Khloe Kardashian Not Exactly Denying Her Fatherless Sasquatch-ness

January 11th, 2012 // 48 Comments
Who's Her Daddy?
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Khloe Kardashian has reacted to Robert Kardashian‘s ex-wife who claimed in a new interview with Star that she’s not a real Kardashian, but instead the result of an affair Kris Jenner had with another man. An affair Kris has admitted to, so be sure to take note how Khloe isn’t exactly denying her real dad helped Han Solo make the Kessel Run in under 12 parsecs. Via Twitter:

The audacity you have to mention my father’s name like this! Should be ashamed of urself! I let a lot of things slide but
this one is really low… YOU ARE DISGUSTING! (yes you know who YOU are)

You’d figure the next tweet would be something along the lines of, oh I dunno, “Robert Kardashian is my real father,” but of course it’s shameless fame-whoring with a side of corporate cock-suckery:

Awww something to make me smile… My wedding special is on right now!!! Thank you E! :)

So at this point, it’s safe to say the Kardashians are probably getting ready to drop an extra-special “Khloe’s Not One Of Us” episode to take the stink off Kim’s divorce because check out how Kris is reacting to the news. Or more importantly not reacting. TMZ reports:

One source close to Kris Jenner tells us … Khloe’s mom isn’t even fazed by the rumors because “it’s so ridiculous, it’s not even worth her time.”

And now we definitely know it’s true because Kardashian Rule #1: The exact opposite of what they say is always the goddamn truth. So not only do we know that it isn’t ridiculous to suggest Khloe’s real father was a grizzly bear, we also know that Kris Jenner has nothing but time. She’s probably sitting in an empty room right now hoping the phone will ring and it’s one of her kids making another sex tape. *BAH-RINNG* “Ohthankgod, Kendall, tell me you’re fuck- Dammit, Bruce, I told you not to use this line!”

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  1. I’m not going to lie, I feel sort of bad for her. She always seemed like the most down to earth out of all of those basketcases. Hell, even her and Odom seem pretty normal.

    Now everyone’s going to be harping on this.

    • Bianca

      Yeah, I do too kinda. It’s not her fault her mother is a giant whore and these women are using her to gain any kind of money and fame. Then again, Khloe knows who her mom is and she signed up for this business and is profiting from it thanks to her, so…

    • Venom

      Except for the fact that she targeted and slept her way through all the rich black make NFL and NBA athletes until she finally found one dumb enough to marry her.

      Believe me, she has a 10 year calendar sitting around somewhere and she must be doing everything in her power to get pregnant and get a little lottery ticket, but unfortunately men can’t bear children.

  2. V

    I don’t find her as annoying as the rest of her family. though to be honest not all of them are that bad. It’s kim and kris Jenner who basically are worst people ever. no redeeming qualities whatsoever.

    I watched a couple of episodes, and I can’t remember exactly what triggered the attacks, but Kim practically handed Klhoe her ass over NOTHING via Blackberry chat. She called her a jealous, spiteful bitch and other horrible things that sisters don’t call each other. Kim is such a fucking brat and the worst part is, Khloe didn’t defend herself.

    Kim kardashian is a terrible human being.

  3. LJ

    I guess the moral of the story is that only first ex-wives are allowed to exploit dead Kardashians.

  4. Sensei John Kreese

    I always enjoyed playing as her the best in that old video game ‘Rampage’.

  5. I would be ecstatic to find out that I’m not related completely to the Kardashians. I mean half still sucks but then I can always say, “yea well I take after my dad >:P” or something equally as childish.

  6. Khloe Kardashian
    Commented on this photo:

    Please! These people are so desparate for media attention, Kris probably PAID the ex-wives to say Robert wasn’t Khloe’s father just to drum up drama.

  7. It's the kimkim, bitches

    I’m moving. There is no other option. As far away as possible.

    • Richard McBeef

      minnesota is kardashian free, it was in the pre-nup agreement. plus scandinavian blondes. shit tons of ‘em, dontcha know.

      • It's the kimkim, bitches

        Don’t tempt me Beef. And what the hell would I do with a Scandinavian blonde? You know I’m done with chicks. And besides blondes aren’t my type anyway, dontcha know. Seriously though I almost barfed when I saw this pic bc I know exactly where it is, and bc there’s a Kardashian in it.

    • I’m with you Kimmy. I’ve been wanting to escape the 115 degree summer days with 99% humidity and no wind for a long time now. But I could stand it more than having these slores hanging around Dallas.

  8. Let me guess the next post..a picture of Michael Jacksons three kids with the headline “Freak, Puke, and Princess are not Jacksons”. Khloe at the airport heading to Nepal to see her real family? Those boots are hideous.

