Khloe Kardashian Kissed Beyonce’s Ass For Kim

[Ed. Note: Most beautiful woman in the world, folks. – SW]

Posted by Photo Boy

Since Beyonce’s friends practically tripped over themselves getting the word out ASAP that Kim Kardashian will get beaten with a fake baby before she’s ever in the same room as Gwyneth Paltrow’s black friend, Khloe Kardsahian has apparently come to her sister’s defense by shamelessly blowing sunshine up Beyonce’s ass presumably while Kris Jenner waves a raw steak in front of her face. Via Twitter:

Beyonce really is so stunning! She looks flawless in People magazine. Great article… She’s so in love :)

While it may seem like she’s trying to make Beyonce think that her family isn’t the epicenter of whore-creation and all that is terrible and dark in this universe, I see it as aligning herself with the enemy or at least trying to score a spot in Beyonce and Jay-Z’s panic bunker for when the anti-matter emerges from Kim’s ass and blinks us out of existence. Don’t believe me? Here’s Khloe literally saying she’d let Kim drown given the choice between her and Kourtney. And even that may seem like an innocent anecdote, but considering the fact that she’s willing to deal with a lifetime of this over her own blood reveals a twisted hatred that, God willing, will Sasquatch-maul the entire family to death.

Photo: Splash News