Khloe Got Fired From ‘X Factor’ Because Kris Jenner Kept Trying To Get Mario Lopez Fired

When Khloe Kardashian got fired from X Factor, everyone just assumed it was because she’s terrible and her only showbiz experience is being the (bastard half-)sister of some chick Ray J peed on and Mario Lopez is a consummate professional. Turns out Kris Jenner fucked everything up which, in hindsight, should’ve been everyone’s first guess. What the fuck’s our problem? Radar Online reports:

“Everyone thinks that Mario hated working with Khloe,” a source close to the situation told Radar, acknowledging there were time he grew frustrated. “But he was nothing but encouraging and supportive (to Khloe),” the source added. “It was her mother Kris who was the problem.”
“Kris would go to the producers and say Mario was being pushy and insensitive and she’d often confront Mario directly. There was even a very absurd incident when Kris suggested to the producers that they should dump Mario and replace him with one of her other daughters. Kris claimed that the chemistry between Mario and Khloe just didn’t work and that Kim or Kourtney would be a better fit.
“Well, the producers agreed with the no chemistry argument, but also that Khloe was in over her head – and that’s why she’s gone.”

In Kris Jenner’s defense, everyone should know by now that if you hire one Kardashian, she’ll try to shoehorn in the rest. Which is why you want to make sure to lay out traps that allow one of them to carry poison back to the colony, killing them where they live. Or am I thinking of cockroaches? Either way, same principle.

Photo: Splash News, WENN