And I am a PETA supporter, do not eat meat, do not own leather, and do my best to help educate morons like yourself. Now go fuck off and eat your KFC, Fatty.

  10. Barry O

    I love KFC. Or any fried chicken for that matter. Bacon too.

  11. e-rock

    and if you want to see evidence of how you get the bloody fur people wear, check out real video footage of what happens to millions of animals on fur farms every day : and if you still choose to nail PETA members to a cross for standing against fur, you will have your day of reckoning one day. I promise you that.

  12. Julie Ann

    Yikes. Not my favorite girl to go naked for PETA…not at all.

  13. Posh

    Ok, # 33 and 37, sit the F**K down you friking idiots, Gastineau is not their father. Their father was Robert KARDASHIAN. Morons, the last name didn´t give it away?

  14. Jennyjenjen

    Mimi… why God.. Why do you allow Mimi to share such disgusting personal information… Jesus.. that image will never leave my mind.. Mimi, shaving her crotch with all 27 cats milling about… enjoying the aroma of Mimi…

  15. Um did anyone else notice the diference in her HAIR from the ad to real life, its longer and lighter in the ad, she was wearing extentions! What the hell is the difference between wearing extentions or wearing fur??? its either human horse or fake, but we don’t know that without asking, much like fur coats are made humanely or not or come from a variety or animals or are fake, and we don’t know that without asking. Wearing extentions in the shot is the exact opposite of what the ad is trying to say. Basically she is wearing fur in an anti fur campaign ad. Ridiculous.

  16. AJ

    Now if they all go vegetarian then they will lose a lot of the saturated fat on their big hips and big butts!

  17. Jon


    OK so you are the typical overweight American like the Kardashians.

  18. toolboy

    Tru dat. By the way, I didn’t know what I wanted for lunch until you mentioned KFC. 2 pc original, mashed potatoes and gravy and a mac and cheese. Thanks, you just killed a chicken.

  19. Rob

    @61, well i watched it and it made me hungry and cold. So cold in fact I need to slip on my seal skin coat. I know what you’re saying, “SEAL SKIN”? yes seal skin, but only baby seal skins.

  20. el ces

    No no!
    Let us see that gut Chole!

    Don’t airbrush that potbelly. Be proud.

  21. Juan

    Khloe Kardashian? I’d rather be mauled by bears.

  22. Roxi

    Khloe is a BBW, her midget sisters make her look like a giant woman when shes the average american woman, about airbrushing every single photo u see on the market is airbrushed thats not surprise even on skinny bony gals so u do not get scared of their skeleton bodies, ewww

  23. lulu vega

    All those Kardasians are GORGEOUS!

  24. AliCat

    Oh god PETA supporters.. you get one and then they all swarm in to tell the rest of us who aren’t in their cult that we’re stupid, heartless murderers. No one respects PETA cause they’re all a bunch of whack jobs. Honestly, since when is the best way to rally support for a cause to insult people? Maybe more people would join the fight against animal cruelty if PETA supporters would stop running their mouths like they were better than the rest of us. I don’t wear fur but I still fucking hate PETA and would never want to associate myself with the likes of them.

  25. what da frug

    Yes there is a difference. You don’t have to kill a horse to get the mane. You have to kill an animal to get it’s skin though. Fur coats are made with the skin with fur attached.
    Just saying…

  26. e-rock

    @ #74 AliCat- No one said we were better then anyone else. Where did you read that? Your the one bashin people. We are trying EDUCATE people that don’t know any better. The only way the fight against animal cruelty is going to be won, is to help people understand who/what/how/why this shit happens. the fur doesn’t just magically show up on the rack. Its actually people like you that are bashing people that actually give a damn and are trying to make a difference in this world that make me sick. And unfortunately there are crazies in every society, its the just those stories that make headlines that people hear. If you were educated on the animal subject, you would know all of the good that not only PETA, but many other societies do like the Humane Society, ASPCA, World Wild Life Found., just to name a few. And I am a strong supporter, and active member of all of these. And again, their intention is to EDUCATE people, not think they are better than anyone.
    Silly ass people need to stop flappin their gums when they don’t know what the fuck they are talking about. Ahem, AliCat. Kiss my ass.

  27. Facial

    @75, isn’t using the mane of a horse explotation of animals? hypocrite?

  28. e-rock

    @ #74 AliCat, who the hell said PETA supporters were better than anyone else? If you really knew what the hell you were talking about, you would know that animal rights are trying to EDUCATE people. Why would you be against people that are trying to make a difference in the world? They don’t think they are better than anyone else, just more sympathetic knowing what the defenseless animals go through, because they take the time to find out whats really happening. Fur doesn’t just show up on racks. You seem like the only one who is doing any bashing here, well besides myself to Fatty, but thats just funny. Anyway, maybe YOU SHOULD STOP BASHING PEOPLE THAT ARE TRYING TO DO SOME GOOD IN THE WORLD, instead of just turning your head.

