Khloe Kardashian confirms everything I’ve ever suspected about her

May 22nd, 2009 // 47 Comments

Here’s Khloe Kardashian biting the ribbon at the opening of Dash Miami confirming my theory she’s goddamn Sasquatch. Except she apparently lost some weight which almost kills my joke, but then again, that ribbon’s only going to increase her appetite and wearing pink makes Kourtney look like a raw chicken leg. You do the math.

Photos: Mavrix

  1. Its scary that I want to see her beaver there..

  2. telly

    shes not eating.

    alright, for all you unknowing people out there, first clue to something like that is her arms. look at them and how they’re formed in picture one and two. thats a clear cut example of a beginning stage of starvation.

    girls obviously losing weight.

  3. mitosis

    Wow, she looks amazing. Great job on losing the baby fat khloe! maybe she is the hottest karadshian sister now?

  4. pasteve

    She has lost weight. Begs the question: Is she biting through a ribbon or an umbilical cord?

  5. Reality check

    LOL @ #5!!!!!

    unless she gets a face transplant, she will never be the hottest sister, keep dreaming. she is fug.

  6. Danny

    Ohh, I understand. She’s not using scissors. .. Wait, who the fuck is she??

  7. Queen Mrs. Burke

    OK, now who has the fatter ass now? Kim or Kortney now? Not a good outfit for Kortney to be wearing. Khloe does look more feminine now that she has lost some weight.

  8. Did you know theres 2 kind of heaven? a fat heaven and a normal weight heaven…and yes Kloe is still borderline and have 5 more pounds to go…

  9. havoc

    A more feminine Bigfoot….


  10. Death2Speidi

    Khloe is gorgeous. I always thought so even when she was a bit heavier. It’s not her fault her sisters are midgets. Kourtney’s mug is much less appealing and her voice makes me want to drive a spike through my skull.

  11. Alli

    I don’t understand why people are so “disgusted” by Khloe? To me, she seems like the nicest one and the most down to earth. She has lost weight, but it doesnt look like she’s been doing it in a healthy manner. Unfortunately, she’s let the judgmental spectators get to her. I think she’s pretty and her personality is hilarious. I’m going to bring her some of my watermelon…she looks hungry. :(

  12. catch22

    i thought the first picture was rosie o’ donnal at first glance

    …no joke


    Khloe looks great in these pics. She def has more class and brains than her attention-seeking sister, Kim.

  14. knicole

    she looks amazing! she really is beautiful

  15. Everyone needs to shut up, I’m sure half the people that commented on this photo are fat and ugly or ugly and skinny. Khloe is a pretty, normal looking girl. Not every one has to look perfect when they’re celebrities. :)

  16. THE Bill Gates

    Why is she famous again? Oh, that’s right… her dad got a murderer off and her sister got pissed on in a sex video. God bless her!

  17. Everyone needs to shut up, I’m sure half the people that commented on this photo are fat and ugly or ugly and skinny. Khloe is a pretty, normal looking girl. Not every one has to look perfect when they’re celebrities. :)

  18. I hope Kloe learn a valuable lesson from this, looking good is the best revenge! all that used to dis will be kissing your ass!

  19. effyeray

    So…. another posting about the Kardashians… so how much do you get for that chick that writes the Superficial? A couple grand or what?

  20. Robert Acquafresca

    I could walk the mall in a hick town and in five minutes find 20 women better looking then this skank. She has a big head, a foul mouth, is alcoholic, and has no talent other then to sleep with black men. Can anyone have a clothing line and it be viable? Who would have anything to do with this whore.

  21. Plobes

    xcuse me, but WTF is Kourtney wearing?

    it looks like a placenta made love to a scrunchie and barfed out that minijumper

  22. Happy Hiker

    Not sure what you mean by sasquatch…? She’s looking damn good these days!

  23. Kelsey

    I think she looks pretty hot here. She’s also the only one in that tragic family of hers with a personality.

  24. only kim rings a bell with me, folks.
    be sure: THAT’S MORE THAN ENOUGH!!

  25. Bree

    I think she looks great. She looked good when she was a little thicker too. She’s very well proportioned, but the working out has def. paid off. More importantly, she’s the only one with any on-camera personality. Sure, they all seem pretty snotty, but, I’m sure they ham it up for the show. She’s been my favorite whenever i watch it, as snotty as that is…..

  26. Squarepusher

    I can’t understand why you all criticize them. All the three Kardashian sisters are pretty fuckable; and this one is really pretty. Also, a girl with «meat» is better than a skinny one with only bones and a ridiculous tan à lá California / LA style.

  27. Galtacticus

    She obviously lost another half of herself.Well done! Who is that younger Kim Kardashian looking creature next to her?

  28. rey

    Another article on the Kardashian Cunts…how facinating. Could we show pretty ladies without STD’s please???

  29. Kourtney is still cute, even while wearing the ugliest outfit ever conceived.

  30. BM

    wow she got a nose job too. still ugly.

  31. Venom

    Kourtney has my heart.
    She is so gorgeous.

  32. mmmm

    Chloe is looking good. She looks a lot like her mom….she has the same facial features, complexion and hair color.

    “Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.”

  33. krysten

    Khloe looks so good! Her legs are so thin and she’s lost a lot of weight in her face. Does anyone know how she lost it? She looks great

  34. sun

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  35. Derek

    Kourtney is so fucking hot. She needs to dump that d-bag boyfriend.

  36. Realist

    She looks kind of hot…and like she got a nose job.

  37. ya know something?

    They’d look hotter in burkas.

  38. Cali Sunshine


  39. Cali Sunshine


  40. What

    Khole has a transformed nose. Obviously she had a nose job. Before nose was much broader, and round, the new nose is more straight. It’s obvious

  41. BrandiLye

    Keep going, Khloe! There’s a hot broad trying to bust out!

    She really is the most date-able, too. She has mad potential, doesn’t look like one of those dime-a-dozen LA girls. And beautiful eyes.

  42. Elle M

    Kourtney looks bangin’, even though her outfit sucks. Get it girlll

  43. I am disgusted by most of your comments – a blatant example of what is so terribly wrong with this country – Kourtney is a beautiful woman on the outside, but none of us know who she really is( except friends & family ) . Why on earth is it okay with y’all to condemn someone about their weight – heavy or thin- and you know darn well it is not okay to have bigotry about race, creed,sexuality, or religion ? I have been anorexic AND overweight and am sick of folks being mean and nasty about someone’s weight. It is more relevant to know who someone is on the inside – beauty fades, but being gorgeous on the inside lasts forever . A former model who is still pretty, but volunteers and gives to many charities – and focuses on contributing to the world, not taking away from it in a negative fashion – that is me .

  44. Allondra

    You guys crack me up, she is too fat, she is not eating, she is a man, she is a woman. Leave this poor girl alone. She has more going for herself and is more giving than any of the other Kardashian girls. Kim is superficial, it’s all about Kim and now she may just have some competition, Khloe looks great! She has alot going for herself. If you are sincere, you have to admit she has the cutest face of all of them. All the girls are great! Doesn’t the world have better things to do than to be so cruel and insensitive… put yourself in this girl’s shoes and can you say you would have handled all this negativity with so much class… if you say yes, you are full of crap…. if it were that easy we wouldn’t have so many obese people, crack heads and lowlives. Good for you Khloe, keep it real.

  45. Cornhole King

    I would love to bang that big ass of her’s all night. Who cares what her face looks like. I’m sure Lamar is bustin that wide open every chance he gets. Gobbledy Good!!!!

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