Another Kardashian Ratings Baby for The Ratings, Baby!

Ok, I know the guy in this picture has Kylie Jenner on his shirt, but that doesn’t change the fact that he’s still pretty stoked that Khloe (with a K) is also hopping on the pregnancy bus.

In an attempt to solidify a 30+ year contract with E! Khloe Kardashian is having a baby with her boyfriend Tristan Thompson. In case you forgot to pick up your farmer’s almanac, this makes a total of three Kardashian/Jenner babies expected to pop out in the spring of 2018. Although her highest level of education is a GED, Khloe was smart enough to not let Lamar Odom toss an anchor baby into her uterus, so this is surprisingly her first kid.

Our sources say Khloe is 3 months pregnant.  We’re told Khloe conceived naturally.  So far, she doesn’t know the sex of the baby. (from TMZ)

I’m guessing that the guy in the picture above is holed up in his self storage locker, True Detective style, trying to crack the code of how they are all reproducing at the same time and how it directly correlates to the number of natural disasters that are happening everywhere.

“First there was Kim – BOOM – fires in Burbank. Then Kylie – bye, Puerto Rico!  Now Khloe is preg-“
**tremors begin violently shaking the ground**
“… oh shit.”