Khloe Kardashian gets naked/airbrushed for PETA

December 11th, 2008 // 188 Comments

Finally! Now I know what Khloe Kardashian would look like if she stripped naked, was heavily altered to not look like Sasquatch and then jammed her finger in a light socket. Adios, sleepless nights…

Photos: PETA, Splash News

  1. mimi

    I wonder if her bush is that hairy? I am very hairy “down there” myself and have to shave all the time. At least I do though.

  2. SZapp

    When will celebrities realize flashes make clothes see- through. For peets sake- wear a black bra or a bra period!!!!

  3. FRIST!!!

    why are these fat ass monkey loving sluts famous again?

  4. Cate

    Ahhh yes, Khloe Kardashian campaigns against wearing animals, while standing next to her sister Kourtney who is wearing an adorable pair of LEATHER knee high boots….
    and don’t even tell me those are fake leather. Those rich bitches wouldn’t be caught in fake leather.

    PS- I love leather. I love the leather in my car, i love the leather on my handbags, and i love the leather binding on my new super cute agenda.


  5. Sasquatch sighting!

  6. King Edward

    Khloe Kardashian is not a horrible looking girl.

    She’s tall, but it’s not like she looks like some run of the mill WNBA women’s player.

    I still can’t believe that an average sized girl (weight wise) gets ridiculed relentlessly by people. Then we end up with more chicks that look nasty thin like Kiera Knightly, Kate Hudson, Mary Kate Oslen, etc.

    We don’t like the family because they are egomaniacs not because the girls are horrible looking.

    I can’t see nearly any American Male in a Bar or Club turning Khloe or Kim down? Look how many of these guys leave bars and clubs with legit “heffers” yet rip on these women that are 100x better than what they take home for a good time or are even married too!

  7. Cate

    Oh, and don’t forget the suede fringe on Kim’s handbag!

  8. Ted from Dallas

    I wonder how long to took to airbrush all that hair off her ass and to paint her face so she isn’t so ugly.

  9. Ted Mosby

    Looks nothing like her picture.

  10. haha i love how she throw around her sisters like rag dolls, and shes the youngest

  11. #7 – NIce try, but that lumpy chick could be the poster child for airbrushing. Oh wait! She is…


    I got a leather coat for my cow, it was cold. So, now that Sasquatch is on board with PETA, I wonder if Kid Rock will rethink the challenge for a throw down??

  13. Lola

    I’m sure they were going for the wild look but she really looks like a beast, her head and body make a triangle (where’s her waist?), and even the nail polish is out of place.

  14. Richard McBeef

    @#7 – King Edward

    Khloe Kardashian is not a horrible looking girl.

    She’s tall, but it’s not like she looks like some run of the mill WNBA women’s player.

    How can she simultaneously be not horrible looking and look like a WNBA player? BRAIN DOES NOT COMPUTE.

  15. p0nk

    @2, i’d be more concerned about the smell, but thanks for the info.

  16. Douchey McDouchewaffles

    So is there a new writer here or what? The last guy was better.

  17. dc - cabs

    what’s rosie o’donell doing posing for peta?

  18. Rob


    Lawl.”average weight?” by your fucking standards and the mcdonalds obese nation we have. “Average” just because this country is full of lazy obese cunts doesn’t make them any less of a fat ass.

    They should go be fat somewhere else.

  19. havoc

    I get the feeling that she shaves her knuckles for some reason…..


  20. britney's weave

    what is going on with her hair? i think they made it bigger in an attempt to make her freakishly large body look somewhat smaller.

  21. Massa'

    that’s why the Kardashians have been reduced to mating with primates, because white guys have standards.

  22. #20 – That’s why she wears high heels, to keep them from scraping on the floor.

  23. If you can get past her mannish face I do believe it would be possible to work up enough wood to buttfuck her. Kim has a prettier face but the size of her ass makes anal sex difficult though not impossible as I explained in a another post.

