Khloe Kardashian’s Marriage Is Going Well

September 27th, 2013 // 18 Comments
That's Not Rehab
Lamar Odom
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When we last left Khloe & Lamar, he’d tricked everyone into thinking he was in rehab when really he was doing so many drugs he somehow willed a Blockbuster back into existence. Since then, his deadbeat dad has popped up in the tabloids to blame the Kardashians for his son’s drug addiction which prompted a tweet from Lamar slamming his dad and praising his in-laws for being, wait for it, “the only family that has loved me without expecting anything in return.” And if that sounds absolutely nothing like the Kardashians, it’s probably because Lamar didn’t even write it because he’s been holed up in a hotel with two chicks and all the crack money can buy, according to TMZ. Which probably explains why Khloe just dropped Odom from her last name on Twitter. As for who wrote the fake tweet? My guess would be Mason with Kris Jenner holding a gun to his head because it’s time that kid stopped freeloading. “You won’t climb back into your mother’s uterus for another pregnancy special then you type for Gramma. Simple as that. – *drinks Penelope’s blood, wipes mouth* – Not today, death. Not today…”

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  1. billbo baggins

    i bet all the kardashian girls wind up with 20 marriages between them.

    • 21. The Gabor sisters hold the record at 20—if you include the one Zsa Zsa had to get annulled because she technically hadn’t finished divorcing the last one yet—so that’s the number to beat.

  2. Thebean

    You know I usually don’t comment on stories, nor do I really care about celebrity gossip; obviously the only reason for my visits is to check out the view.
    However to the point, it’s been my stance since this whole ordeal that the kardashian’s are behind all this in a attempt (which seems to be work) to slur odom’s name. I don’t care about odom, I’m not a fan of his, just being neutral here.
    Would you really put it past the kardashian PR machine to plot something like this. Who else would have control of his twitter, or have the power to keep this idiotic story out there for so long.

  3. not gonna lie…bitch wears that look well.

  4. oh i know

    ok, I am not a fan of this group, however I do find Khloe the least unlikeable. seems like she really loves Lamar, still wearing her ring, and she was went off-camera to try to save the marriage–more than the others would do, I imagine. I hope things work out for her….

  5. Gold digging bitch is probably pissed that he is snorting and smoking away all his money before she can get her hands on it in a divorce.

  6. George RR Martin

    I see the Game of Thrones reference, Arya.

    But who’s the Needle? Lamar?

  7. I heard Lamar is looking for a new attorney for the divorce. The last one just told him to let the wookie win.

  8. First Khloe dropped “The Wookiee” from her name, and now she’s losing “Odom”…pretty soon she’ll be identified by an unpronounceable sign, probably a sasquatch footprint.

  9. Who is Penelope?

  10. Ruby

    Shoddy reporting!!! We all know that Kris’s grandchildren are forced to refer to her as “mom’s, uh, hotter sister” and then supress their gag reflex

  11. Khloe looks so blue. Maybe if I were to suck on her nipples it would improve her outlook…

  12. Kourtney Kardashian Cleavage Side Boob Slicked Back Hair DASH Store
    Commented on this photo:

    Her head is bigger than her ass, and her ass is huge… truly a beast this ugly Sasquatch is.

  13. Robb7

    Yeah, who’s Penelope?

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