K-Fed plans to open a nightclub

January 19th, 2006 // 23 Comments

*kevin_federline_thumb3.jpgKevin Federline reportedly wants to open a Vegas nightclub, according to In Touch Weekly. The magazine reports that there


  1. ESQ

    First comment : )

    Britney please take out your garbage already, it sinks!

  2. gossipmonger

    OMG, he’s going to “try his hand at everything”, use every last cent of Brit’s to do it, then he’ll dump her fat ass when he’s bled her dry. Then him ‘n Paris can hook up… Then he’ll secretly film Ricky Martin pissing all over Paris in the shower, and then he’ll sell it on the internet… (with Paris’ permission of course.. hey, any publicity is good, as long as they spell your name right?)

  3. Britney should be more supportive. A fly nightclub on the Strip is her only hope of ever having a singing career again. And if that fails – prostitution.

  4. juicylips

    why is he still breathing? he shouldve suffocated under Brit big fat ass by now.

  5. SuperSpence

    If I had a choice between giving my money to Kevin Federline or putting my money into a brown paper bag and then lighting the bag on fire and then throwing that flaming bag of money off a cliff into the Atlantic Ocean, I’d choose the bag option. The money is gone either way, but at least with the bag option I’d have the pleasure of watching K-Fed jump off that cliff in pursuit of my cash.

  6. PapaHotNuts

    SuperSpence- you have been absolutely genius lately!

  7. SuperSpence

    Thanks, Papa. Let’s give credit where credit is due. The celebs set ‘em up, I just knock ‘em down.

  8. PapaHotNuts

    This guy couldn’t get a job stocking green beans at Wal-Mart, but now he’s gonna be a nightclub owner? Why is God punishing us?

    He should name it “Douche” but pronounce it “Doo-shay” so it sounds all French-like.

  9. SuperSpence

    He should name it “Douche” but pronounce it “Doo-shay” so it sounds all French-like.

    REPLY: Not only is that brilliant, I’d give it at least a 50% chance of success if someone actually proposed it to K-Fed.

  10. Jayne

    I’d honestly go to his club.
    And urinate everywhere.

  11. Someone should beat this mug over the head with his own shin bone. Honestly.

  12. John

    Why doesn’t he just use his millions from being a rap star? Sorry guys, I couldn’t type this one out without laughing. I went for it but knew I’d crack up.

  13. Instead of trying to think of new titles for all of your posts about K-Fed, you should just stick with, “K-Fed is an Idiot” for all of them. Cause no matter what you end up writing in the post, that title will be appropriate.

  14. Zed

    I just watched K-Fed’s Access Hollywood interview, in which he speaks of PopoZao as his “masterpiece of a song.”

    I’m still laughing! This guy cracks me up totally. Can the words “masterpiece” and “song” be any more inappropriate?

  15. Kelly

    Man needs an easy way to spread his seed. She is hella stupid if she goes thru with it. I mean is like letting a recovering crack head live with Bobby and Whitney, open access.

  16. HughJorganthethird

    Try his hand at everything eh? Why not a restaurant K-fed?

    “International House of Douchebags” perhaps?

  17. BadGoat

    Britney – you are so stupid! You have two little boys at home, one of them being your husband.

    Karma works in mysterious ways, don’t it?

  18. mrschickee

    Papa & SuperSpence – You guys are cracking me up. Thanks for the laugh!

  19. HollyJ

    “Hey Britney, let’s open a whore house in Las Vegas!” is the next step, followed by, “Hey Britney, I’m gonna go hit some Vegas clam!”

    I suspect that Nevada hooker clam is better than Brit’s Louisiana crab trap. (Someone pass the lemon)

  20. vida

    Even if he’s the owner? Don’t u mean ‘especially’ if he’s the owner? Cuz otherwise, the only time he’d get noticed was if you wanted your table cleared and gave him your empties….if then.

  21. DannyJames

    Kevin Federline must have a huge Tommy Lee dick or somethin cuz why else would Britney put up him?

  22. This would have to be the worst club ever….but probably on par with most clubs in vegas.

  23. yeah, the club’s called ‘Moocher’

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