Khloe Kardashian gets political

Most celebrity cause-mongers throw their weight behind issues like Darfur war orphans or eliminating the scourge of psoriasis in Africa. Not Khloe Kardashian; she has her priorities straight.

West Virginia state senator Jeff Eldridge recently introduced a bill to ban Barbie dolls in his state because they supposedly encourage shallowness among West Virginia’s youth. Which prompted Kardashian to issue the following retort, according to Fox News:

“He can suck an egg, seriously. He’s probably butt-ugly and always wanted a girlfriend that looked like Barbie but could never get one. People like that really annoy me.”

Way to bring it to those bureaucratic fat-cats! Clearly, Khloe Kardashian’s appreciation for Barbie dolls has not caused her to base her opinions and reasoning on shallow, external appearances. Why isn’t this woman President yet?

Photos: WENN