Kevin Smith’s gut is a terrorist

Clerks director Kevin Smith was kicked off a Southwest Airlines flight Saturday night after a flight attendant essentially deemed him too fat to fly. The airline has a policy about not allowing passengers on who can’t put both armrests down which they used as a benchmark for their decision. The incident turned into a PR nightmare shortly afterward when they allowed Kevin to catch another flight which proved he wasn’t a flight risk and they basically embarrassed him in front of plane full of passengers for no reason.

If you’ve gone within ten feet of the Internet in the past 24 hours, you’ve probably been bombarded in the face with Kevin Smith’s non-stop documenting of the incident where he’s been kicking Southwest in the plane testicles. Obviously the airline picked the wrong fatty to kick off for sport – Whatever gets you through the day, that’s my philosophy. – but in hindsight, you’d think they’d want more fat people on board in case the plane went down. A.) Blubber is filling, no questions there and B.) if Lost has taught us anything, it’s that the heavy-set are hilarious and have magic powers. Back me up, rotund gentleman I paid to sit next to me and cover himself in butter. Hey, look, he’s wheezing. Will that summon the dragon?

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