Khloe Kardashian gets political

March 14th, 2009 // 40 Comments

Most celebrity cause-mongers throw their weight behind issues like Darfur war orphans or eliminating the scourge of psoriasis in Africa. Not Khloe Kardashian; she has her priorities straight.

West Virginia state senator Jeff Eldridge recently introduced a bill to ban Barbie dolls in his state because they supposedly encourage shallowness among West Virginia’s youth. Which prompted Kardashian to issue the following retort, according to Fox News:

“He can suck an egg, seriously. He’s probably butt-ugly and always wanted a girlfriend that looked like Barbie but could never get one. People like that really annoy me.”

Way to bring it to those bureaucratic fat-cats! Clearly, Khloe Kardashian’s appreciation for Barbie dolls has not caused her to base her opinions and reasoning on shallow, external appearances. Why isn’t this woman President yet?

Photos: WENN

  1. elvagreen

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  2. BIll

    haaaaa you misspelled the last name in the title.

  3. Eat Me


    FIRST, you smelly cunts?

  4. RaraAvis

    Honestly, Khloe, go back to school, get an education, then get a job. You’re an embarrassment to American women.

  5. stephanie

    love her. hilarious.

  6. Cartman

    Did the Kardashian girls used to have lead paint-chip eating contests as kids?

    Painfully stupid they are.

  7. sin

    Look at her. Her cause is “Save the Whales” because she is one.
    She probably wanst a woman who looks like a Barbie doll too.

  8. stu


  9. Racer X

    OMG, what I would do to her!

    /too fine

  10. pie

    Wow, she’s had a nose job!

  11. Ronald

    I’m so glad someone is finally taking a stand against the deliberate demoralization of our society by liberal heathens!! They always say the same thing: “60 years ago people were doing the same things.” They were doing them in the privacy of their own homes because they had something called class.

    Just like Barbie (who was based on a German hooker doll, by the way), these people are like a plague that will only continue to grow out of control. Soon there will be no place you can go where there won’t be a classless, orange dyed, whore make-up wearing 15-year-old in a miniskirt trying to show off her thong and naughty pillows. Can you blame them? TV tells them this is how you are supposed to behave.

    We conservatives who are left need to take back this country once and for all before it’s too late! Study some history, this kind of breakdown of society is always a precursor to an empire falling apart from the inside. Only this time out of the chaos will come the NEW WORLD ORDER. Trust me on this.. this is the end of the times as we know it!

  12. Danklin24

    He probably isnt even a he at all. He’s probably a 6′ dark haired woman that could kill anything she sits on and has more hair on her legs than “thing” from the Adam’s family had on its head.

    Oh wait. that would be….

  13. Danklin24

    lmao @ Ronald and his dirty pillows. That was fucking hilarious. Thanks.

  14. I figured Khloe would have hang-ups Barbie her self, unless it was Whale Butt Barbie.

  15. be honest: WHO WILL VOTE NOW, folks?

  16. Chick

    This woman is an idiot

  17. Lowlands


  18. Lowlands

    Khloe Kardashian gets political!? *Gasp* I’m looking forward to more political stuff from her!:)

  19. Darth

    Do these girls still have their father’s genes? Or are they vaporized?

  20. lucy

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  21. shimmy

    What’s up with the Elvis smirk?

  22. sin

    She knows that she has no talent. nothing to offer the world but idiots in the media fawn over her and her sisiers. WHY??? I do not know. The are not entertaining, they are only known because their father was a scab on hte ass of evil. He got that merderer OJ off and received millions of dollars to do it. His death is a reminder that karma can kill. You get a murderer off and then you die, i like it. Now it is time for the smelly ass whore to go away, At least let the media realise these sluts are not news worthy. She is going to be 300 pounds in less than 5 years.

  23. Jerkbags

    If she plans to ever achieve that Barbie girl figure she better cut down on the cheeseburgers

  24. lame

    THIS IS AN ADVERTISEMENT. doesn’t it make you *really* want to watch keeping up with the kardashians?

