Kevin Federline’s website is real

December 28th, 2005 // 35 Comments

kevin-federline-website.jpgI didn’t post about it before because I thought it was a joke, but looks like Kevin Federline’s official website and MySpace are totally legit. Which is sad, because you wouldn’t think it was possible for somebody to be so incredibly self-obsessed as to think they have achievements or that anybody cares about them just because they’re married to a celebrity.

I don’t think we’ve ever been formally introduced. My name is Kevin Federline. I’m 6 feet tall, have brown hair and brown eyes. I enjoy horseback riding, long walks on the beach and the wind whipping through my hair. Ha ha ha. On a more serious note, there’s going to be a lot more information and updates on here in the coming weeks and I think this will provide you with the opportunity to get to know who I really am. Anyway, thanks for checking out my site and be sure to come back often.

I’m pretty sure if I shot him in the face the police would let me go with a warning. Either that or some sort of medal for heroism.


  1. Lynette Carrington

    Either hell has frozen over or the end of the world is very near…..

  2. Sheva

    This is incredibly exciting. Yes, it really is, consider. First the mullahs in Iran are well on their way to developing atomic weapons (they just got some dandy new missiles too) and now Kfed is going to show us his collection of bongs.

    The world is most definitely entered the time of Revelation.

    And to think I had any hopes for 2006.

  3. stealingjoy

    If it is real, he clearly didn’t write anything for it. There’s no way he can actually spell and use grammar correctly.

  4. fatgirl

    How does the wind whip through cornrows?

  5. father booze

    I’m trying to figure out which is the saddest, Kevin himself, or those who actually see it fit to defend the guy. Someone really good at math could probably do some sort of numerical equation and get a definite answer, but since I suck at math I’ll go with those that defend him.

    You just want to point and laugh at folks like that. Then murder them because you know they will fund Kevin’s ‘music’ career.

  6. rocketscience

    actually, mr. superficial guy, this kFed character became famous the minute he married Britney and because of that fame, albeit undeserving, Im guessing that there are people out there in the vast ocean of pop culture aware humans that actually do care about him and his garbage music. its simple probability.

  7. ckerona

    A search on confirms this:

    Registrant Contact:

    Kevin Federline (
    Fax: +1.3105563615
    c/o Evan Spiegel, Esq. / Lavely & Singer P.C.
    2049 Century Park East, Suite 2400
    Los Angeles, CA 90067-2906

    Administrative Contact:

    Evan Spiegel, Esq. (
    Fax: +1.3105563615
    Lavely & Singer P.C.
    2049 Century Park East, Suite 2400
    Los Angeles, CA 90067

  8. hongkie2003

    how sad…

  9. Nurse Kellie

    Shouldn’t his 15 minutes be up already?

  10. rivercmb

    What a waste of good Britany welfare money! Spend it on drugs, parties, chips, something useful.

  11. APINK

    I have to agree with Father Booze’s comments,

    “I’m trying to figure out which is the saddest, Kevin himself, or those who actually see it fit to defend the guy.” and
    “You just want to point and laugh at folks like that. Then murder them because you know they will fund Kevin’s ‘music’ career.”

    And hopefully within a few month’s we’ll be wondering Kevin who?

  12. CelebGossipAficionado

    See folks? Here’s a perfect example of justifiable homicide.

  13. CelebGossipAficionado

    I’ll be sending my request to congress shortly, as soon as Britney stops playing air guitar with my keyboard.

  14. carrie bradshaw

    I say that there should be a nationwide ban on any and all media reporting related to this loser. If we ignore him/it, he/it will go away.


    Britney has to be feeling like a complete tool right now. And she’s stuck with that thing’s offspring. She’s gonna go moomy munchhausen on that kid’s ass – I would.


    Fuck – mommy munchhausen. google it.