  24. Uhm the first thing I’m betting she told the photoshoppers was ‘take a little off the bottom’. Check out her standing beside the naked picture. See anything different? Like at least 50 unsightly pounds somehow disappeared?

  25. britney's weave

    what’s up with her hair? i think they made it bigger in an attempt to make her freakishly large body look somewhat smaller.

  26. she does have a monstrous ass (no pun intended) maybe this was airbrushed!

  27. hypocrite

    What a hypocrite.

    I wonder how many of her expensive cars have LEATHER interiors. Gee, i guess her Mercedes, Porsche, Bentley, Range Rover doesn’t use real leather.

    All these wealthy celebs (and i use the term loosely in this case) who campaign like this are HYPOCRITES. GO LOOK IN THEIR GARAGES !!! All there expensive cars have leather seats and even if they didn’t, every car manufacturer offers it as an option so they are STILL supporting the leather industry even if they don’t order the option


  28. whoa, they shaved chewbacca! george lucas is going to be pissed…

  29. Jjonescult

    My boss is gonna be pissed. I just yacked all over the cube next to me.

  30. Monkey's Bone

    In the imortal words of Al Bundy ……
    “N0 MA’AM !” …… “AAAHHHHH ..”
    National Organization of Men Against Amazonian Masterhood
    Women with
    (__|__) – Fat Ass’s
    (!) —-Tight Ass’s
    (_X_) – Kiss My Ass’s
    {{ (_|_) }} – Mooning Ass’s
    (_?_) – Dumb Ass’s

    (___o___) — “LARD ASS-ians

  31. toaster

    holy shit how huge is that bitch?

  32. Bootlips

    Mark Gastineau has to be so proud of his niggerloving daughters.

  33. john

    She is too fat and too ugly (compare to Kim) to be a celebrity.

  34. gotmilk?

    i’m sure they’ve never sold anything made of animals in their store…right…

  35. dude

    Rather go naked than wear fur? hell, the kardashian women are covered with fur!

  36. Bickus Dickus

    Do you think Reggie Bush calls Mark Gastineau “Dad” or “Pops” maybe?

  37. Dooozer

    Who is that standing next to that picture of that hot chick?

  38. jrz

    When I look at her, one phrase comes to mind
    The Wrath of God

  39. Rob

    everytime PETA opens their mouths an angel gets its wings….and by wings I mean a big sauce-ladden chicken wing with blue cheese and celery..mmmmmm

  40. English Bob

    Look at the size of that bitch..! Behemoth!!

  41. Reggie Bush

    they had to airbrush a chicken wing that was peeking out her ass

  42. You're irrelevant


  43. You're irrelevant


  44. You're irrelevant

    Dear Fish,

    Please add the Kardashians to the “Heidi & Spencer” treatment and cease to post any and all information as it pertains to them. Please stop encouraging mediocrity, celulite and hairy asses in modern pop culture.

    Thank you,

    You readership (undersigned)

  45. Mr. Jones

    I have a crazy theory that this ad is supposed to be “sexy”, in that it is supposed to be erousing. I have absolutely no evidence to support this theory, but there you go.

    Seriously, they should put this poster up in the monkey house to keep the monkeys from jacking off.

  46. Armenians Against the Kardashians

    #45 haha. ps why are so many americans closet racists id like to hear you say something like that with the n word to a black persons face, see what happens…

  47. TJ

    ALL you horny bastards know you’d hit it.

    At least her anus hasn’t been reamed out by an African, like her sister Kim.

  48. Allie


    I don’t think the problem here is everyone else. She is a bigger girl, she should accept that or not pose naked. Don’t go and photoshop half your body away. Obviously SHE is the one with the problem with her body, or she would have used a REAL picture of herself.

  49. Stiles

    More digital effects in that ad than in the 2 hrs of Jurassic Park. Fat or not, she has the body frame of a school bus.

    Strangely I’m now craving a bison burger.

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