K-Fed Breaks His Hand

November 16th, 2005 // 4 Comments

kevin_federline_thumb1.jpgProfessional dancer and hillbilly man-servant Kevin Federline has apparently broken his hand after falling from a podium in The Spider Club while trying out some moves. A fellow club-goer is quoted by Britain’s Daily Star newspaper as saying:

“Britney must have been at home with their baby son and Kevin was messing around dancing with his mates. He was really going for it, throwing some seriously mad moves, when he suddenly slipped and landed on his butt. His arm got caught and he has fractured his left hand”

Please remember this when K-Fed comes out with his album saying how ‘street’ and ‘hard’ he is. He broke his hand at a posh hollywood club. After falling on his ass. While dancing. With a bunch of naked men. Ok that last part might not be true, but at this point does it really matter? He’d be much better off at home. At least then he’d be the best looking woman in the place.


  1. Eukonidor

    Hollaback!!! What a retard. Like I said on the other site, nothing bad can happen to this no talent loser. Most of us would break more than our hand if we fell off a podium. I strongly smell a deal with the devil. How else can you explain how this douche has three children, but spends all of his time at clubs and getting his hair braided?

  2. The Devil

    Sorry I didn’t comment sooner, I’ve been busy reviewing my contract with Paris Hilton.

    About Federline…although the details of our agreement cannot be disclosed, rest assured that there are certain loopholes that allow some calamaties to befall him. This “hand” incident is only the beginning…


    now thats what i call “break dancing.”

  4. elle

    dumbass hillbilly can’t get nothing right, his hillbilly family, his dancing.. most importantly, his new found “rap” career. and just think, brittney could have had justin.. nice job, brit.

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