Khloe Kardashian & Lamar Odom Are Probably Getting Divorced

May 1st, 2012 // 56 Comments
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Khloe Kardashian and Lamar Odom are officially taking the summer off from reality television. Let me interpret that for you, “Expect to see more of us than ever before!” Because if there’s one thing the Kardashians do well it’s being completely full of shit. US Weelky reports:

“Our show is not cancelled,” Kardashian tells Entertainment Tonight. “Lamar and I have chosen to take a break this summer. We’ve been on a whirlwind doing back-to-back shows, and we just want to take a little time off for Lamar to be with family time, kids, basketball, Olympics — you never know. So, we have a lot on our plate right now.

That said, look out for E!’s Super New summer line up including Khloe & Lamar: A Fairy-Tale Pregnancy, Khloe & Lamar Take London, Khloe & Lamar Eat Sandwiches, When Animals Attack, Finding Bigfoot: The We Found Her Special, ect. Oh yeah, about that headline. I’m bound by my job description as interim blogger to wildly speculate based on zero factual evidence whatsoever. You understand.

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  1. Bonky

    “Khloe Kardashian & Lamar Odom Are Probably Getting Divorced”

    Well, momma gets what momma wants.

    • Sydney

      shut the fuck up you bitch! Khloe and Lamar are so in love it’s crazy. Havent you seen the show? They are not getting divorced! And if they are, then it’s not for a LONG time.

  2. Dude of Dudes

    Yeah that reality show about the Sasquatch hunters is evidently about a bunch of special needs adults who cant find their asses with both hands. The Squatch is right fucking there you morons.

  3. Smapdi

    How can you need time off when you don’t do anything!!

  4. EricLr

    Wow, I really thought this one was going to last until they were both old and gray. And by “until they were both old and gray” I mean, of course “until next season of the show.”

  5. it had to be said

    Olympics? Are they going to visit? Because I would be surprised if Mr. Quitter has a spot on Team USA.

  6. it had to be said

    Did she dunk on him yesterday? That would be grounds for divorce.

    • cc

      Even with the heels she had on yesterday it would take NASA surplus shuttle boosters to get her to dunk.

  7. anonym

    their fucked up family will all get divorced.
    there’s a 100% probability/certainty.

    all we have left is the other midget sister

    • Sydney

      can you shut the fuck up? You are so annoying and you dont even know them so it’s not fair. I bet you havent even seen the show. and if you have then still, screw you. just because you dont like the show doesnt mean you gotta be so fucking rude.

    • Londyn

      What the fuck! you dont no shit, and even if they did split! BIG FUCKING DEAL~!!! I reckon all the celeb couples and up splitting!

  8. Deacon Jones

    This particular breed of water buffalo is always desperate for attention.

    It’s been known to breed with gorillas and eat its own young in order for other species to look at it.

  9. Hedgehog

    fat asses must run on the female side of the family

  10. catapostrophe

    ETC.–not ect.

  11. Starting to think the whole Kevin Jonas show is Seacrest’s way of getting viewers hooked onto another family to prepare for the eventual collapse of the Kardashian TV empire.

    Next in about a year we will hear the Lovato fam is getting a e! show.

  12. JC

    Of course the show isn’t canceled. It’s not like E! has anything else to broadcast. I’m surprised they don’t air video of the empty apartment while they’re on vacation.

  13. Ian Burke

    Good for him! He’s too nice of a guy to be mixed up with that Armenian TRASH!!!!

    Now if we could only deprogram Bruce Jenner!

  14. west

    This was a business deal from the start. It is their job fleecing their fans any way they can. Porn,fake weddings .children out of wedlock are all fair game.

  15. El Jefe

    She and her family used that dumb monkey (not meant in a racist way), got what they wanted out of him and he destroyed his basketball career, and now they are going to drop him and on top of all that this sea cow of a bitch will get a huge divorce settlement out of this moron because you know his dumbass did not sign a prenup.

    • Ilium

      Actually she is worth more than him so if she was too dumb to sign a prenup, then he will be getting lots of Kardashian Kash.

  16. Anonymous

    Take a break? If I’m not mistaken neither one of them have a job. It’s that camera following them around that pays the bills.

    • ME

      neither of them need a “JOB” they get paid everyday, alot more than what you and me in a year. soooooo to answer your question YES they have a few jobs…

  17. Large Pun

    I can not believe Lamar!
    Khloe is such a beast Yeti stays married to her.

