The Ass Circle Is Ass Complete, Now Khloe Is The Ass Master

With Kim Kardashian relinquishing her ass crown to chase an impossible dream that’s never going to happen even if you dropped her from the Empire State Building, it’s now Khloe’s turn to bask in the warm ass sunlight. So here she is riding a horse while the space age Rubbermers™ that make up her ass bounce up and down which has naturally captivated the Internet because we’ll literally stare at fucking anything on here. Case in point, there’s a video where an Asian man’s giant erection (just go with it) destroys an entire building after making an abuelita’s giant titties dance. It’s been viewed 151 million times. We’re never going to space again.

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Photos: RMBI/The Grosby Group/Vantagenews/AKM-GSI