Khloe Kardashian: ‘Airport Securty is Like Rape’

BEAR RAPE. Something she knows all too much about. From being in this photo.

Because we are at our most lost without the sage guidance of the fabled “Sésquac,” Khloe Kardashian has thrown its hat into the TSA debate and equated airport security with rape on Lopez Tonight. RadarOnline reports:

“Well, they basically are just raping you in public,” she said. ” I got asked the other day, do you want to go for a screening or get patted down. I don’t want that X-Ray to see everything, honey.
“But the people are so aggressive. It’s like, ‘Chill out, you didn’t find anything on me yet, calm down. They say, ‘OK, I’m going to be patting you down and I’m going to be touching the crease of your ass.’ That is so inappropriate.”

Okay, first off, beasts of burden aren’t allowed on flights. You have to them checked. Second, if the TSA really did want to check Khloe Kardashian’s ass for terrorists, they clearly mistook her for Kim which she shouldn’t pretend hasn’t always been her life-long, innermost dream. Seriously, no one’s going to begrudge her for wanting to walk down the street and just once hear, “Hey, it’s the big ass one!” instead of the usual cries to alert the game warden. We all have feelings.

Photos: Splash News