  9. Mando

    I think Khloe and Nicole Ritchie have the same dad.

  10. Khloe Kardashian
    Commented on this photo:

    A wild Khloe appears!

  11. AssIn9

    I keep wondering if Kloe’s real dad isn’t one of the ‘friends’ Kris Jenner loves in this insipid video.

  12. Lulu

    I love her. She is the best Kardashian of them and really funny. Who cares who her father is. Drop it.

  13. BlackAndWhiteMinstrel

    I’ll see your insane tweets and raise you this from buggery’s global head of PR:

    “i realise i will be in trouble 4 doing this but.. ireland is a VERY hard place to find help in. So having tried other ways 1st im asking does any1 know a psychiatrist in dublin or wicklow who could urgently see me today please? im really un-well… and in danger.

    “im ill and i desperately need to get back on meds today. am in serious danger. please e mail me at if u know or are a psychiatrist who can help me today (sic).”

    “dont tweet i b away from computer i broke ankle have to go casualty pls.. can any psychiatrist see me today an get me back on meds an help me without me having to go hospital?

    “me dont wanna leave me kids. or f**k up me work. im sorry worrying any1.. is just am sick and ireland s**t for finding help cant think of any other way. (sic)”

    Guess who?
    (P.S. That’s not how you spell sick.)

  14. Venom

    Considering they love to put every single little aspect of their life on TV for their shit shows, they could all be solved quickly with a Kardashian DNA test special, so why don’t they?

  15. “And now we definitely know it’s true because Kardashian Rule #1: The exact opposite of what they say is always the goddamn truth.”

    I knew it; they live in Bizarro World.

  16. Khloe Kardashian
    oh i know
    Commented on this photo:

    she looks like Miley Cyrus 5 years from now in this pic….

  17. Khloe Kardashian
    oh i know
    Commented on this photo:

    she looks cute here, and so much better than in skin-tight clothes!!

  18. gimmie a break...

    This is all just a bunch of ‘noise’ to try and get people to watch their show. They’ve been feeling alot of heat since Kim’s divorce fiasco, and now there are reports of them using child labor in Chinese sweatshops.

    Kris addmitted in her book that she use to screw around on Bob, and on several occations Khloe made light of how her lentage seemed different than that of her sisters.
    Also, since the Star is pretty much on the Kardashian’s payroll I’m sure they ran this by Kris before they ran with it. Just an attempt by PimpCo. to try and get some sympathy.

  19. Alex

    Not worth her time? Nice. With all the E! sheep? Thanks, Kris. I haven’t laughed like that since I was a little girl. You are set to make many millions off the Khole is really Chloe soon to be series.

  20. Weirdo

    I’d still bend her over and eat her ass from behind. I think she’s the hottest “Kardashian”.

    • pornstar

      as opposed to eating her ass from the front? I hope you eat her front the front to, otherwise, you are just gay.

  21. lexloo

    khloe kardashian real father 3:17

  22. Lou Scunt

    Her mother is a slutty lying whore. No news there.

  23. Burp

    I’ve never seen their show, but I hate all of them.

  24. doctor snuggles

    there is a subsctiption for suicide pills?
    …….PLEASE READ IT TO HER, folks!!

  25. Crankybitch

    Khloe looks just like Robert Kardashian. There is no denying he’s her father.

  26. Julia


    Look at this side by side pic of Alex Roldan and Khloe!!

    Alex has been Kris’ hair stylist for 30 years.

  27. Shanaynay

    Kim Kardashian shouldn’t even be called a women. She is such a sad excuse for a human being. No wait, scratch that. She’s not a human being! Darn you, wooly mammoth! For tricking all of us. And let’s not forget the gold digging old bitch, “mrs” Jenner. Why don’t we all unite and throw these two fat asses in a tank full of sharks while on they’re on their periods? That’s when they are money hungry the most. BTW; As much as I hate all of the Kardashians, (note that Bruce is NOT and will NEVER be a Kardashian, thank God) including the flat chested twigs Kylie and Kendall, the ones ungrateful for what they have. They are never happy with their lives. Then children in Africa will gladly except a piece of bread without a problem, and here we have the lousy Kardashian women complaining because they didn’t get the room service that they wanted, the clothes are to small to fit Kim’s fat ass. Kris is mad because she’s an old hag and the botox doesn’t do anymore. Here we have Khloe. I LOVE her hair. That is all.

  28. Khloe Kardashian
    becky g
    Commented on this photo:

    I LOVE that bag!

  29. Khloe Kardashian
    becky g
    Commented on this photo:

    Beautiful Picture!! I want that bag!!

  30. Khloe Kardashian
    Commented on this photo:

    She was so pretty as a teen. She is just aging poorly some people get pretty as they age and some people get uglier. Poor Girl:(

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