  17. derekd

    I went to his myspace site and I am dumbfounded at all the assholes kissin’ his ass, talkin’ about how great his music is. Apparently he hangs with a bunch of yes boys that walk behind him picking up whatever money he happens to drop. I couldn’t sit through his real site I have more important things to do like get an appendectomy for the fuck of it.

  18. xd

    why won’t you people leave the guy alone?? he’s good looking, and if Brit likes him and loves him it’s all that matters and I’m sure she’s got very good reasons for it;)
    and like he says… don’t judge a book only by its cover.
    Maybe you all are jealous because he got my Brit and he’s good looking?;) either that or you all are a bunch of moralists.

  19. starphunk

    Pretty sure this can’t be real. Unless he’s now admitting to “I eat white-trash pop-star pussy for a living.”

  20. HollyJ

    Good-looking?! Who the HELL (other than rednecks, such as his wife) could find that nasty pinhead physically appealing?

    Caca-smeared mandrill ass is sexier than K-Fed.

  21. CelebGossipAficionado

    Out of all of the man-whores running around America, didn’t Britney know better then to pick the one at Church’s chicken?

  22. jacobu


  23. derekd

    LMAO@ HollyJ There is someone for everyone I guess. What gets me about this guy is he can’t dress worth a fuck. I mean he might as well live up to his shitkicker reputation and get a t-shirt that reads, “Here’s the Beef”, with a rebel flag backdrop and an arrow pointing towards his cock. That’s classy.

  24. That is the most ghetto looking MySpace I’ve ever seen. You think he would have shelled out the cash to have it coded properly….

  25. carrie bradshaw

    oh my gah- the myspace comments are hysterical

  26. ki

    Yeah. Here are two Myspace comments I saw: “Britney was my role model till you trailer trashed her up … when is she sending the divorce papers? Must be nice that Britney gave you the Ferrari back?
    Too bad you ghetto..d it up … :(” and “hey kev thanks for adding me. i really appreicate. tell your wife that i am really huge fan of her. and congrate on first child with britney. i hope you all you had great xmas and happy holidays.” Both genius, really. But uh… to personalize your Myspace profile, you don’t need to shell out any bucks whatsoever. Just use Thomas’s Myspace Editor and have some fucking sense in your grubby hillbilly head. Goddamnit, I hate Federline so much. And just my luck, he’s around straight 2008. Fucking rednecks and their staying power.

  27. Tania

    Is it just me or does K-Fed look a tad like Johnny Depp ala The Pirates of the Caribbean in this picture-? I think it’s the gross porn star mustache that does it. He’s just missing the eye liner and gold caps.

  28. “But uh… to personalize your Myspace profile, you don’t need to shell out any bucks whatsoever. Just use Thomas’s Myspace Editor”


    Don’t tell him that!!!

    Shhh….some poor computer nerd could get like, $100 an hour just to do his MySpace profile.

  29. Awakened Yeti

    jacobu beat me to it

  30. Reesa23

    What is sad is the 2,000+ people that posted as his friends on myspace. Now thats sad.

  31. niteshade

    Has anyone else noticed that almost everyone who posted in favour of K-fed on his site is fat, fugly, or illiterate? And by the way, “PopoZao”?! Why not just title it “I’m a tool that got lucky and married a once hot popstar and now expect to somehow live off of her quickly dying fame even though I’m the one who sucked the life out of her in the first place”?!?!
    I like Brittany but if the girl had any brains she’d kick his saggy jean clad ass to the curb asap.

  32. Roddy von Seldeneck

    I have never heard of a more ingenious CD Release date in my life.

  33. LaydeeBug

    This does NOT surprise me. I mean you have 12 year old nobodies with hot bodies from the hood making web-sites for themselves. That is pretty much a pimpin’ joint for people to find you.

  34. akahuge

    what’s his song again? papalooza or something?

  35. chanel_bear

    the only thing more alarming than k-fed himself, is the startling amount of people praising him on his myspace page….didn’t find it too surprising though that his song ‘most hated’ seemed to be aout alchohol. alot.

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