    • Sydney

      first of all, Khloe is beautiful. I would love to look like her. You are probably a fat piece of shit or an enerexic peice of trash. FUCK YOU ASS WHOLE! GO TO HELL

    • Heidi

      Shut the fuck up! Khloe inspires people to believe in them selves, any shape, size or colour!

  18. Mama Pinkus

    these gals go through men the way I go through tissues……it hard to feel sorry for any guy who would marry one of these self-centered entitled bitches


    Khloe….all these people that are posting are pure idiots. They sure were interested enough in you to click on the story that contained a story about you…huh? All calling you a lard ass? Really? You are drop dead beautiful, and you know that. You just continue to laugh while you sit back and rake in all the dough. Everyone in this world can not please each person in this world. Keep your head up, continue to smile, and remember…you will always have some dummy trying to put you down!

    • Is that “RJMATTIE” as in Randal J. Mattie?

    • Crissy

      Ok, Khloe, I know you have a lot of time on your hands now, but seriously?!!! You actually responding to bloggers now?

    • ME

      I agree you RJMATTIE.. let the haters hate, she out of that entire family, is the one that kind of has a head on her shoulders.. and I totally love Lamar, he is one of a kind..

    • Sydney

      I totally agree with you. These people rip on Khloe because they have nothing better to do. They are probably ugly shits.

  20. Khloe Kardashian Lamar Odom Show Cancelled
    Commented on this photo:

    “On the next episode of Finding Bigfoot, watch as guest tracker Jesse Ventura comes within five feet of a Sasquatch!”

  21. I suspect they are taking the summer “off” so they can try to make some young-uns. Gotta keep the legacy going, right?

  22. zach

    You are an idiot for your wild speculation. Odom’s life has been in a tailspin for a while now. He needs our support, not more people that want to tear him down.

    Let’s wildly speculate about your future. You will be a miserable failure at whatever you decide to do next in your career.

    ‘Feel good? My point exactly.

    • ME

      Its just how you put it Zack, ppl are just waititng to put others down and talk about how bad they are and how horrible they are doing. BUT those are the same ppl that need to look themselves in the mirror and analize their life. it probably SUCKS thats why they want to see everyones else the same..

      noone shows no support for noone.

  23. mimi

    are you all kidding me there not breaking up and us weekly is stupid there not full of shit THERE HUMAN like everyone else and there tired of everyone watching every little move they make there trying to have a baby and i bet its kinda hard with everyone up there ass

  24. Paul McKie

    Lame-R without a job and media exposure is of no use to this GRIFTER family. He has overstayed his welcome and his 15 minutes is over. He must be sent on his way!

    I thank Seacrest for this dysfunctional family the same way that I thank McCan’t for the Palins. May they all get what they deserve

  25. ME

    Couldnt agree more with you @mimi.. let them laugh, while Lamar and Kloe are having the time of their life…
    they need to worry about whats going on with their lifes.

  26. Debbie

    The Kardashians suck,I wish that one day I could turn the internet on and nothing about those freaks would be plastered in front of me. Lamar Is just as bad, I use to like him untill the Kardashians took over his life and made him one of them, So Please Kardashains,Jenners and everyone involved with them or their stupid shows Just Go Away.

    • Sydney

      The Kardashians do not suck you fat piece of shit. You dont even know them so it’s not fair. Just cause you dont like the show doesnt mean you have to rip on them you FAT WHORE!!!!! Dont go on the internet then you shit head. They are not ALL over the internet. If you think that, you are crazy. Lamar is not bad at all. He’s just a guy that plays basketball and is married to a beautiful woman. Why dont you just go away you dip shit.

  27. vader

    Chewbacca can’t give birth,lamar can’t stay in the NBA means Kris “THE PIMP’ Jenner’s empire is loosing money. But fear not,as long as Kim is around,she keeps her pimp hand strong.

  28. just truth

    Which Kardashian is posting under the fake name “Sydney”??? Nobody could be this in love with a Kardashian other than a piece of trash Kardashian!

  29. Khloe Kardashian Lamar Odom Show Cancelled
    Commented on this photo:

    The expression on their faces is priceless..

  30. Khloe Kardashian Lamar Odom Show Cancelled
    Commented on this photo:

    Careful. That’s the face wookies make right before they charge.

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