  25. justifiable

    Also means that Khloe is the one posting those “you’re just fat/ugly/jealous and wished you looked like her” responses here whenever anyone criticizes Kim K., Jessica or Brittany That sort of finely honed logic takes years to arrive at, so you use it every chance you get.

  26. Adam

    The question is, how on earth did she even find out about such a proposal?

    It’s obviously some state senate nonsense that would never pass, was the reality staff just researching stuff to bait her.

  27. damnstraight

    It’s annoying that the two annoying media whores in this family (Kim and Khloe) are constantly in the “news,” while the only attractive one in the bunch, Kourtney, is under the radar. Maybe it’s because she’s actually educated, unlike her sisters, and thus doesn’t constantly say incredibly stupid things.

  28. Jamie's Uterus

    Why is this tired hag famous? Just because some D list rapper pissed on her fat assed sister, and it was filmed?

    Or, was it because of her father, the man that took OJ Simpson’s bloody clothes and disposed of them, so there was less evidence to convict him of a double homicide?

    She should hang her head in shame.

  29. ants

    it’s not like she isnt butt-ugly herself or anything… ohh sweet irony.
    (although banning barbie dolls IS moronic really)

  30. Mama Pinkus

    her nose looks like it belongs on Mr. Potatohead

  31. Ike Turner

    Butt-ugly? Fat ass should look at herself in the mirror. You know, the one that doesn’t have the auto photoshop. This chick is “famous” because she’s related to someone who got famous by being peed on. Jesus Christ, is America this stupid???

  32. sin

    Yes, America IS this stupid. They elected a guy with no training at this level for President. He is already spending TRILLIONS of our tax dollars and there is no way his plans can work. Not even in a SIM game can they work. But the liberals out there are so damned stupid they voted for him anyway. Welcome to another Great Depression. And before you left wing wackos blame Bush for all of this, Go to a 1999 Wall Street Journal expo and you will see that was your hero< BILL CLINTON, who told Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac to lower their standard and loan out more unsecured money. In the article it said that this is fine in an economic boom, but at the first down turn, they would collaspe worse than the S&L did. Guess what? It happened and it is all on the shoulders of LIBERALS. so suck it.

  33. sanssin

    Are you an amoeba sin? because the last time I check Obama has been president for a few weeks and your hero Bush was president for too long. If he’s not responsible, I’m sure Jesus was.

  34. sin

    Read up on the facts before you spout off again. Yeah, Bush was an idiot, but the bank failures can be traced directly to Bill Clinton and his liberal policies.
    the true fact. Written in the Congressional notes, not MSNBC.

  35. LMM

    Couldn’t help but crack at smile at the irony here…or in some of the subsequent user comments :)….

  36. Stupid

    What a retard.

  37. #33

    Quit listening to Rush you misguided ignorant fool. You need to start watching C-SPAN.

    When Bush got into office Pres. Clinton left America with a $230 billion surplus. But due to the Bush Administration $1.35 trillion tax cut in 2001, a $1.5 trillion tax cut in 2003, and a massive defense buildup through the Iraq and Afghanistan wars, Bush quickly blew through that surplus leaving Obama to fix his mess. Obama has already made a departure from the Bush budget legacy by instilling new openness and transparency. Obama is trying to stimulate the economy by creating jobs through such things as education, energy, and infastruture,etc.

    In 1997, the New York Times’ Richard W. Stevenson pinpointed Fannie Mae’s strength when he wrote of the firm’s “influential network that extends from the highest reaches of the Clinton Administration to the ranks of conservative Republicans on Capitol Hill.”

    The bipartisan network provided the essential cover Fannie Mae needed to run its scam.

  38. These people like the plague, which will only continue to grow out of control. Soon there will be no place where you can go where there will not be classless, and orange-dyed, a prostitute wearing make-up 15 years) in the miniskirt in an attempt to show her thong and pillows naughty.

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