Khloe & Lamar Make a Fragrance

February 10th, 2011 // 152 Comments

Khole Kardashian and Lamar Odom have released the ad for their new unisex fragrance “Unbreakable,” and I wouldn’t call this thing a commercial as much as a 30-second documentary on how to survive a Sasquatch attack. Apparently they whisper you into submission, only to lunge onto your back and start shredding the spine as you attempt to sexily pose to get them off you. Which is incredible information to me considering that’s my solution for everything. Just – BOOM! – sexual thunder. Has it stopped a bullet or made a condom unbreak itself? I don’t even think those are serious problems to begin with, so where would I even start? That’s just splitting hairs.


  1. Bucky Barnes

    Unbreakable? Did somebody already own the copyright on “Skank?”

  2. sack lunch

    Too bad that fragrance smells exactly like Grady’s (Sanford & Son) taint.

  3. Karen

    It smells like a mixture of underachievement and overeating.

  4. So I assume this smells like equal parts shame, regret, and sasquatch?

    or in other words, exactly like Snookie.

  5. Fletch

    Why didn’t they just call it Sasquatch?

  6. FruitLoop

    Ah, christ almighty, Fuck!

  7. smarty2345

    It’s not a scent so much as it is an odor.

  8. Smaug

    A fat talentless socialite yeti and a black guy fucking, is that something you want to smell like?

  9. hmna

    Some things just can’t be unseen.

  10. CptCreep

    I think Lady Gaga already beat them to the Blood and Semen smell department.

  11. mean tina

    gross the mom is the voiceover at the end of the commerical.

    • Dana

      I’m pretty sure Kris isn’t the voice at the end, it sounds more like her friend Malikya or however you spell her name.

  12. Joe Blow

    What you meant to write: Khloe & Lamar Make a Fragrance and the gay rumors about him have now been confirmed.

  13. Annie


  14. Rico

    On what planet are these two considered sexy?

    • Bucky Barnes

      Somehow Khloe actually makes Kim appear sexy by comparison. On the other hand, the entire family makes the Budweiser Clydesdales look sexy, so I suppose everything is relative.

      • Cock Dr

        Don’t dis those horses. They are handsome & serve a noble marketing cause.
        But this is fragrance ad campaign is gross…..just GROSS.

      • Bucky Barnes

        They’re more similar than you might think. The Kardashians might not have pulled a beer wagon but they’ve pulled quite a few trains…

  15. seth

    So is this a fragrance for transvestites?

  16. The “fragrance” they create is the collective smell of hundreds of thousands of bowels releasing as this image assaults our minds.

  17. Unbreakable? Yes. The bond between man and beast can be quite strong.

  18. Olpol

    I hear it’s selling like hotcakes back on Kashyyyk.

  19. Unisex perfume? I guess even the product developers aren’t so sure about Khloe’s gender.

  20. A wonderful smell of seat farts from a southwest airline flights and the odor of sweaty arminian wrestlers .

  21. Jacob

    There is nothing appealing about this advert.

  22. Bucky Barnes

    I suppose Khloe having a signature fragrance proves there’s more than one way to brand a heifer.

  23. jojo

    Actually the scent is a simple layer of notes, fart and shame.

  24. doodles

    I’m going to purchase ten bottles of this repugnant stuff and catch me a real elusive big foot out in the woods!

  25. What has been seen…cannot be unseen.
    What has been smelt…cannot be un-smelt.

  26. Khloe Kardashian Lamar Odom
    Commented on this photo:

    khloe and lamar good luck you to! i cant wait to uy your product,i love you and your family’s i can’t stand these negtive peopleon here.just let them drpwn in there own self pity,they have nothing,looking forward to watching the show and most of all,trying unbreakable on my husband.i love the name,it reminds me of you to,unbreakable. love you guys peace thresa

  27. jake_ryan

    “Unbreakable, exclusively at Cabela’s next to the deer urine.”

  28. Nicole

    He looks awkward… I wouldn’t call it a sexy commercial.. I guess they were trying to be sexy? Some people are just not sexy!!! They shouldn’t pretend to be sexy. She’s not horrible looking.. just awkward. I’m a bit sick of the Kardashians…. Bring back some real shows… no more “reality” ones!!

  29. ARIANA

    smell like the testicles of them!!

  30. shankyouverymuch

    A stinking armenian & a filthy gorilla…… Mmmmm now that’s exactly the smell I’ve been waiting for, for YEARS!!!

    On second thought, why don’t I just roll around in a urine & vomit stained dumpster while smearing dog excrement on my face & neck. I’m sure the smell would be the comparable & it would be a lot less expensive…

  31. markg

    So here’s the pitch, they’re married but neither realizes the other is a giant gorilla ASSASSIN. We’ll call it Mr & Mrs Kong. Peter J’s already signed on to direct this one too.

  32. slappy magoo

    Old Spice Guy: “I’m on a horse.”
    Lamar Odom: “The horse is on ME!”

  33. Anya

    I’m assuming that their “fragrance” smells like a mixture of urine, Nair, and snickers??

  34. Jamie Lynn's Uterus

    It must smell like a sweaty jig and some ugly slut just fucked in the bathroom at a bowling alley.

  35. Oz Matters

    I understand that thing on his back started off as a small mole – - which then just got bigger.

  36. Burt


  37. Burt


  38. Dana

    God…imagine if they have kids. They’re gonna be ugly ass monkeys.

  39. No-fault Rough

    I have no problem with this for two reasons

    1) I’m not their target
    2) Even if I was, I would hope they will not be following, gaga’s way of manufacturing their brand of eau the toilette…

  40. Khloe Kardashian Lamar Odom
    Commented on this photo:

    This is why beastiality is illegal.

  41. Khloe Kardashian Lamar Odom
    Commented on this photo:

    Shh, dont tell anyone. The new scent is Wookie musk.

  42. ?

    I’m waiting for the day when celebrities start bottling their farts for mass production.

  43. fdsgfds


  44. No-fault Rough

    I think someone may have mention eau de Alehandro already…

  45. TetterkeT

    I will be surprised if they sell a single ounce of this.

  46. HCV

    Banana Wookie sweat? I’m hoping, here.

  47. Ah yes..I can imagine the smell…essence of sweat and wookie urine..

  48. dead peter

    Here we have the Special Olympics of fragrance commercials.

  49. misterfister

    It probably smells like the toilet on a slave ship.

  50. Unbreakable: 98% Balls, 2% Menthol, 100% Menthol-Balls…Unbreakable

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