K-Fed rips Britney

December 14th, 2005 // 19 Comments

kfederline_nogood.jpgBritney Spears has hit out at reports that her husband Kevin Federline recently slammed their marriage.

In a new report by In Touch Weekly , Federline seemingly criticizes his wife’s attitude towards their marriage. He is quoted as saying, “I love her. But ask me now about life apart from Britney, and all I can say is, ‘Can it be any worse than living with her?’ I am doing what she wanted, getting out of the house and trying to find work, but I do that and she trashes my efforts. She just wants me at her beck and call as a little house husband. Marriage is something you don’t go into lightly. She has to learn she can’t just pick me up and dump me off, like her first husband.” But Spears’ spokesperson hit out at the report: “The story is untrue and hurtful and he didn’t give them an interview. He and Britney are as normal as other couples, they fight and they make up. They are fine and happy.”

I’ll just assume the quote attributed to Kevin is true. Unless it involves Britney joining Mensa or Kevin winning the spoken word grammy, I’ll believe every story I read about them. I particularly like the part where he talks about trying to find work. Where, exactly? If you’re a guy, and all your resume says is ‘professional dancer’, the only jobs you’re really qualified for involve g-strings, body-wax, and rousing games of Mr. Tickle-Feather with guys in leather skirts. Good luck with that Kev.


  1. “She has to learn she can’t just pick me up and dump me off, like her first husband.”


  2. DrDanny

    K-Fed wouldn’t say anything like that in public — she’s his only meal ticket! That’d be like taking a dump on your kitchen counters. He’s not that stupi… Oh, yeah, I guess he probably is.

  3. MissyHissy

    I’m gonna be sick! What a freakin’ looser!!!!!! (K-Fed, I mean)

  4. JerseyGirl

    They “are as normal as other couples”? The “other couple” must be Whitney and Bobby!

  5. rivercmb

    Has anybody seen the Britney fan website http://divorcekevin.com/

    Britney fans are becoming political active, next they’ll be pushing for the George Bush in ’08

  6. MacMac

    I’m sorry, but anyone who has heard this boy “rap” knows that he is not only incapable of any sort of wit, but coherent speech!

    The first husband comment is hilarious, though.

  7. K-Fed is my garbage man.

  8. MortyFishbein

    Can we stop calling him “K-Fed?” I mean giving him a cutesy nickname, as any Nazi doctor, slave trader and clinical psychologist will tell you, humanizes him which, of course, causes us to empathize with him.

    This will inevitably lead to him getting a gig on some show, say, The Best Damn Sports Show Period like Tom Arnold. Remember Mr. Roseanne/Half of the Nastiest Couple in America/Creepozoid? Well, when he got a name he got more career opportunities and I think we can all agree that’s the last thing we want for Kevin Federlies.

  9. SpiderMomma

    Seriously, is Kev allergic to soap or just bathing in general?

  10. ~S.Starr~

    “He and Britney are as normal as other couples, they fight and they make up. They are fine and happy”


    Really? B/C from my experience happy wives don’t send their happy husbands cars back to the dealership…and happy wives don’t cut off happy husbands credit cards…

    I don’t believe a word anything a publisist says. Hell…Nick and Jessicas publisist said they were fine and happy until the day before they announced their divorce.

  11. skankhater

    I really hope they stay together….it’s cheap (meant in the most literal term) entertainment.

    As I’ve said before….you just cannot buy class.

  12. MD2020

    “She has to learn she can’t just pick me up and dump me off, like her first husband.”

    Or, like the mother of his first two kids.

  13. cissysanders

    Kevin needs to roll back under the trailer he rolled out of. Britney’s not much better but hell, give her some respect. she is the bread winner after all…

  14. is it really wise for him to openly dis his only source of income?

  15. Lynette Carrington

    Dear Kevin, I have a job for you! I desperately need somebody to clean the toilets and scrub the floors at my businesses in Tempe, Arizona. I know it’s not much, but you could certainly EARN more money than doing nothing, which you apparently REALLY GOOD at. And you certainly wouldn’t get yourself any dirtier than you already are……And you probably wouldn’t smell any worse than you already do, based on how dirty your clothing always looks…..And I will even let you roll in at noon after your hangover wears off a little. I will also give you all the free Red Bull and Cheetos you can ingest. That, alone may be enough to sway you. Please let me know!

  16. naeco

    they are both ugly to begin with, they should relocate to mexico and live trash with them monkeys.

  17. sadietolstoy

    He is dumber than I thought if he really said these things. But then he has shown he’s stupid anyway by partying like a frat boy instead of playing the role of Dutiful Husband. If he had any sense he’d be kissing Britney’s ass and doing whatever it takes to keep his meal ticket.

  18. HollyJ

    He’s so nasty, I bet dust mites won’t even shit on his pillow.

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