K-Fed making outrageous demands

tn_spears_fed2_cr.jpgIt was one thing when Kevin Federline was just spending Britney’s money on the occasional strippers in Vegas, pot and unneccessary sports cars. But now he’s wondering if he can take her for an amount that would make Anna Nicole Smith blush.

According to America’s In Touch Weekly magazine, during this tempestuous period of his marriage former dancer Kevin consulted lawyers to ask whether he could demand a “$125 million settlement” if the marriage ended.

I’m not even sure Britney has $125 million after blowing some of her fortune on Cheetos, psychics and traumatic life-like nativity scenes for the baby’s bedroom. In real people’s court, K-Fed would be laughed back to the county fair dance-a-thon from whence he came. But considering Britney’s first marriage lasted for a couple a days, this union is like 20 years in comparison. Damn, maybe he has a chance.