K-Fed making outrageous demands

December 15th, 2005 // 33 Comments

tn_spears_fed2_cr.jpgIt was one thing when Kevin Federline was just spending Britney’s money on the occasional strippers in Vegas, pot and unneccessary sports cars. But now he’s wondering if he can take her for an amount that would make Anna Nicole Smith blush.

According to America’s In Touch Weekly magazine, during this tempestuous period of his marriage former dancer Kevin consulted lawyers to ask whether he could demand a “$125 million settlement” if the marriage ended.

I’m not even sure Britney has $125 million after blowing some of her fortune on Cheetos, psychics and traumatic life-like nativity scenes for the baby’s bedroom. In real people’s court, K-Fed would be laughed back to the county fair dance-a-thon from whence he came. But considering Britney’s first marriage lasted for a couple a days, this union is like 20 years in comparison. Damn, maybe he has a chance.


  1. Didnt Britney used to be a singer or something? When did she turn into the blonde Delta Burke?

  2. K-Fed might actually rid us all of Britney and her horrendous soul stench.

    ….go k-fed, go…!

  3. Juliette

    I hope he sucks her dry of every penny she is worth. Then she will try and put out another record, which no one will buy. Then she will officially be a broke trailer trash hoe.

  4. Britney will need cash fast to pay her lawyers…and that means a celebrity bukkake special on VH1 or FOX.

  5. nichole

    I HATE KEVIN FEDERLINE. Just the sight of him makes me so angry! He’s like the epitome of what girls should stay away from, yet they fall for anyway. I HATE KFED.

  6. ~S.Starr~

    Okay…that will never happen. Once again Mr. KFed forgot that little thing called a prenup. Which reportedly states that he can not sue britney for any of her income. The stipulations however say that he gets $300,000 for every year they are married. So, if they divorced now…he would only walk away with $300,000.

    Just some food for thought…K-Fed is stupid. Whose lawyer is going to win…Britneys (who is a “celebrity” lawyer that deals with lawsuits for her everyday and costs more than I make in a year)…Or Kevins lawyer (most likely some cheap unexperienced guy that Kev promised a bag of weed to if he helped him out). COME ON!!!!

  7. BurnZ

    K-fed got his fame by marrying britney spears and now shes ugly and nobody likes her anymore. So why are we talking about these pieces of has been trash.

  8. CoJo

    Seriously – this is what happens when girls save their virginity. Due to such inexperience, they end up falling for the first (or second, or third) one to turn them out. I blame it all on chastity which is why I’m just a big whore who will never get played by anyone like k-fed. If there is a God, K-Fed will end up dancing for dollars on the streetcorner after she comes to her senses!

  9. rivercmb

    This guys stock just keeps rising in my books. The male whore is a rare and beautiful creature. In my dreams, I picture him in a meadow somewhere, stealing food.

    And three cheers for CoJo whoring in up. On behalf of guys everywhere, we appreciate the ones who don’t make us try very hard. jk

  10. Lynette Carrington

    If he only makes out with $300k, lawyers will take 1/3 of that and he’ll be left with $200k, take out taxes, wifebeaters, Red Bull and Cheetos, that leaves him with $12.46 which should be enough to buy his own CD and catapult him to status of “jello” sales for his pathetic singing efforts.

  11. I wanna marry Britney for a week. Can someone tell me how many millions will I earn?

  12. JerseyGirl

    Supposedly she lost her virginity to Justin and she should have just stayed with him. But she had to be a ho and cheat on him with her choreographer! It

  13. MacMac

    Blonde Delta Burke…! That’s great!

    Anyone remember when she was voted “Sexiest Woman in the World” or some such garbage? Correct me if I’m wrong, but isn’t she still alive?

    Of course, these are the same rocket scientists that ruled Jessica Biel “Sexiest Woman” too. It’s like getting that vote sounds the death knell for your career!

  14. MrPloppy

    Lets say the guy gets 200k after taxes in the settlement. If he had sex with every day. It works out at almost $550 a fuck plus expenses (food, pot, cars, board). My knowledge of man whores is limited to Deuce Bigalow so I

  15. Zanathon

    K-Fed deserves every bit of the money he is asking for.

    Don’t think, for one measley second, that it’s a “slam-dunk” making babies. Kevin is a craftsman when it comes to the art of conception.

    For just a moment, put yourselves into Mr.Federline’s Proda shoes. It can’t be all that easy getting it up, time and again, for that nasty she-beast who claims she’s not a girl, not yet a woman.

    The only way Kevin can probably muster an errection for Britney is by doing her doggie style, while parting her ass cheeks and stating, “You have the most beautiful brown eye I’ve ever seen.”

    Britney’s under the false assumption that K-Fed’s dancing designer genes ‘come’ for free. Nuh-uh, you Big Gulp belching, Slurpee sucking, lip-synching lich. Guess again.

  16. suzy

    ok, i feel bad for britney… sure she can be a dumbass sometimes.. but still…

    “k-fed” wants $125 mil but will end up with $10 after Brit sues him for all the money she spent on him…

    she bought the house, THE RING, the food, the baby clothes, the everything, HIS “FAME” what else does he fucking want?? she just needs to leave him… give him nothing because he’s a worthless piece of shit who needs a job and pay child support…


  17. ki

    White trash + $ = soul-sucking piles of human vomit that somehow still make the news. You know what? God bless the great fucking nation of America. Really. I’m not being facetious. Try being a brain-dead talentless hammerhead-shark-faced skank in any other country in the world and you’d be shot or at least have acid thrown in your face. America is the land of equal opportunities, bitches.