  29. Jack

    git them sand n!gg3rs out of MY country!!!

  30. Liberals Swallow

    animals don’t have rights, they’re animals. Maybe we should see if Lions think you have rights while wandering in the jungle. PETA people should be forced to live in the jungle

  31. Rob

    @78 you said “Why would you be against people that are trying to make a difference in the world?”

    Hitler was trying to make a difference as well. Why would you be against someone who’s trying to make a difference.

    The difference you are making is just stupid.

  32. somewhere over rainbow

    She’s actually pretty if she lost a few pounds. Oh and you don’t have to be a PETA supporter to be against animal cruelty. I respect animals way more than I respect human babies.

  33. e-rock

    Rob- what the fuck are you talking about? what didn’t make sense to you? comparing someone that cares about animal rights to Hitler? o- I get it, you don’t like people that give a damn. go fuck yourself you asshole.

  34. EuroNeckPain

    I wonder why these people who have no compassion always compare people they disagree with to HITLER ?

    Because they are idiots who do not know any other name. They would be unable to quote anyone else.

    This is ironic, because Hitler was also someone who had no compassion, obviously.

  35. toolboy

    Actually, Hitler was one of the first leaders to institute animal cruelty laws. He was a known a huge dog lover and actually saved a pooch during the vicious trench warfare in WWI.
    Compassion towards his fellow human, not so much. Animals he liked though…big into Karaoke also…big tipper too.

  36. Chauncey Gardner

    Isn’t that the fucking boomerang kid from THE ROAD WARRIOR?

  37. please put on some damn fur, please put on some damn fur, please put on some damn fur..

  38. rob

    @83 since you’re slow i’ll spell it out for you. Just because you’re “making a difference” doesn’t mean that that difference is positive or makes a whole lot of sense. Hitler tried to make a difference. look where that got him.

    Maybe you need some protein to make your brain work…friggin idiot

  39. han solo

    holy shit theres my wookie.

  40. r

    wow, chyna’s looking good these days. its amazing what a good estrogen regimen can do for a guy.

  41. T

    In all honestly I don’t think she is a pretty girl- I’m not speaking just about her weight. Which if you look, they placed her arm like that to cover the fact that she is heavier. They were trying to visually slim her down. Didn’t really work.

    But i think the Kardashians are just ugly people, inside and out.

  42. CJ

    this is the righteous slut shot….for those women still trying to pass as ‘good Christian girls’….there’s always PETA where you get to bare all but leave with your virtues in tact. What crap.

  43. Ardgelina

    I don’t support peta’s tactics b/c no one has the right to throw a bag of flour or red paint on anyone but i do support spreading the word about animal cruelty! They do some really sick stuff to animals and i know we all have pets so just imagine if that was ur lil furry friend they did that too. I can’t even eat meat b/c its so upsetting to know what happened to the animal before he became someone’s meal. But the post on hitler is true. He really did care about animals! But thumbs down 2 peta another extremist group that make real animal lovers look bad! Besides bad example of a animal lover she is fat and gross! Get carrie underwood!

  44. Ardgelina

    btw does anyone notice she looks nothing like the poster???? WTF she is a hippo and on the poser she looks like baby hippo! If women with “curves” (i guess thats what we are calling them) are so proud they wouldn’t hide their stretch mark bodies by wearing all black (suppose to be slimming… FAIL)

  45. bob

    She is my favorite. Just saw her on milllionaire personals site “”"”" W e a l t h y C u p i d . c o m”"”"”"” last week. I am wondering what kind of relationship she is looking for on that site.Is she single again now?

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  47. e-rock

    Rob- Im the idiot? Really. you think too highly of yourself. do you actually give a shit about anything other than trying to piss people off just for the hell of it? obviously Im wasting my time and actually, not even sure why i bother to try to get through to someone like yourself, just puts a fire under my ass, i guess. but when someone compares the compassion for things other than yourself, to Hitler, you are the idiot you asshole. you must really think your clever, or funny, but its pretty sad actually. i feel bad for you. really. but still, go jump off a bridge. the world would be a better place.

  48. Vince Lombardi

    Looks like one of those cupie trolls you can get in a Hallmark store.

  49. Kahlee

    @80 Lions live in the jungle now?

  50. Kahlee

    Hey superficial writer, EVERY SINGLE PICTURE you see of a celebrity in a picture that is not a paparazzi picture is heavily airbrushed. Models are always altered.

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