1. BIggityBamSon


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  2. arg!

    photoshop. loves it loves it!

  3. Turd Ferguson

    Gosh what a completely organic, natural photo of the girls as they really look.

  4. Not a fuckin chance !

  5. Props to the guy who placed Khloe’s head on that body with great precision though ! You sir, are an ARTIST !

  6. Id

    Man Face.

  7. Elena

    The other sisters are like less hot version of Kim. Do you think they know it?

    • CUDZIE

      I don’t agree at all! Kourtney sizzles!

      • sexy

        Sike Khloe is one sexy bitch her personality is fucken bomb!
        anyone could be kim . um hi im kim i like my car and i do nude pics but act like i dont like it :). Dont get me wrong i love all of them! but it pisses me off when people make fun of klhoe like i dont get it at all when she actully has a funny personality and is BAM! she has a way bigger ass then kim to fyi if you watch their show you can see it and its like oh damn!!

      • Manda

        I think Khloe is the cutest I love her personality and she’s just so damn adorable. She’s beautiful just the way she is! xoxo love you Khloe!

  8. Woodcock

    Why are the kardashians posing with a shaved yeti?

  9. jesse

    look at these dominatrix monkeys.. o soo classy..

  10. KJ

    The things i’d do to Kim…. I’d practice on the others first so I didn’t make a full of myself! They are like stunt doubles.

  11. Erik the Red

    I love that they photoshop the big one so she looks like she’s the height of the other two.

    Like we really don’t know.

  12. Vladimir

    Teh Photoshop skills are strong with this one….

  13. Ray Sist.

    Can you say “Photoshop”? Thighs, arms and face have definitely been altered to smaller dimensions

  14. Kate R

    If you all don’t like the girls, don’t watch them, read about them or drool privately while looking at their photoshopped pics.

  15. Ashley Barnes, KY

    You people are awful!!! Klohe is beautiful in her own ways, I love her! Ya’ll need to shut ur mouths & quit being jealous haterz! So what IF she isnt a Kardashian, she’s still my favorite one!

  16. okay why are you guys mean about khloe. She has never fuck$d on camera. She has never famewhored her existance really and she never said she was perfecct and into herself. She is happily married to a man she loves and guess what she does not care if you think she is ‘Fat: because she is not. Kim is the worst person i have ever seen, heard, in my life. She is the definition of a heartless egotistical whore.

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