  18. Georgia

    Hopefully they will take a trip somewhere and their private jet will crash.

  19. Sheva

    Pay child support for lil Preston or the other kids not getting not even a piece of bread from the unemployable Kfed.

    As in those Shar kids are not Kfed at all.

  20. becca11

    it is really weird how people hate her that much, it is like people really know her. She seems kinda dumb and doesn’t take care of her appearance anymore but… most pop stars are talentless and dumb, atleast she could dance around a bit. She doesn’t seem cruel or anything, shes always smiling and making goofy faces, she doesn’t seem to take herself that seriously, so why should we? She needs to divorce this guy though… he is sick.

  21. HollyJ

    SHE smokes TOO? crap

    Everyone in LA has ashtray breath.

  22. Linnea

    I never thought there would be a day that I would feel bad for Britney Spears. Wow. This is pathetic.

  23. nikki

    i think K-Fed and Shar planned this all along. use the dumb biyatch for everything you can get from her and then go back home to your Baby Mama. go K-Fed!!!! :worship:

  24. ~S.Starr~

    Anyone who is sticking up for this guy or “worshiping” him or giving him props are sad pathetic people. I hope someday someone does the same thing to you…see how many props you give him then…morons.

  25. rivercmb


    Get over yourself. She fucked a man she knew was married with kids. If he messes her life over, well I guess Karma is a bitch

  26. sammygirl

    Nobody put a gun to Britney’s head and said “Marry this deadbeat now or die!” In fact, her people were begging her not to marry the guy, that’s why they forced her to sign the prenup, and good thing they did. But even so, in the state of California, any money made during the marriage is divided in half. I doubt he’d ever get $125 million from her, but he will get whatever she made while married, which is still probably in the millions because of her perfume line and other random promotions she’s been doing.

    Let’s face it, K-Fed is going to win no matter what. He’ll get lots of money from her either way and really, what else does the loser want? We shouldn’t feel sorry for Britney, she got herself into this mess, but I do feel bad for the kid. What the hell did he ever do to get these trainwrecks as parents?

  27. nikki

    Aren’t we forgetting that it was Britney who proposed to this guy?

    That it was Britney who did not even tell her family she was getting married — they showed up to what they thought was an engagement party.

    And what were Kevin and his homies wearing? jackets with the word “PIMP” on the back.

    K-Fed has never for a single moment been dishonest about who and what he is. Britney proposed to him anyway.

    Seems to me that Mama Lynn shoulda left her married to the high school boy. but no they rushed to pressure her into a divorce. and look who she ends up with. Dumbass. Take her for all she’s worth K-Fed. and then go back and marry your first Baby Mama. mwahahahahahahaha!!!!!

  28. ~S.Starr~


    Never said anything about Britney…so I’m not sure I get the point of your snide comment. I don’t feel sorry for her at all…she married someone shitty because she loved him…happens all the time!

    MY POINT (which went over your head) is that people that are approving and “rooting on” his behavior just because you don’t like or agree with her and her choices is moronic. It’s like telling an abusive husband that its okay to hit his wife because she chose to marry his abusive ass.

    As for Karma…EVERYONE (including you) has done some shit that later didn’t seem too smart. No ones perfect… so YOU need to get over YOURSELF!

  29. JerseyGirl

    Rivercmb: KFed was never married to Shar, but she was 5 or 6 months preggers with his 2nd child when Britney decided she wanted him.

    Again, why Britney would think that he would be any different with her is beyond me. Once a dog always a dog.

  30. thunderbolt

    I believe that Britney has actually been “played” by a number of different girls, and that the brand name known as “Britney” was cretaed by the cultural machine to generate revenue on every level. As evidence, I would offer her greatly fluctuating brest size, and the lyrics of some of her songs, such as “Oops! I Did It Again” and “Lucky”… The current “Britney”, which seems to most fascinate the press, is actually one of many, and also happens to be the epitome of white trash. Looks like it’s time to hire another candidate or two, before the entire enterprise takes a nosedive…

  31. nikki

    i must admit that i never thought of Britney as white trash until she picked up with K-Fed. her handlers hid it better when she was dating Justin. now she can’t hide her classlessness if she tried.

    and to Starr: it’s not the marriage to K-fed that’s the problem. like you said, people make mistakes. it’s that she wagged her money in front of a man with two young babies, and now she expects him to change just bec she has one for him. there are 3 innocent kids at the center of this chaos. if you want to get upset about something, don’t waste your upset on another poster whose opinion differs from yours — get upset on behalf of these 3 innocent kids.

  32. ~S.Starr~

    That Nikki…I will agree with :)

  33. ThatsHot

    Nikki, you’re so right. God bless the child that’s got his own. Honey, Brit is whitetrash to the core. Did you happen to see the pics of her walking into a PUBLIC BATHROOM BAREFOOT? I doubt that was because she was a carefree newlywed. Behavior like that is engrained (or is it inbread?). Or the wonderful shot of her walking down the street with a huge brown stain on her shirt! Why do you think she drinks all that shit from Starfucks? ‘Cause she thinks it makes her look sophisticated. “See ya’ll, I don’t even like coffee, but my momma told me that if I’m seen comin out of one them there coffee shops it’ll make me look upscale and….. and…. Damn it, I got distracted by Kev’s manpris-whitesocks-flipflops combo. That is just so damn sexy! But like I was sayin, me havin one of them cups wit the lady on it makes me look rich! Jed Clampet rich! I even got me one of them concrete ponds out back!”

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